WP-Lister Pro For Amazon 2.2.1

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

WP-Lister Pro For Amazon tích hợp danh mục sản phẩm WooCommerce của bạn với khoảng không quảng cáo của bạn trên Amazon.

Bạn sẽ tiết kiệm được một lượng lớn thời gian (và tiền bạc) bằng cách không phải nhập tất cả các chi tiết sản phẩm của mình hai lần. Nhưng quan trọng hơn, WP-Lister Pro For Amazon sẽ đảm bảo việc giữ cho hàng tồn kho của bạn được đồng bộ hóa bằng cách tự động giảm số lượng hàng trong WooCommerce khi một mặt hàng được bán trên Amazon – và ngược lại.

Link Demo : https://www.wplab.com/plugins/wp-lister-for-amazon/

Có nhiều cách để sử dụng WP-Lister for Amazon – tùy thuộc vào việc sản phẩm của bạn đã tồn tại trên Amazon hay chưa:

  • Nhập các sản phẩm hiện có của bạn từ Amazon vào WooCommerce
  • Khớp và liên kết các sản phẩm WooCommerce với các sản phẩm hiện có trên Amazon
  • Tạo sản phẩm mới trên Amazon từ các sản phẩm của bạn trong WooCommerce

Đặc trưng WP-Lister Pro For Amazon

  • Tạo các trang sản phẩm mới trên Amazon bằng cách sử dụng chi tiết sản phẩm từ WooCommerce
  • Khớp các sản phẩm WooCommerce với các sản phẩm Amazon theo Tiêu đề, SKU hoặc thuộc tính tùy chỉnh
  • Nhập tiêu đề, hình ảnh và thuộc tính sản phẩm từ Amazon
  • Giảm số lượng hàng trong WooCommerce khi một mặt hàng được bán trên Amazon
  • Cập nhật khoảng không quảng cáo trên Amazon khi một sản phẩm được bán hoặc thay đổi trong WooCommerce
  • Tạo các biến thể từ Amazon dưới dạng các sản phẩm biến đổi trong WooCommerce
  • Tạo đơn hàng trong WooCommerce từ bán hàng trên Amazon
  • Ánh xạ các thuộc tính sản phẩm WooCommerce với các cột nguồn cấp dữ liệu Amazon
  • Tìm nạp và hiển thị cảnh báo chất lượng danh sách
  • Tự động cập nhật thông tin giá thấp nhất
  • Công cụ định giá lại: điều chỉnh giá của bạn tùy thuộc vào giá thấp nhất trên Amazon
  • Hỗ trợ FBA: thực hiện các đơn hàng không phải của Amazon qua FBA

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

Free Download WP-Lister Pro For Amazon 2.2.1 nulled changelog
2.1.0 – 2022-02-18
New: Added support for custom templates with multi-marketplace fields
New: Added AU shipping carriers Australia Post and StarTrack
Tweak: Skip checking for stock sync issue if the quantity property is empty to avoid checking against FBA listings
Tweak: Include the time when filtering the stocks log by date
Fixed: Convert units to a dot decimal character for the length, width and height properties
Fixed: Check for the ups_shipment_ids index to prevent getting an Undefined Index warning
Fixed: Load thickbox library on the Products table to make sure product matching works
Fixed: Load thickbox library on the Import page
Dev: Added $order to the wpla_shipping_service_id_map and wpla_shipping_service_title_map filters
Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2
2.0.8 – 2022-01-28
New: Added DE colors to the color map list and switch to using text input with autocomplete because Amazon now requires localised color names
Fixed: Improved script loading to make sure plugin scripts are only loaded within WP-Lister pages
Fixed: Assigning the main_image_url for each variation was using the primary image of the parent product instead
Dev: Added filter wpla_duplicate_product_excluded_meta to modify or remove the excluded product meta when duplicating WooCommerce products
2.0.7 – 2021-12-30
New: Added support for dismissible notices, including warnings about outdated PHP versions
New: Display important announcements like important new features or critical fixes as dismissible notices
Fixed: Updated support for WooThumb's new way of storing the variation images
2.0.6 – 2021-12-07
New: Added a setting to skip checking for invalid EAN and UPC
New: Show warning when a PHP version older than 7.4 is detected
Tweak: Use SQL transactions when building shipment feeds to prevent overwriting existing shipments
Fixed: Possible fatal error during feed generation (Uncaught TypeError: number_format(): Argument #1 must be of type float)
Fixed: Use the wpla_orderbuilder_prices_include_tax filter to fix the shipping total of created orders
Dev: Added wpla_process_fba_report_row action hook
Dev: Added wpla_add_attribute_name and wpla_add_attribute_label filter hooks
Dev: Updated the translation files and the strings.php index
2.0.5 – 2021-11-22
New: Allow custom values to feed attribute drop downs
New: Import Proxy setting for those sites whose IP are banned from importing from Amazon
Fixed: Filter wpla_orderbuilder_prices_include_tax not working properly
Fixed: Added feed_product_type and country_of_origin to the parent feed columns
Fixed: Removed the parent columns that according to Amazon should not be submitted in the parent listings
Fixed: Make sure get_data_rows() always returns an array
Fixed: Fatal error when parsing personalized data
Fixed: Parse French Valid Values templates
2.0.4 – 2021-11-02
Tweak: Record the Tax Registration ID / VAT ID when creating order in WooCommerce
Fixed: Issue where the FBA shipping option was not available during checkout
Dev: Set the ATUM Multi-Inventory hooks to the highest priority as suggested by their support staff
Dev: Added filter wpla_listen_for_sku_changes to disable popup when the change action is triggered by the SKU field
2.0.3 – 2021-10-17
New: Store the FulfillmentChannel in the order postmeta
Tweak: Round the imported dimension values down to 2 decimal places
Fixed: Possible fatal error parsing shipping fee values when generating feeds
Fixed: Reformat the price value to ensure that it can be parsed properly by PHP
Fixed: Check for the REQUEST_METHOD key which is not available in a CLI environment
Fixed: Check for wpla_permissions to prevent warnings. This isn't available in multisite installs
Dev: Added action hook wpla_buy_box_pricing_updated
Dev: Added filter hook wpla_update_custom_order_status
2.0.2 – 2021-09-21
Fixed: Removed invalid parameter in process_ship_from_address() method
Fixed: Prevent WP-Lister from setting order status back to Processing if it is already marked as Completed
2.0.1 – 2021-09-16
New: Added a setting to choose whether to match order items using ASIN or SKU
Tweak: If there is no tracking number found, try pulling it from the tracking_code post meta key
Fixed: Bulk editing in WooCommerce was not marking listings as Changed
Fixed: Display the correct submit box actions for variable-product-part products
Fixed: Decode keyword values into ISO-8859-1 charset to fix feed errors when using umlauts
Fixed: Warning "Invalid argument supplied in foreach" when saving custom size map settings
Fixed: Issue where ship-from address was not getting pulled correctly
Fixed: Issue where the disable_sale_price setting was ignored in some cases
Fixed: Issue whee feeds could fail due to strtolower conversion (since 2.0)
Dev: Added the filter hook wpla_find_matching_tracking_provider
Dev: Cleaned up the call_complete_order() method and added the wpla_processed_third_party_tracking action
2.0 – 2021-08-28
New: Create separate size maps for different size fields using the new "Custom Size Mapping" option
New: Added a "Default Ship From Address" option on the Advanced Settings page
New: Added support for the Variable Product Part product type
New: Variable Product Part support for ATUM Product Levels plugin
New: Shipping tracking support for YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin
New: Added the Hermes UK shipping provider
New: Store the IOSS number as order line item meta when creating orders in WooCommerce
Tweak: Changed the size map select boxes into autocomplete input boxes to allow custom values to be used
Tweak: Size column mapping: attribute shortcodes are executed first and all custom sizes are transformed to lowercase
Fixed: FBA tracking was not getting processed if background inventory checking was enabled
Fixed: Sync product bundle products after increasing and decreasing stocks (WooCommerce Product Bundles)
Fixed: Fixed the shipped date and carrier-code for DHL (YITH Order Tracking)
Fixed: Disable transactional emails (WooCommerce Germanized)
Fixed: Added missing description for the Gift Wrap Options setting
Fixed: Make sure to leave carrier-name field empty if carrier-code is not "Other"
Fixed: Perform some additional checks to prevent rare issues with 3rd party plugins
Fixed: Warning "Required parameter follows optional parameter" on PHP8
Fixed: Possible fatal error when product price returned is not a number
Fixed: Newly matched variations were not inheriting the parent's profile
Fixed: MSRP in the Repricer was not displaying the correct price
Dev: Added filter wpla_shipping_total
Dev: Added parameter to the wpla_order_builder_line_item filter
Dev: Database upgrade to version 53 - added indices to feeds and orders tables
1.9.7 – 2021-06-07
New: Added a search box in the List on Amazon popup to filter profiles
New: Added an excluded markets setting for the Size Map feature
New: Setting option to assign a default profile for all matched listings
New: Setting option to complete WooCommerce orders after successful FBA submission
Tweak: Added more parent variation columns (recommended_browse_nodes, material_composition, color_map, lifestyle1)
Fixed: Exclude WP-Lister meta when duplicating products
Fixed: Ship Method and Ship From values not getting displayed in the Order Metabox
Fixed: Product Bundles: Check for errors when adding bundle to order
Fixed: Profiles per page not being saved
Fixed: Missing screen option label
Fixed: Listings from inactive accounts showing up in the getStatusSummary method
Fixed: Uncaught exception when cancelling feed submission
Fixed: Warnings from required parameters preceded by an optional parameter
Fixed: Move the removeASINFromProducts() call to before trashing the listings
Fixed: Load the child listings when removing listings from Amazon using a parent product
Dev: Added the wpla_orderbuilder_prices_include_tax
1.9.6 – 2021-04-27
New: Set a custom WooCommerce order status for cancelled Amazon orders
Fixed: Add product bundle information when creating WooCommerce orders
Fixed: Possible issue switching profiles for a product from the edit product page
Dev: Added filter wpla_fallback_stock_quantity
1.9.5 – 2021-04-14
New: Added the Default Shipping Method setting option to set the default shipping provider
New: Added a configure link on the new Ship From field to make it easier to manage Ship From addresses
Tweak: Updated the list of shipping carrier codes
Tweak: Skip feed generation when importing/updating listings using WP All-Import
Tweak: Adjusted the ValidValues parser to handle the new format from Amazon
Fixed: Show the stock log and feed submitted date in local time
Fixed: Only combine the keywords if keyword_fields_type is set to separate
Fixed: Fetch the bullets into an array so they could be stored separately in _amazon_bullet_pointN postmeta fields
Dev: Added filters wpla_fetch_overwrite_description and wpla_fetch_overwrite_bullets
1.9.4 – 2021-03-25
New: Allow the individual profile switching of products linked to multiple listings
New: Added the option of pulling specific order numbers from Amazon in the Orders page
New: Added more size options in the size map options to include apparel_size values
New: Added a warning for partially published variable listings
New: Added date range filter to the Stocks Log page
Tweak: Improved quantity calculation in the Listings table
Fixed: Rare issue where calling set_include_path() multiple times could cause timeout and memory errors
Fixed: Call to a member function get_customer_id() on null in WooCommerce Payments plugin
Fixed: Ensure that the second parameter in the wpla_get_stock filter is an integer
Fixed: Use wc_get_product() instead of get_product()
Dev: Switched all jQuery .success() calls to .done()
Dev: Added filter wpla_after_processing_inventory_report
1.9.3 – 2021-03-03
New: Added support for additional image fields in Handmade feed templates
New: Added a setting to turn off gift line item processing on new orders
New: Use the stock status (in stock/out of stock) to list products which have stock management disabled
New: Record the earliest and latest ship dates from Amazon into the order notes
New: Show a link to the Amazon order page on the WooCommerce order details page
Tweak: Updated the list of supported plugins for uploading invoices to Amazon
Tweak: WP-All Import support: feeds are not updated during import to improve performance
Fixed: Issue extracting error messages from feeds
Fixed: Notification boxes layout
1.9.2 – 2021-02-07
New: Ship From field in the order tracking meta box
New: Ship From addresses can now be stored on the Advanced Settings page
Dev: Added the wpla_force_create_fba_orders filter
1.9.1 – 2021-02-03
New: Added the Shipping Method field in the order shipment details metabox
New: Added a setting to apply profile pricing options to the repricer
Tweak: Check for a valid profile before processing the profile price
Fixed: Display processed profile price when displaying the variations in the Listings table
Fixed: Ignore stock updates from the WPC Product Bundles plugin since it causes as infinite loop
Fixed: Use the WC_Order_Item_Product::get_product() if available
Dev: Added the filter wpla_enable_rest_api_listener to turn off feed generation triggered by REST updates
Dev: Added the filter wpla_shipping_instance_id to set the instance_id
1.9 – 2021-01-06
New: Added support for the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin by PluginHive
New: Allow to set a custom image URL via the post meta key 'amazon_image_url'
New: Added Australia Post to the list of default shipping providers
Tweak: Improved algorithm to match shipping providers
Tweak: Allow stock logs to be stored for SKUs longer than 32 characters
Fixed: Fixed issue where a normal order could be processed as FBA
1.8.3 – 2020-12-07
Tweak: Improved handling of unexpected or incomplete XML responses
Tweak: Added outer_material_type to the list of enabled parent columns
Fixed: Disable profiles with inactive accounts from the List on Amazon dropdown
Fixed: Matching by ASIN could cause duplicate category feed to be created in some cases
1.8.2 – 2020-11-24
New: Added support for the temporary tax reduction add-on for the German Market plugin
New: Added support for Germanized Pro's newer invoice action hook for uploading invoices to Amazon
Tweak: Display the status of listings with fixed profile quantity as "online"
Tweak: Display a "No profiles found" message in the dropdown when trying to list without available profiles
Fixed: Skip sending sale_price if the external repricer setting is enabled
Fixed: Images from the customization data not being copied to the uploads directory
Fixed: Line item metadata was not saved properly when creating orders in WooCommerce
Fixed: The setting "Default carrier name" was not regarded in some cases
Fixed: The screen option "Orders per page" in the Orders page was not saved
Fixed: FBA Shipment feed error was not getting caught
Dev: Added the filter wpla_build_feed_type
Dev: Added the filters wpla_order_builder_fixed_vat_percent and wpla_order_builder_fixed_tax_rate_id
Dev: Added latin2 to the supported charsets to convert to UTF8
Dev: Set SQL_BIG_SELECTS to prevent hitting the max join limit in MySQL
Dev: Use the getter methods in WC_Tax class to trigger the filters
Dev: Replace all jQuery.attr() calls with jQuery.prop() and jQuery.data()
1.8.1 – 2020-10-14
New: Added setting option to use the product name from WooCommerce when creating orders from Amazon in WooCommerce
Tweak: Issue where stock for cancelled orders was not replinished if that order status was still pending and no order in WooCommerce was created
Tweak: Added more parent variation columns (size_name, size_map, gem_type)
Fixed: Issue where duplicate listings could show up in feeds (since 1.8)
Fixed: Shipping method ID not being used
Dev: Added filter hook wpla_order_builder_force_deduct_line_taxes
Dev: Added filter hook wpla_shipping_method_title
Dev: Added filter hook wpla_new_order_item_meta
1.8 – 2020-09-23
New: Display the current profile in the Edit Product screen
New: Added support for the new customized item data in Amazon orders
Tweak: Store the color name alongside the hex code when importing the new customization data
Tweak: Store the SKU as line item meta when creating orders
Tweak: Added target_gender to the allowed parent columns
Tweak: Run the repricer on newly listed products and variations automatically
Tweak: Display the current profile name of variable products on the Switch Profile form
Fixed: Some variable listings were not getting included in the background update process
Fixed: Use WPLA_ProductWrapper::getStock() to disregard ATUM's multi-inventory values
Fixed: Matched variations not getting assigned a profile ID
Fixed: Escape the staging site pattern to prevent the unknown modifier warning
Fixed: Catch thrown WC_Data_Exception when trying to assign an invalid variation ID
Fixed: Multiple wpla_update_reports scheduled actions not being cleared
Dev: Log errors to WC_Logger
Dev: Added the wpla_new_order_item_product filter
Dev: Added the wpla_before_order_builder_line_item filter
1.7 - 2020-08-18
New: Support for Amazon NL
New: Support for German Market's tax reductions
New: Added Lawn & Garden feed template for Amazon UK
Tweak: Inventory Check: Skip products with FBA override set enabled
Tweak: Remove ASIN from products when using the Remove from Amazon bulk action
Tweak: When checking for the staging site pattern, fallback to the siteurl if SERVER_NAME is unavailable
Tweak: Do not autoload the inventory queue data to reduce memory footprint
Tweak: Added display_type and watch_movement_type columns to the allowed parent variation columns
Fixed: Encoding issue when uploading invoices to Amazon, resulting in empty PDFs
Fixed: Listings per page setting not getting saved
Fixed: Matched draft products are not getting included in the feeds
Fixed: Stop checking for referrer when using nonce for search fields to prevent the URL from getting too long
Fixed: Deduct the taxes from the shipping total when autodetecting taxes
Fixed: Make sure ActionScheduler is available before using the library
Dev: Use WC_Order::add_item() to add order line items
Dev: Added wrapper function wpla_enqueue_async_action
1.6 - 2020-06-26
New: Support for uploading invoices created by WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
New: Perform background inventory checks and get notified about discrepancies
New: Setting option to use a dedicated background process to check for new orders
New: Setting option to assign an existing payment gateway to orders created by WP-Lister
New: Setting option to disable "wpautop" filter when processing shortcodes
New: Setting option to enable external repricing for all products globally
New: Allow to edit MSRP on the Min/Max Price Wizard screen
New: Added support for ATUM Multi Inventory plugin
New: Added support for ATUM Product Levels (BOM) plugin
New: Added support for DHL for WooCommerce plugin
Tweak: Always record the fba_quantity to compare with current stock level and mark listings as out of stock even when Fallback to Seller is enabled
Tweak: Display the green check icon for orders where stocks have been processed/reduced
Tweak: The new "Revert Stock Changes" setting option replaces the wpla_revert_stock_reduction filter hook
Tweak: Make the delete keyword for removing min/max prices case-insensitive
Fixed: Tax order items do not have the rate_percent value
Fixed: Date Paid not getting set when using a custom order status
Fixed: Set the Date Paid value when creating orders with a processing status
Fixed: Only deduct the taxes from the line totals if wc_prices_include_tax() is true
Fixed: Call to undefined method Exception::getErrorCode()
Fixed: insertMissingVariations() only checked partial variations in a multi-page variations list
Dev: Added wpla_deduct_discounts_from_line_total filter hook
1.5.4 - 2020-05-23
Added: New setting option to allow listing draft products
Tweak: You can now search for the Amazon order ID on the WooCommerce Orders page
Tweak: Added department_nameX columns to the list of allowed parent columns
Fixed: Make sure the Germane Market plugin is installed when trying to generate an invoice
Fixed: MSRP in the repricing tool was not saving the MSRP of simple products correctly
Fixed: Possible issue importing items where the weight value could not be parsed, resulting in a fatal error
Fixed: Issue where the WooCommerce iOS app could crash when viewing orders from WP-Lister
Fixed: SKU comparison not using the wpla_case_sensitive_sku_matching setting
Fixed: Fetch full description not getting saved to parent product
Fixed: Automatically matching ASIN uses the first profile ID in the list
Fixed: WPLA_Product_MetaBox::save_meta_box() ran too early which prevented it from catching other product changes such as SKU updates
Fixed: Use WC_Product methods when setting the visibility and stock status when importing so WC can properly filter them
Fixed: Some PHP warnings (Trying to access array offset on value of type bool and others)
1.5.3 - 2020-05-06
New: Added support for uploading invoice PDFs using the German Market plugin
New: Added the option to automatically detect the tax rate ID for Import and Fixed order tax processing options
Fixed: Processing new orders might fail unless WP-Lister for eBay was installed as well
Fixed: Allow a value of 0 in listing feeds without reverting back to the profile's value
1.5.2 - 2020-05-05
New: Added setting options "Sales Tax Action" and "Sales Tax Rate"
New: Added setting to instantly submit inventory feeds as soon as they are created
New: Read the Hide on Amazon setting on active listings and send 0 stocks if it is checked
Fixed: Remove ASIN from products when using the "Remove Listings from Amazon" action so they do not get automatically matched repeatedly
Fixed: Cast item dimensions to float to prevent them from being stored as stdClass
Fixed: Error Call to undefined method Exception::getErrorCode()
Fixed: Lock table in order to prevent rare race conditions in updating shipping feeds
Fixed: Undefined index: sku warnings
Tweak: Allow to search for a feed by its Feed ID / Batch ID
Tweak: Readded max-width and max-height CSS properties to the thumbnails to prevent them from stretching
Tweak: Editing of Sale and eBay prices in the Repricing tool is now possible, even if they are initially empty
Dev: Added the filter wpla_revert_stock_reduction
Dev: Added filter wpla_order_shipping_taxes
1.5.1 - 2020-04-14
New: Added the ability to edit the MSRP from the Repricing tool
New: Added option to use external repricer (omit price when updating amazon listings)
Tweak: Apply selected profile when auto matching listing by ASIN
Tweak: Prevent double-clicking on the Create Order link which creates duplicate WooCommerce orders
Fixed: Issue where bookload templates were marked as outdated
Dev: Added the feed ID in the history message
1.5 – 2020-04-03
New: Initial support for VAT invoice uploading with WC Germanized plugin
New: Added the Amazon Order IDs Storage setting option
New: Added the Ignore Orders Before setting option
New: Added setting option to select thumbnail size on Listings page
Tweak: Enabled thumbnails column on Listings page by default
Tweak: Improved settings page descriptions and layout
Fixed: Check and make sure that the estimated arrival dates are available before displaying them
Fixed: Included listing templates can be updated to the latest versions again
Fixed: Updated BTG for Shoes US
1.4 – 2020-03-26
New: Added setting to select the role of new customers from Amazon orders
New: Added the valid values for footwear sizes in the variation sizes map dropdown
New: Improved layout and colors scheme on WP-Lister pages
Fixed: Regard the 'Status for shipped orders' setting for FBA orders that have been shipped
Fixed: Use the locale settings to display and save prices properly
Dev: Ready for WooCommerce 4.0
1.3.1 – 2020-03-15
Tweak: Store Amazon Order ID in a private order note instead of the order comments
Fixed: Check the reduced_stock property before reverting stock reduction
Fixed: Background CSS change while modal window is open
Fixed: Cleaned layout of images metabox on edit product page
Fixed: Broken layout on profile selection message on WooCommerce product page
Fixed: Various minor layout issues
1.3 – 2020-03-01
New: Added a setting option to disable the use of sale prices
New: Allow setting the Restock Date value on product level and variation level
Fixed: HTML in custom shortcodes was getting stripped
Fixed: Import by ASIN was removing newlines from item list
Fixed: Imported/Queued listings were not showing up in the Listings table
Fixed: Various warnings when trying to process cancelled orders without address and order items
Tweak: Show custom text field for recommended_browse_nodes
Tweak: Added unit_count, unit_count_type and standard_product_id to the allowed fields in parent rows
Dev: Added wpla_before_update_product_from_item hook
1.2.1 – 2020-02-15
Fixed: Warning: Use of undefined constant WPLA_PLUGIN_URL
Fixed: Amazon price was not displayed in the Quick Edit form
Fixed: The line count did not always match the actual number of lines in the feed
Tweak: Exclude draft products from the feed notifications
Dev: Use wp_kses_post_data filter when parsing HTML input on settings page
1.2 – 2020-01-24
New: Added Amazon Price field in the Quick Edit screen
New: Added support for updating basic listing properties via the REST API
New: Added buttons to optimize and clear the stocks log table
Fixed: Use wpla_clean instead of wc_clean to prevent fatal errors when updating WooCommerce
Fixed: Override line tax calculation to use the gross price
Fixed: Adjust line totals after getting the correct tax totals from WooCommerce
Fixed: Deduct the shipping tax from the shipping totals when autodetecting taxes
Fixed: Let WooCommerce take care of the tax calculation when autodetect mode is selected
Fixed: Make sure FBA Reports are pulled as scheduled even if update interval is set to External Cron
Fixed: Added proper checks to array indices to prevent Illegal string offset errors
Fixed: Fixed error when accessing item as an array
Tweak: Optimize log tables during the daily maintenance run
Dev: Increased max log size to 50MB
Dev: Added 1 day and 3 days options to the setting stock_days_limit
Dev: Added wpla_order_builder_force_shipping_tax_deduction filter hook
1.1 – 2019-12-29
Tweak: Check both afn-listing-exists and afn-fulfillable-quantity prior to processing the report row
Tweak: Skip draft products from being included in feeds
Tweak: Skip processing order line item if the quantity is zero
Tweak: Check profile quantity when running FeedValidator checks
Fixed: Stocks getting reduced when creating orders even with Sync Sales off
Fixed: Importing variable products could show as out of stock
Fixed: Check for handling-time from the profile when getting the leadtime-to-ship value
Fixed: Check Now button in the Reports page
Dev: Catch exceptions to prevent throwing fatal errors on empty responses from the API
Dev: Added the $custom_shortcode as a parameter when processing custom shortcodes
Fixed: Custom Amazon product description was missing HTML tags when a product was saved
Fixed: Remove from Amazon bulk action was not shown
Fixed: Improved security and compatibility by following best practice guidelines
Fixed: Automatic tax detection when tax calculation is based on billing address in WooCommerce
Tweak: Check the afn-listing-exists value before processing the FBA listing
Tweak: Set the data_paid value depending on the order's new status
Tweak: Removed legacy support for PHP 5.2
Fixed: Reverted change from 1.0.1 to recalculate totals based on the line items as it could lead to wrong totals
Dev: Added the $order parameter to the wpla_skip_quantity_sync filter hook
Fixed: Fixed error "Call to a member function is_type() on boolean"
Fixed: Warnings about accessing undefined property
Fixed: Some taxes getting dropped after recalculating totals
Tweak: Added the department_name column back to the list of allowed parent columns
Tweak: Improved Tutorial page
Dev: Added the wpla_allowed_parent_var_columns filter
Added: Option for stats to count FBA overrides on product level (disabled by default for better performance)
Fixed: Listings were not getting removed (reverting to Submitted status) if they had matching SKUs in other accounts/markets
Fixed: Possible issue with special characters in the listing title
Fixed: Possible issue where size_map or color_map column would not be populated correctly when creating feeds
Fixed: PHP warning "undefined offset"
Tweak: Delay updating pending feeds when bulk-listing products
Tweak: Recalculate totals for WC orders based on the line items fetched from Amazon (since Amazon now collects taxes)
Tweak: Exclude certain meta from being copied over to duplicated variations
Tweak: Allow to manually process FBA Managed Inventory reports
Tweak: Regard the Case Sensitive SKU setting when processing FBA Manage Inventory Report
Tweak: Updated the list of allowed parent columns
Tweak: Changed the text domain to wp-lister-for-amazon
Tweak: Retry requests returning HTTP code 429 the same way as for code 503 (RequestThrottled)
Dev: Added the wpla_process_inventory_report_listing filter
Added: Search specific listings using comma-separated ASINs (or post IDs) prefixed with #
Added: Support for the FBA Manage Inventory report to be able to use the afn-fulfillable-quantity data from Amazon
Added: Setting to turn on case-sensitive SKU matching
Added: Support for 3rd party plugins: Admin Columns Pro, ATUM and PW Bulk Edit
Added: Added AMAZON_JP to the available Fulfillment Center IDs for FBA
Fixed: FBA/Non-FBA views in the Listings table did not reflect the FBA Overwrites set on the product level
Fixed: Variation titles were getting overwritten when new variations to a product were added
Fixed: Error messages which were being hidden by the wc-admin plugin should be visible again
Fixed: Shipping total when discounts are used
Fixed: Description fetching and included features/bullets when pulling full description from Amazon
Fixed: Errors in the Orders page when displaying orders under a deleted account
Fixed: Undefined variable warnings in WPLA_OrderBuilder and Woo_ProductWrapper classes
Fixed: Deprecated WC_Product::increase_stock() call
Fixed: Various warnings and notices
Tweak: Skip looking up listings to update after submitting an Order Fulfillment feed
Tweak: Added manufacturer_minimum_age to the allowed parent columns
Tweak: The process to handle product stock updates should no longer listen to checkout stock changes
Tweak: Enhanced the CustomizedInfo parser
Dev: Added wpla_inventory_before_change action hook
Dev: Added wpla_processed_attribute_shortcode filter hook
Added: New setting to "Convert newline to BR HTML tags" in content fields
Added: Show flags on Products page to indicate the marketplace(s) the product is listed on
Added: Handling time field for variations
Fixed: Issue with CustomizationInfo parser
Fixed: B2B price not getting included in the feeds
Fixed: Some rare cases where processing reports could fail or throw errors
Fixed: Non-fulfillable error showing in cart with no FBA items added
Fixed: Store the correct value in reduced_stock item meta field
Fixed: Character encoding in some feeds
Fixed: Limit the address to 60 characters to prevent an InvalidRequest error when getting shipping rates from Amazon
Tweak: Renamed the "Record Promo Discounts" setting to "Apply Amazon Discounts"
Tweak: Mark order as shipped if there are no errors and warnings
Tweak: Handle case-sensitive SKUs when updating quantity from an FBA Inventory report
Tweak: Update the title when marking a listing as changed
Dev: Added wpla_updated_product_from_item action hook
Dev: Added wpla_order_builder_new_order_status and wpla_amazon_size_values filter hooks
Dev: Added more parameters to the wpla_added_order_item_meta hook
Added: B2B price fields on edit product page
Fixed: PHP Error "Class JobsModel not found"
Fixed: PHP Notice "Undefined variable: tpl_title"
Dev: Added wpla_added_order_item_meta action hook
Added: Indicate Amazon Business orders on Orders page
Tweak: Increased the timeout to 300 seconds when uploading custom feed templates to be converted
Tweak: Apply profile in batches to use less ressources when updating the profile on a large number of items
Tweak: Enable update_delete column in profile editor if expert mode is enabled
Tweak: Add the _reduced_stock item meta to tell WooCommerce to restock the item when its refunded
Tweak: Improved wording on import page, clarify difference between importing by ASIN and from a report
Fixed: Gift Wrap line items always getting added to orders
Fixed: Possible issues with CustomizedBuyerInfo 3.0 data
Fixed: PHP notice 'Trying to get property 'title' of non-object' when creating feeds without a feed template
Added: Support for WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin
Added: Support for CustomizedBuyerInfo property data version 3.0
Added: Button to "Clean listings table and delete from Amazon" next to existing "Clean listings table" button
Tweak: Decode HTML entities when processing attributes
Tweak: Delete update_plugins transient when "Force update check" button is clicked
Fixed: ConsumerEletronics IT feed template
Fixed: Warning "sizeof (): parameter must be an array or object that implements countable"
Fixed: Warnings in the Storefront Powerpack plugin
Fixed: Warning about missing status index
Fixed: Feeds using different feed templates could possibly be merged
Fixed: FBA only mode could stay enabled while FBA itself was disabled
Fixed: Check license status button redirecting to general setting page
Fixed: Log auto deletion would not work on some cases
Tweak: Do not show invalid EAN warning if 13 digit EAN is prefixed with a zero
Tweak: Added supplier_declared_dg_hz_regulation1-5 to the list of allowed parent columns
Dev: Added wpla_order_shipping_location filter hook
Added: Full support for uploading custom feed templates generated on seller central
Added: Reminder message if you are not using MWS Auth Token for authentication yet
Added: Reminder message about updating outdated feed templates on Categories and Profiles pages
Tweak: Improved profile editor for InventoryLoader template (explain codes like 1 = ASIN)
Tweak: Skip the first image in the gallery if using custom amazon images
Tweak: Improved representation of gift wrap options in generated WooCommerce order
Tweak: Store the BuyerCustomizedInfo for orders with customized listings
Tweak: Store the _order_tax order meta for backwards compatibility
Fixed: Feed generation on WooCommerce 2.6
Fixed: Non-numeric error message in PHP 7.1+
Dev: Added the filter hook wpla_profile_field_force_text_input
Dev: Added wpla_get_listings_where function for 3rd-party devs
Re-added support for Amazon AU
Fixed layout issue on add account form
Ignore the fulfillment_latency value if listing is FBA
Normalize the MSRP prices before saving to the DB
Make sure brand_name is a free text field in the profile editor
Regard feed currency format setting when building InventoryLoader feeds
Fixed possible issue when FBA Override setting was not working correctly when set to FBM
Added the Length attribute to the Merge Variation Attributes dropdown
Fixed issues importing some new feed templates with very long signatures
Show warning if template signature is missing on category settings page and feed details page
Display feed template version on Profiles overview page to see which profiles use outdated templates
Improved field sort order in profile editor
Set parent variable's status to online before skipping when generating LiLo feeds
Modified the regex pattern in the _extractHttpStatusCode methods to properly parse HTTP/2 responses
Fixed the retrieval of the shipping country and state values fixCountryStates()
Added support for InventoryLoader feed template as an alternative to ListingLoader feeds for US, UK, CA and DE
Added missing category and signature to new custom/category listing feeds (template refresh required)
Disallow direct editing of prices on repricer page for items with min/max prices if automatic repricing is enabled, because manual price changes would be overwritten by repricer
Added support for installing custom feed templates for the UK, FR, DE, ES and IT marketplaces
Added billing and shipping address index to make the orders searchable
Added the Import WPLE Product IDs tool in Tools > Developer
Added action hook 'wpla_order_submitted_to_fba'
Updated instructions to connect an account to reflect recent changes
Removed support for new AU sellers for now (will return shortly)
Include the batteries_required property for parent variations
Automatically convert variation theme MaterialColor into Color-Material
Fixed sale-end-date being set to 2019-01-01 when no end sale date is specified
Fixed display_errors in WPLA being enabled by default when WPLA_DEBUG is set
Fixed warnings in the FeedTemplateHelper class
Fixed leadtime-to-ship column not processing shortcodes
Fixed fatal PHP error that some users were seeing
Finally: We are able to support new US sellers again!
Added support for uploading custom feed templates in Settings > Categories
Added missing feed template for AutoAccessory DE category (Auto & Motorrad)
Fixed empty leadtime-to-ship column in Price&Quantity feeds for items using a category feed
Fixed the date_created date when creating WC orders from Amazon
Fixed "Failed to parse valid HTTP response" error on some sites
Fixed the Delete Listing link in the Duplicate Listings table
Force error logging when WPLA_DEBUG is enabled
Added wpla_end_listing action hook
Added wpla_complete_sale_on_amazon action hook
Added wpla_prepare_product_without_profile filter hook
Added support for new feed templates of type "fptcustom" (like Health UK, which uses "fptcustom" type now instead of "health")
Disabled check for required fields in profile editor, because there are too many fields incorrectly tagged as required in the new feed templates (for example 'lens_type' in Health UK)
Added message to tooltip description for fulfillment-center-id (FCID) profile field
Make ingredients columns available for parent variations
Use new ListingLoader feed template (version 2014.0703) by default on new installations
Removed the completed order status from orderCanBeFulfilledViaFBA so WPLA doesn't send completed orders to Amazon
Fixed feeds being stuck as pending
Fixed issues authenticating via SellerID and MWS Auth Token for EU sellers
Small improvements on the edit accounts page
Updated MWS client libraries to latest versions
WC3.5: Fixed double stock reduction on eBay orders in WooCommerce 3.5
Added support for authenticating via SellerID and MWS Auth Token when adding account (EU only)
Added Repricing Shipping option to allow automatic repricer to take shhipping fees into account
Added setting to use a single search term field to replace the 5 keyword fields on the edit product page
Fixed missing min/max prices for new listings
Added support for MWS Auth Token in account settings
Added option to manually switch a specific SKU to FBA or FBM on the product/variation level
Added FBA stock sync option to allow syncing back FBA stock levels into WooCommerce without having to enable FBA only mode
When syncing FBA stock levels back to WC, skip products which are manually set to FBM (via fba_overwrite)
When importing taxes from Amazon, deduct the tax amount from the line totals
Notify WPLE when updating stock levels from FBA Inventory report
Validate the billing email before storing it to avoid the WC error
Skip parent variables in ListingLoader feeds
Increased the log file size to 25MB
More timezone adjustments
Fixed line tax not getting detected properly
Fixed issue where listings are being marked as changed after importing orders from Amazon
Added PHP Error Handling setting
Added "LiLo version" option on developer settings page
Removed item_weight and other columns from LiLo 2014.0703 template to avoid Error 8058 due to missing units (like item_weight_unit_of_measure)
Removed item_weight/product_weight shortcode to be filled in automatically in new ListingLoader profiles
Added wpla_custom_tracking_number and wpla_custom_tracking_provider filters
Added wpla_custom_shipping_date and wpla_custom_shipping_date filters
Added wpla_parse_order_column_value filter
Added wpla_profile_template_data filter
Added support for latest ListingLoader versions for Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and AU
Automatically set default values for batteries_required and supplier_declared_dg_hz_regulation columns for FBA items in ListingLoader feeds
Keep internal and external ListingLoader feeds separate (Offer/LiLo) to avoid merging feeds with different columns
Updated internal ListingLoader template to latest version
Tweak: If FBA only mode is enabled, force all items to FBA enabled in all product feeds
Show dates in the local timezone defined in WordPress settings
Fixed support for Aelia Currency Converter
Listen to events from wc_product_update_stock() to be able to mark listings as changed
Use WC_Order::set_status() then WC_Order::save() to allow order status overrides
Changed the size of the post_id and parent_id columns in amazon_listings to match the size of wp_posts::ID table column
Added wpla_fulfillment_preview_address and wpla_fulfillment_preview_products filters hooks
Added FBA support for Amazon AU
Added wpla_get_stock filter hook
Added a check to make sure only items from the same account can get purchased using FBA
For products linked to multiple listings, attempt to use the one that's linked to the default account when processing FBA submissions
Store the item's tax class regardless of the vat_enabled status
Fixed issue where only the first 4 valid values were imported from a feed template
Fixed TotalShippingFee in getFulfillmentPreview so it doesn't multiply the fee with the item quantity
Fixed REST API listener to add backwards compatibility with the v1 branch
Fixed Check License Activation link nonce
Added options to map WooCommerce colors/sizes to standard Amazon colors/sizes to automatically populate the color_map and size_map columns
Added support for searching listings using UPC/EAN
Added the wpla_product_matches_query_fields filter hook
Show warning on edit account page if secret key length is not 40 chars
Remove all spaces from secret key when creating account
Fixed process links on Reports page
Fixed version details link on Plugins page
Fixed thousands separator on rounded prices (1,000 would show as 1)
Fixed the Create Order link not getting processed
Added part_number to the allowed columns for parent listings
Disabled the product counts by default to avoid rare performance issues on slow servers
Added MusicalInstruments feed template for Amazon FR, DE, CA, IT, ES
Added a setting option to enable the product counts on "On Amazon" and "Not on Amazon" views
Use number_format() instead of round() to fix rare precision issue
Improved feed generation performance by caching data for variable products
Improved security against CSRF (cross site request forgery)
Added wpla_order_builder_line_item filter
Added wpla_set_tracking_number_for_order and wpla_set_tracking_service_for_order filter hooks
Minor CSS fixes
Added product counts to the On Amazon and Not on Amazon filter options
Added option to enable offer images (aka condition images) in all ListingLoader feeds (Pro)
Added experimental option to load B2B templates (only Amazon UK and DE for now) (Pro)
Improved edit account page and added information about brand registry option
Tweaked "Feed currency format" option, which is now only active on EU sites using Euro (DE, FR IT, ES) and enabled by default
Reduce the line total when a discount is present to adjust the line tax accordingly
Store the total_tax item meta to fix the shipping display in the PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin
Fixed shipping tax bug where compound rates are being ignored
Fixed multiple issues related to importing products und updating imported products
Fixed wrong quantity in Listings table if profile quantity override option was used
Fixed profile selection not reflecting the active profile on edit product page for variable products
Fixed and improved warning when user attempts to change SKU on child variations (and show no warning if SKU was empty)
Fixed issue where changing SKU on child variations would lead to duplicate variation listings with identical SKUs
Added feed templates for Amazon.es (Office, Luggage, ConsumerElectronics which replaces CE)
Show warning on Profiles page if template is meant for a different marketplace than a profile's account is linked to
Improved tooltip for repricing options (update interval, explain limit of 2400 items per hour)
Fixed issue when importing shipping taxes from Amazon
Fixed minor CSS issues on edit product page
Fixed possble PHP notices
Pass the account ID in WPLA_ListingsModel::processBuyBoxPricingResult() to fix possible error introduced in
Pass data parameter to the wpla_added_product_from_listing action hook
Added support for amazon.com.au (Australia)
Added missing PetSupplies and Luggage feed templates for Amazon DE (Haustierbedarf / Koffer)
Added support for the new WooCommerce Products Importer
Fixed issue where tax was doubled when imported from Amazon
Fixed issue where bulk actions on the SKU Generator would not work
Fixed issue getting the proper name of the shipping provider in WC Shipment Tracking v1.6.6+
Fixed issue updating buy_box and lowest_price in the listings when using multiple accounts
Listings Table: Show custom profile price if set
Order creation: Set the total and save the order using WC_Order::set_total() and WC_Order::save() to trigger the currency converter action
Improved statename detection in created orders (remove accents from statename)
Make sure variation_theme column is empty in feeds for simple products
Trim excess whitespace before using nl2br()
Skip trashed listings when marking items as modified
Use new WPLA_ProductWrapper::getProductTitle() method in the WPLA_SkuGenTable class to display correct product titles
Tweaked Custom Product Description field: use wp_editor() instead of woocommerce_wp_textarea_input() to avoid escaping all HTML tags
Added option to download and upload listing profiles (backup and restore)
Added partial support to qTranslate to translate the title, description, bullet points and keywords based on the account's site code
Added Sequential Order Numbers support for FBA orders
Added setting to ignore product images and not add them to the feeds
Added wpla_build_feed action hook
Added wpla_account_locale filter hook
Added new amazon.com.br marketplace (experimental, not officially supported yet)
Allow profile fields to override the product price under certain conditions
Record shipping taxes that are outside the vat_rates array
Use WC_Product::get_title() instead of $product->post->post_title for best practice
Use wc_update_product_stock() over WC_Product::reduce_stock() which is now deprecated
Unset leadtime-to-ship feed column if quantity is empty to avoid errors in feeds
Fixed issue with sale price and/or sale start and end dates being empty in feed
Fixed issue where listings were not marked as changed when updated via WC REST API in WC 3.x
Fixed "WC_Product::get_total_stock is deprecated" warning
Reorganized the Tax options on the settings page
Added option to import sales tax data from Amazon orders
Added 'Create selected orders in WooCommerce' bulk action on orders page
Added wpla_custom_values filter hook to allow custom code snnippets to create custom product properties and attributes
Load column values using variation IDs if the current product is a variation
Load the variations using the product's parent ID (WC3+)
Strip all HTML tags from the product_title
Allow more valid parent columns for the Books feed template
Marked outdated US feed templates as deprecated (Lighting, Outdoors, removed TiresAndWheels from AutoAccessory template)
Fixed bug where the %%% placeholder is not getting processed when used at the start of the title
Fixed possible fatal error in the WC_Order class when 3rd party plugins update an order's status
Fixed issue where the shipping line was not showing taxes
Fixed issue where custom profile sale dates were replaced by default dates
Fixed issue with order creation date by replacing the MEST timezone with CEST so PHP can parse it
updated process of linking an Amazon seller account to WP-Lister to refrect recent changes on Seller Central
load the product level feed columns for the parent product when dealing with variable products
fixed an issue when pulling attached gallery images
fixed an issue with variation product data on WooCommerc 2.x
use native WC3.x methods to update the order date after updating its status to prevent the status update from resetting
added filter hook wpla_order_can_be_fulfilled_via_fba
improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x
added the option to disable on-hold order emails
store the currency first when creating orders to make the currency coverter work again
do not touch the _price product meta when updating products from Amazon to make sale prices function properly
changed the data column in the amazon_reports column to longblob
fixed undefined variable error in FeedsPage
improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x
fixed child variations not being able to access data in WC3.x
added Conditional Order Item Updates setting option to improve order fetching performance in some cases
added the wpla_order_post_data filter to allow 3rd-party code to hook into the process of creating orders in WooCommerce
improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x
update existing WC Order's status when importing orders from Amazon
added the ability to store multiple tax rates for a single line item
skip loading the ProductMatcher JS in the frontend/toolbar if the current user does not have the manage_amazon_listings capability
hide the Filter Orders notice on Lite users since they do not have access to that functionality
store the item description from the import CSV
added Custom feed template for Amazon UK
added warnings to the listings page and edit product page when SKUs that start with 0 are found
added support for WC Shipment Tracking v1.6.6
use the parent ID in variable products for the Edit Product links
make sure jQueryFileTree is loaded on the Edit Product screen
fixed selected shipping service on edit order page
do not auto-submit FBA orders if FBA is not enabled
removed “skipped node without parent” warnings during category update
improved WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
tested on WordPress 4.8
added Software & Video Games feed template for amazon.ca
added 'wpla_shipping_method_label' filter hook to allow modification to the shipping labels
added 'wpla_added_product_from_listing' action hook
removed jQueryFileTree connectors due to a potential security issue
store the shipping tax line inside a 'total' index to make shipping taxes appear in the order items list
fixed order VAT rates not getting stored properly
fixed possible PHP warning on WC Email Settings page
fixed product gallery for variable products on WooCommerce 3.0
added “Material” to the list of destination attributes for Merge Variation Attributes option
fixed possible fatal error during feed generation (which could break cron job execution)
fixed possible "Undefined index" warning (PHP Notice) when updating stock levels
fixed issue where disabled emails are still sent on WooCommerce 3.0
fixed issue where Amazon metadata was not copied when duplicating a product on WooCommerce 3.0
fixed issue where quantity was only updated when an inventory report was processed twice
added option to include the shipment time when submitting an Order Fulfillment Feed
added tooltip to listing title to indicate whether an item was imported, matched or listed from WooCommerce
pull condition_type and condition_note from variations in variable products if set
added FoodAndBeverages feed template for amazon.it (Alimentari e cura della casa)
added 'wpla_skip_quantity_sync' filter to skip quantity sync via 3rd-party code
added 'wpla_product_matches_request_query' filter to allow 3rd-party code to alter the query before sending to Amazon
allow 0 to be saved in the Profile edit screen
allow 0 profile quantity to override the WC product's quantity
fixed autodetect taxes not working when no tax rate ID is set
fixed On Amazon filter being reset when using search form, direct pagination or other filter options on Products page
fixed fatal error when plugin updates check doesn't return a WP_Error object and an HTTP code other than 200
fixed “Sold Out” listing status if stock level is below zero
added LawnAndGarden (Jardin) feed template for amazon.fr
check for missing database tables and show warning on settings pages
updated tooltip for “Process daily inventory report” option (include warning about outdated data in reports)
remove amazon_stock_log table when uninstalling the plugin
minor layout fixes and improvements
added feed template for Collectible Coins US
show the Prime icon for orders using Amazon Prime
exclude changed and submitted items from having their stocks updated from the reports
fixed importing products without ASIN (where the Merchant report only contains SKU and UPC/EAN)
fixed issue where VAT would be incorrectly added to created WooCommerce orders if prices are entered without taxes
fixed profile editor not loading on PHP7.1
fixed importing book specific metadata from amazon.it
make sure the daily cron schedule is executed when wp-cron is broken and an external cron job is used (trigger daily cron by external cron if not executed for 36 hours)
improved daily schedule: show last run on tools and dev settings page, allow manual execution more often than once in 24 hours, log table cleaning results to log file
prevent accidentally removing all listings without a parent from Amazon by running the “Remove from Amazon” bulk action without any products selected
prevent resetting the shipment date to today when importing old shipped orders (like after restoring a backup) with both options to “Create Orders” in WooCommerce and to “Mark as shipped on Amazon” enabled
auto-detect staging site (if domain contains staging or wpstagecoach) and omit requesting daily reports on staging site
only update other listings with the same post/parent ID if there are more than one account set up
force all date/time functions to use UTC regardless, of local timezone (use gmdate instead of date, use ‘UTC’ suffix on strtotime)
show warning on accounts page if multiple accounts use the same Merchant ID and “Filter orders” option is disabled
importing orders: if "Filter orders" option is enabled, make sure an existing order is assigned to the right account_id
improved performance when importing orders by not updating pending feeds when updating other listings with the same post/parent ID
if invalid data is found show warning and offer to assign all found items to the default account
fixed fatal error in SDK class MarketplaceWebService/Model/ResponseHeaderMetadata.php (Redefinition of parameter $quotaMax)
improved log viewer
added MusicLoader feed template for Amazon UK
added support for defining a custom position for variation attribute values in listing title by using the placeholder ‘%%%’
added the filter 'wpla_disable_fba_to_wc_stock_sync' to allow 3rd-party code to disable fba stock sync
allow orders to Canada (CA) to be fulfilled from FBA US (AMAZON_NA)
fixed a rare issue where the fulfillment_latency column was not being processed correctly
fixed the 'Select from Amazon' button to not working properly on Edit Product screen
fixed an undefined variable warning when calculating FBA shipping (on checkout)
fixed execution of background tasks (cron job)
added missing feed templates for amazon.it
added missing BookLoader feed template for Amazon IT, ES, DE, FR and CA
added staging site option on developer settings page
added support for additional variation images added by WooThumbs plugin
added 'wpla_repriced_products' hook that runs after products have been repriced
improved tooltip description for custom Amazon price field
listen for product updates made via the new WC REST API in WC 2.6+
broadcast stock updates using wpla_product_has_changed to update other listings with the same post and parent ID
use MWS Orders API version 2013-09-01 to fetch orders and order line items
fixed saving settings on the Advanced Settings page on multisite installs
added In WooCommerce / Not in WooCommerce filter views on Orders page
added check for ASINs containing leading or trailing whitespace - and prompt user to fix it by clicking a button
added Shoes feed template for amazon.de (Schuhe & Handtaschen) - and fixed internal ID for Kitchen template
added various missing feed templates for Amazon ES
added feed templates for Amazon Japan
allow custom quantity in listing profile to overwrite WooCommerce quantity
allow orders to Puerto Rico (PR) to be fulfilled from FBA US
minimize delay when syncing sales from eBay to Amazon and allow an external cron job to run every minute
include only shipping date (not time) in ship-date column in Order Fulfillment Feed
fetch more orders at a time by using ListOrdersByNextToken request to process multi-page API results (increases maximum number of orders from 100 to 600 before throttling kicks in)
if product has no feature image assigned use first gallery image instead
switched recommended web cron service from CronBlast to EasyCron
improved processing of browse tree guides
store the tracking service and number when saving orders so they'll get submitted when an order gets marked as complete
store the currency before storing the order total to allow currency switcher to work when saving order totals
fixed issue where FBA items would not automatically fall back to seller fulfilled unless FBA Inventory Report is processed manually
fixed order date on WooCommerce 2.6
fixed possible PHP Notice "Undefined offset..." for invalid CSV data
fixed issue where stock levels on Listings page would not be reverted when an order was cancelled
added Eyewear feed template for Amazon UK
added option to store Amazon promotional discounts as WooCommerce order discounts
added an option to use the Amazon order number when displaying WooCommerce orders
fixed possible division by 0 warnings when creating orders in WooCommerce
fixed possible fatal error in wp-admin when Shipping Options are enabled
fixed possible issue where main product image was sent as variation image
disable the shipping options check when running wp-cron to prevent fatal error
improved storing stock log records
added options to set add-on FBA shipping fees
added Luggage feed template for Amazon UK
added Entertainment Collectibles browse tree guide for Amazon US
added button to repair crashed MySQL tables on developer tools page
fixed issue when importing SKUs with an apostrophe
fixed product prices in created WooCommerce orders for multiple units of the same product if auto detect tax rate option is disabled
fixed item count on Orders page for orders containing multiple units of the same product
added option to list/prepare a product and switch listing profile from the Edit Product screen's sidebar
added option to "Skip orders for foreign items" when creating orders in WooCommerce
added Toys and Baby feed templates for amazon.it (Giochi e giocattoli / Prima infanzia)
added support for Amazon Payments Advanced plugin
added admin-ajax.php action "wpla_request_inventory_report" to request Merchant Inventory Report via external cron job
added class wc_input_price to all price fields on edit product page to enable WooCommerce inline price validation
added option to enable/disable automatic tax calculation when creating orders in WooCommerce
fixed incorrect order date when creating orders in WooCommerce 2.6
fixed issue adding new variations to existing listings if more than one amazon account are set up
fixed PHP warning on WC2.6: Declaration of WPLA_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping() should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping()
fixed issue where VAT would be incorrectly added to created WooCommerce orders if prices are entered without taxes and the site has a tax rate set up for the shop's base address
fixed issue where customers without a default shipping address (e.g. guests) could not calculating the shipping costs from the cart page
fixed wp_remote_* calls which will be returning objects in WP 4.6
force merchant_shipping_group_name template field to be an optional text field (fixes issue with Clothing UK feed template where this field is incorrectly marked as required)
improved 'On Amazon' and 'Not on Amazon' product filters for large sites
improved stock logger - include information about class and method which triggered stock change
store optional gift message as order line meta field when creating order in WooCommerce
added support WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin when listing items on Amazon
fixed line totals and VAT amounts when creating WooCommerce orders for more than 1 purchased unit
added option to enable FBA Shipping Options on WooCommerce checkout page
calculate taxes based on the product's tax class and shipping address when creating orders in WooCommerce
improved tax information in created WooCommerce orders if prices are entered without tax
added editable eBay Price column to repricing tool
added "Remove from Amazon" bulk action on Products page
import "Important Information" section (with legal info) when using the "Fetch Full Description" bulk action
fixed pagination links loosing search box query on repricing page
fixed issue where eBay listing was not updated when variable product was purchased on Amazon
added AutoAccessory feed template for amazon.it
added MSRP column and discount percentages on repricing tool page
added experimental support for handling tracking details stored by WooForce Shipment Tracking plugin
added check for Solaris/SunOS - show warning message if running on Solaris
added FBA Inventory Health Report to list of reports which are processed automatically
allow sort by stock level on repricing page
skip parent variations when creating Price&Quantity feed
fixed possible fatal error when activating license: Call to undefined function wpleup()
added support for processing FBA Inventory Health reports and show inventory age details in repricing tool
added support for custom order numbers when submitting MCF orders to be fulfilled via FBA
added support for WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 1.7.0+
added option to subtract the quantity sent to Amazon by the value entered as "Out Of Stock Threshold" in WooCommerce
added option to skip out of stock items when fetching lowest price data from Amazon
added option to display item condition and notes in the product page
added separate BuyBox filter on repricing page and changed lowest price filter to ignore BuyBox flag
added FBA inventory age filter on repricing page
added stock log tools page
added FoodAndBeverages feed template for amazon.fr
added Eyewear feed template for amazon.de
improved support for WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite (fix issue where updated listings were not marked as changed)
improved processing FBA Inventory Reports: mark item as changed if FBA fallback is enabled and Fulfillment Center ID has changed
improved repricing algorithm - set ExcludeMe parameter for GetLowestOfferListingsForASIN request to make sure lowest offer data shows only prices from competitors, and enable repricing undercut for competitors prices
improved performance by caching account and marketplace data
improved displaying listing quality warnings in listings table
improved creating orders: convert country state names to ISO code (New South Wales -> NSW) (requires WC2.3+)
show FNSKU on listing page for FBA items
allow held orders to be submitted again to Amazon (submission status "hold")
update WooCommerce order status when Amazon order status has changed (Unshipped to Shipped)
fixed issue where product variations with missing parent products (corrupted database) would break feed generation process - show warning on Feeds page if this is detected
fixed search box on orders page
fixed profile shortcodes being ignored for price and sale price
fixed "not lowest price" filter on repricing tool showing items with no lowest price at all (no competitor and no buy box)
fixed blank details page if WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin is active
fixed fetching feed processing results when there are more than 100 submitted/pending feeds
fixed error handling when submitting MCF orders to be fulfilled via FBA
fixed Error 99001: A value is required for the "manufacturer" field (for parent variations)
fixed Error 8560: Missing Attributes target_audience_keyword (for parent variations, Toys US)
fixed rare issue where variation_theme column would be left empty (Error 99006: A value is required in the "variation_theme" field...)
database upgrade to version 35 - change feed processing result column to MEDIUMTEXT (wp_amazon_feeds.results)
database upgrade to version 36 - increase field size for varchar columns in table wp_amazon_feed_tpl_data (fix incomplete profile data for some templates like Health FR)
added option to not use featured image from parent variation for child variations (avoid same swatch image for all child variation, disabled by default)
added Kitchen and Office feed template for amazon.de
added Clothing (Abbigliamento) feed template for amazon.it
added Amazon Logistics shipping provider
fixed Entertainment Collectibles feed template
remember invalid parent variation problems during import process and show warning message on edit product page
fixed fetching reports when there are more than 100 submitted/pending reports
fixed possible issue with Map Variation Attributes setting option
fixed issue where Main Image URL would show as "Required" when editing a profile
fixed empty quantity column issue if fulfillment_center_id is forced empty in profile - and make sure fulfillment_center_id column is set to Optional
added option to bulk remove min/max prices from min/max price wizard
added support for AMAZON_CA fulfillment center ID (experimental!)
improved checking for processed feeds - avoid feeds being stuck as submitted due to agressive caching plugins
improved SKU Generator tool: check existing SKUs and skip products where SKU generation would result in duplicates
make sure sale price stays within min/max boundaries - prevent Amazon from throwing price alert and deactivating the listing
do not use featured image from parent variation for child variations (avoid same swatch image for all childs)
renamed Feed ID to Batch ID and improved title on feed details page
removed deprecated feed template Miscellaneous (US)
fixed custom main_image_url setting on product level being ignored
fixed issue updating product details on PHP5.6 with Suhosin patch installed (and suhosin.post.disallow_nul option on)
fixed issue where cancelled orders were stuck as "Pending" (since LastUpdateDate apparently stays the same)
fixed SKU generator not showing and processing all missing SKUs (check for NULL meta values)
fixed missing success indicator and message when preparing items in bulk from Products page (or matching products or applying lowest prices in bulk)
trigger stock status notifications when reducing stock level
implemented batch mode for FBA inventory check tools
improved inventory check memory requirements - disable autoload for temp data (requires WP4.2+)
make sure ASINs have no leading or trailing spaces when creating matched listings from product
fixed importing listings with identical SKUs from multiple accounts / sites
fixed possible SQL error during import: Column 'post_content' cannot be null
fixed possible PHP error on edit account page if MWS credentials are incorrect and no marketplaces were found
fixed missing categories when processing multiple browse tree guides for the same feed template
fixed fatal error when using Min/Max Price Wizard to set prices based on sale price
fixed possible fatal error in Woo_ProductBuilder.php on line 1045
fixed fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $quotaMax (PHP7)
fixed possible fatal error in ListingsModel.php on line 1679
fixed narrow tooltips
fixed PHP warning on PHP7
improved performance on log and orders pages - database version 33
improved performance of processing FBA reports
improved inventory check tools - implemented batch processing and improved general performance
improved address format for in FBA submission feeds - if shipping_company is set, use company name as AddressFieldOne
improved error handling on import - if creating product failed (db insert)
improved logging: add history record when creating WC order manually
fixed search on repricing page
fixed support for multiple images in BookLoader feed template
fixed wpla_mcf_enabled_order_statuses filter hook not working for automatic FBA submission (only manual)
fixed possible fatal error when processing FBA inventory report (Call to a member function set_stock_status() on a non-object)
fixed empty log records being created when checking for reports
added "Allow direct editing" developer option - hide Edit listing link by default
added experimental support for reserving / holding back FBA stock (MCF) - if order status is on-hold set FulfillmentAction to 'Hold'
added wpla_run_scheduled_tasks ajax action hook to trigger only the Amazon cron job (equal to wplister_run_scheduled_tasks)
fixed gift wrap row being added to WooCommerce orders even if gift wrap option was not selected
fixed issue where messages on the settings page would be invisible with certain 3rd party plugins installed
added option to leave email address empty when creating orders in WooCommerce
added FBA only mode settings option - to force FBA stock levels to be synced to WooCommerce
added filter hook wpla_mcf_enabled_order_statuses - allow to control which order statuses are allowed for FBA/MCF
added advanced options to make account settings, category settings and repricing tool available in main menu
store SKU as order line item meta when creating orders in WooCommerce
show warning if OpenSSL is older than 0.9.8o
show gift wrap option on orders page and details view
fixed creating orders with gift wrap option enabled - add gift wrap as separate shipping row
fixed tracking details not being sent to Amazon if orders are completed via ShipStation plugin
fixed fetching full listing description from amazon.es
fixed imported products not showing on frontend if sort by popularity is enabled (set total_sales meta field)
fixed stock status for imported variations
fixed issue where tracking details were not sent to eBay if autocomplete sales option was enabled
fixed issue where FBA items would not be updated from report if their SKU contains a "&" character
improved performance when updating products via CSV import (and show more debug data in log file)
improved error handling on storing report content in db (error: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes)
improved error handling and logging if set_include_path() is disabled
escape HTML special chars in invalid SKU warning (force invisible HTML like soft hyphen / shy to become visible)
relabeled "Inventory Sync" option to "Synchronize sales"
improved storing taxes in created WooCommerce orders
fixed order line item product_id and variation_id for created WooCommerce orders containing variations
skip FBA orders from being auto completed on Amazon / Order Fulfillment Feed
fixed "The order id ... was not associated with your merchant" error for FBA orders
repricing tool: restore listing view filters after using min/max price wizard
added option to filter order to import by marketplace - prevent duplicate orders if the same account is connected to multiple marketplaces
added feed template / category "Sport & Freizeit" on amazon.de
added Deutsche Post shipping provider
fixed missing variation_theme values for some templates like Jewellery and Clothing
fixed Error 99001: A value is required for the "feed_product_type" field (for parent variations)
fixed missing bullet points for (parent) variations
fixed FBA cron job not running more often than 24 hours
fixed duplicate description on imported products - leave product short description empty
fixed possible layout issue caused by 3rd party CSS
fixed empty external_product_id_type column for amazon.in
send SellerId instead of Merchant in SubmitFeed request header (SDK bug)
added DPD shipping service on edit order page
added experimental support for amazon.in
improved order processing for large numbers of orders
fixed error: A value is required for the brand_name / item_name field
added filter option to show listings with no profile assigned
fixed issue where orders were not imported / synced correctly if ListOrderItems requests are throttled
fixed issue where some orders were not imported if multiple accounts are used
fixed possible issue where lowest prices would not be updated from Amazon
fixed issue where variable items would be imported as simple products
fixed issue where parent attributes (e.g. brand) were missing for child variations (attribute_brand shortcode)
parent variations should only have three columns set: item_sku, parent_child, variation_theme
fixed possible php notice on inventory check (tools page)
added filter hook wpla_reason_for_not_creating_wc_order - allow other plugins to decide whether an order is created
fixed issue where activity indicator could show reports in progress when all reports were already processed
improved multiple offers indicator on repricing page - explain possible up-pricing issues in tooltip
feed generation: leave external_product_id_type empty if there is no external_product_id (parent variations)
skip invalid rows when processing inventory report - prevent inserting empty rows in amazon_listings
don't allow processing an inventory report that has localized column headers
added filter hook wpla_filter_imported_product_data and wpla_filter_imported_condition_html
fixed issue where sale dates were sent if sale price was intentionally left blank in listing profile
fixed inline price editor for large amounts - remove thousands separator from edit price field
fixed no change option in min/max price wizard
fixed sale start and end date not being set automatically
fixed repricing changelog showing integer prices when force decimal comma option was enabled
added warning note on import page about sale prices not being imported, but being removed when an imported product is updated
fixed issue where sale start and end date would be set for rows without a price (like parent variations in a listing data feed)
added warning on listing page if listings linked to missing products are found
added support for tracking details set by Shipment Tracking and Shipstation plugins (use their tracking number and provider in Order Fulfillment feed)
if no sale price is set send regular price with sale end date in the past (the only way to remove previously sent sale prices)
fixed stored number of pending feeds when multiple accounts are checked
include item condition note in imported product description
automatically create matched listing for simple products when ASIN is entered manually
trigger new Price&Quantity feed when updating min/max prices from WooCommerce (tools page)
updating reports checks pending ReportRequestIds only (make sure that each report is processed using the account it was requested by)
fixed issue where reports for different marketplaces would return the same results
fixed shipping date not being sent as UTC when order is manually marked as shipped
fixed importing books with multiple authors
added more feed templates for amazon.ca
added option to filter orders by Amazon account on WooCommerce Orders page
added prev/next buttons to import preview and fixed select all checkbox on search results
import book specific attributes - like author, publisher, binding and date published
extended option to set how often to request FBA Shipment reports to apply to FBA Inventory report as well
fixed importing item condition and condition note when report contains special characters
fixed possible error updating min/max prices
profile editor: do not require external_product_id if assigned account has the brand registry option enabled
update wp_amazon_listings.account_id when updating / applying listing profile
fixed issue where FBA enabled products would be marked as out of stock in WooCommerce if FBA stock is zero but still stock left in WC
fixed rare issue saving report processing options on import page
added option to import variations as simple products
fall back to import as simple product if there are no variation attributes on the parent listing (fix importing "variations without attributes")
fixed issue importing images for very long listing titles
improved error handling during importing process
added filter option to hide empty fields in profile editor
added Industrial & Scientific feed templates for amazon.com
added support for WooCommerce CSV importer 3.x
added optional field for item condition and condition note on variation level
added options to specify how long feeds, reports and order data should be kept in the database
order details page: enter shipping time as local time instead of UTC
view report: added search box to filter results / limit view to 1000 rows by default
regard shipping discount when creating orders in WooCommerce (fix shipping total)
fixed search box on import preview page - returned no results when searching for exact match ASIN or SKU
fixed saving variations via AJAX on WooCommerce 2.4 beta
show warning on edit product page if variations have no SKU set
improved SKU mismatch warning on listings page in case the WooCommerce SKU is empty
edit product: trim spaces from ASINs and UPCs automatically
when duplicating a profile, jump to edit profile page
shipping feed: make sure carrier-name is not empty if carrier-code is 'Other' (prevent Error 99021)
edit order page: fixed field for custom service provider name not showing when tracking provider is set to "Other"
fixed setup warnings not being shown (like missing cURL warning message)
improved performance of generating import preview page
fixed possible error code 200 when processing import queue
added support for custom order statuses on settings page
added gallery fallback option to use attached images if there is no WooCommerce Product Gallery (fixed issue with WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery plugin)
added loading indicator on edit profile page
added missing SDK file MarketplaceWebServiceProducts/Model/ErrorResponse.php
added button to manually convert custom tables to utf8mb4 on WordPress 4.2+ (fix "Illegal mix of collations" sql error)
improved Amazon column on Products page - show all listings for each product (but group variation listings)
make sure the latest changes are submitted - even if a feed is "stuck" as submitted
optimized memory footprint when processing import queue (fixed loading task list for 20k+ items on 192M RAM)
improved processing of browse tree guide files - link db records to tpl_id to be able to clean incorrectly imported data automatically
fixed php warning in ajax request when enabling all images on edit product page
fixed issue with SWVG and Sports feed templates ok Amazon UK
added option to request FBA shipment report every 3 hours
added Clothing feed template for amazon.ca
fixed possible fatal errors during import process
added option to set a default product category for products imported from Amazon (advanced settings page)
added option to automatically create matched listings for all products with ASINs (developer tools page)
improved profile editor for spanish feed templates
fixed some CE feed templates not being imported properly (amazon.es)
fixed possible fatal error during import
added option to process only selected rows when importing / updating products from merchant report
added option to enable Brand Registry / UPC exemption for account
brand registry: create listings for newly added child variations automatically, even if no UPC or ASIN is provided
fixed issue where items listed on multiple marketplaces using the same account would stay "submitted"
fixed matching product from edit product page - selected ASIN was removed if products was updated right after matching
fixed "View in WP-Lister" toolbar link on frontend
addedtooltips for report processing options on import page
import process: fixed creating additional (new / missing) variations for existing variable products in WooCommerce
regard "fall back to seller fulfilled" option when processing FBA inventory reports - skip zero qty rows entirely if fall back is enabled
added option to search / filter report rows in import preview
automatically fill in variation attribute columns like size_name and color_name
show number of offers considered next to lowest offer price in listings table
changed labeling from "imported" to "queued" - and updated text on import and settings pages
added developer tool buttons to clean the database - remove orphaned child variations and remove listings where the WooCommerce product has been deleted
fixed issue where selecting a category for Item Type Keyword column would insert browse node id instead of keyword (profile editor and edit product page)
make sure the customer state (address) is stored as two letter code in created WooCommerce orders (Amazon apparently returns randomly either one or the other)
fixed search box on SKU generator page not showing products without listings
fixed formatting on ListMarketplaceParticipations response (log details)
fixes issue with attribute_ shortcodes on child variations inserting the same size/color value for all variations
added option to hide (exclude) specific variations from being listed on Amazon
added option to set WooCommerce order status for orders marked as shipped on Amazon
added "Sports & Outdoors" category for Amazon CA
regard WordPress timezone setting when creating orders
automatically update variation_theme for affected items when updating a listing profile
make sure sale_price is not higher than standard_price / price - Amazon might silently ignore price updates otherwise
fixed issue preparing listings when listing title is longer than 255 characters
fixed duplicate ASINs being skipped when importing products from merchant report
don't warn about duplicate ASINs if the SKU is unique
added action hook wpla_prepare_listing to create new listings from products
added option to select account when importing by ASIN
indicate that a report has been processed in the background by a green mark on reports page
update WooCommerce stock status (in stock / out of stock) when processing FBA report - even when stock level needs no update
trigger WooCommerce webhook order.created when creating orders
fixed issue where selecting a category would insert node ID of parent category
fixed linked amazon site for thumbnail in product matcher
fixed listings with zero (0) parent_id showing up in all searches
use HTTP POST to contact update server (fix connection error on pantheon.io)
ignore unsellable items when processing FBA inventory report
added option to resubmit failed FBA shipment requests for MCF orders
process product updates triggered via the WooCommerce REST API
added option to set how often FBA Shipment reports are requested - to allow faster updating of MCF orders (eBay)
store tracking details for non-MCF orders as well
notify WP-Lister for eBay when MCF order was shipped - and submit tracking information to eBay
improved order marketplace column layout
improved layout of duplicate check results table
allow SKUs containing periods (.)
improved order filter views (on Amazon/not on Amazon)
make in stock / out of stock listing filter views regard current FBA seller fallback setting
fixed in stock / out of stock filter (for items where fba_fcid was NULL)
fixed issue combining listing filter views - use esc_url_raw() instead of esc_url()
fixed bulk delete option on profiles page
fixed stock not being updated when using bulk edit
fixed stock not being updated when using quick edit
improved displaying errors and warnings on listings page
fixed log page on WordPress 4.2
fixed pagination on WordPress 4.2
max WP version 4.2
fixed listing profile column on WordPress 4.2
fixed XSS issue with add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg()
added search box on profiles page
fixed variation listing title not being updated when main product title is changed
fixed browse node selection on edit product page
fixed profile setting for item condition being ignored in ListingLoader feeds
improved readability for error 8541 (extract merchant/amazon values from error msg)
added option to remove all imported products and listings on developer tools page
check for existing item by SKU instead of ASIN when matching products - to allow 2 SKUs for 1 ASIN with different item condition
fixed missing Flavor attribute on advanced settings page
add missing variations automatically only if they have UPC/EAN or ASIN set (when updating products in woo)
auto submit inventory loader feeds - fix trashed products not being deleted from Amazon automatically
creating orders: find order line item by SKU instead of ASIN
improved order history records (show SKU)
improved variation options layout
validate shipping date and time entered on edit order page
expert profile editor mode will show quantity and image fields
add error 42 to history array instead of replacing it (This SKU does not seem to exist...)
fixed API hostname for MWS Japan (mws.amazonservices.jp)
fixed 'Copy FBA quantity to WooCommerce' option in FBA inventory check (tools page)
fixed missing UTC timezone flag in _wpla_time_shipped when orders are marked as completed
added lower pricing info expiry times (6-30 min.)
added option "Uppricing based on" to allow experimental up-pricing based on next competitor price, even if seller has buybox
improved fetching full product description from amazon
if fulfillment_center_id is forced to AMAZON_NA in the listing profile, regard this overwrite in ListingLoader feeds as well
fixed view counts on repricing page
fixed line count for generated feeds
added item count and tooltips to FBA filter links
fixed Non-FBA view not showing simple products
check pending products if they exist in WooCommerce - and show warning if products are missing
fixed issues with missing products on repricing page and too many products in the FBA inventory check
fixed empty FBA Shipment reports
processing order items / reducing stock: find item by SKU instead of ASIN
improved log and report view
added option to import only main product image
added Home&Garden feed template for amazon.ca
mark WooCommerce order as completed when processing FBA Shipment Report
fixed issue importing products when previously imported products have been removed incorrectly (from wp_posts but not from wp_postmeta)
added button on dev tools page to clear wp_postmeta from stale records
added button in tools page to find listing items where the linked product in WooCommerce doesn't exist (options: delete or add to import queue)
allow to combine status view filters - stock and FBA status can be filtered independently from listing/repricing status
repricing tool: added details link to show all pricing information returned by the Amazon API
repricing tool: added bulk action to resubmit current price to Amazon
repricing tool: added link to view all offers on Amazon in Other Sellers column
repricing tool: make Lowest Price / Not Lowest Price filters regard the "seller has buy box" flag
repricing tool: Failed filter shows only failed PNQ updates, excluding items where listing status itself is failed
repricing tool: fixed issue where price would jump between target price and max price (don't ignore seller's own price as lowest offer price if there are more than one offers considered)
repricing tool: fixed Lowest Price filter when combined with search query
show buy box price in green if seller has buy box
implemented proper error handling for FBA / MCF fulfillment feeds - and show errors on order details page
fixed report status view for in progress
fixed (hide) SKU mismatch warning on items with status imported
make sure processing P&Q feed results only updates pnq_status if it's submitted
process FBA Amazon Fulfilled Shipments Report - and store details in order post meta
update order meta fields for WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin when processing FBA Amazon Fulfilled Shipments Report
show FBA tracking details on edit order page
allow orders with status on-hold to be fulfilled via FBA
repricing tool: added link to show Price&Quantity changelog for a specific SKU
repricing tool: major overhaul of the repricing algorithm - with user feedback when used manually (bulk action)
fixed issue where price&quantity feeds would not be submitted when there are no other pending feeds (or the feeds page is visited)
added button to run update schedule on developer tools page
added image import folder options - create subfolders for imported images
code refactoring and cleanup
added Quality listing filter - to quickly find listings with quality alerts
added column for lowest competitor price - and indicate when seller has BuyBox price (green check mark)
repricing tool: indicate pending, submitted and failed prices
repricing tool: added bulk action to apply lowest price to selected items
apply undercut only to other sellers buy box price - not to lowest offer price
fetch, store and display information about Buy Box and Lowest Offer prices separately
fixed fetching multiple pricing results (prices) via the API
fixed issue where min/max prices would remain in WP-Lister when removed on edit product page
database upgrade to version 26 - add columns and indices to wp_amazon_listings
min/max price wizard: remember last used options
min/max price wizard: allow to update minimum price or maximum price only
fixed empty price issue when Amazon Price contained invalid or space characters - and trim input to prevent spaces from being stored in the first place
added option to select whether repricing should be based on Buy Box price only (default) - or fall back to lowest offer
added button to fix variable stock status on inventory tools page
fixed imported variations being marked out of stock
show warning if marketplace ID for account is invalid
convert custom amazon and min/max prices from decimal comma to decimal point automatically
make sure price stays within min/max boundaries - prevent errors in Price&Quantity feed
repricing tool: added button to resubmit all failed prices
fixed issue where repricing tool would adjust prices without min/max prices
fixed view totals on repricing page (exclude parent variations)
fixed issue with apostrophe in listing title
added option to enable FBA seller-fulfilled fallback (disabled by default)
request daily FBA fulfilled shipments report - if multichannel fulfillment is enabled
added developer option to set currency format for Price&Quantity feeds (decimal comma)
fixed issue where Buy Box prices were not updated properly
fetch Buy Box price and lowest offers when updating pricing info manually
fetch Buy Box price: check lowest orders via cron - and send 10 requests (a 20 items) at a time
repricing tool: increase price to maximum price if there is no lowest price / competitor
hide parent variations on repricing page
other fixes and improvements to the repricing tools
improved warning for deleted products in listings table
added FBA inventory check for items without FBA stock on tools page
preserve filter state when clicking "Apply lowest price" button on repricing page
fixed issue where processing a merchant inventory report with stock update enabled would mark FBA items as out of stock
fixed issue where min/max prices entered on edit product page for single variations did not show in repricing tool
fixed repricing tool using max price instead of lowest price
added In Stock / No Stock filter options on listings and repricing page
show items with status "online" but zero stock as "sold out" in listings table - and parent variations as "variable"
added repricing margin / undercut option - set amount to stay below lowest price
show WooCommerce order status on Orders page - and indicate when an order has been trashed or deleted (show Create Order link then)
process FBA report: update quantity in WooCommerce if current stock level is less than FBA quantity
improved fix for error 99006 (fulfillment_latency)
improved reports page - added status filter and search box
fixed fallback from FBA to seller fulfilled if no FBA stock available
added search box on SKU generator page
set fulfillment center ID when processing FBA reports
feed generation: always enable FBA mode if there is FBA quantity
implemented WC_Product_Amazon class to fix refund process for external products
show warning on listings page when SKU is different in WooCommerce than in WP-Lister
fixed pending feeds being stuck when SKU is different in WooCommerce than in WP-Lister
fixed applying min/max prices in bulk based on MSRP
added SKU column in Amazon - Orders - Details
added link to view order in WPLA on WooCommerce order details page
added button to refresh min/max prices from WC on tools page (required after updating min/max prices from external source - like CSV import)
fixed creating products in WooCommerce 2.3
added roles and capabilities on advanced options page
fixed product import on WooCommerce 2.3
added advanced option to create custom meta fields for variations
improved feed generation process - merge feeds for different profiles using the same feed template
fixed variation options in WooCommerce 2.3
added filter checkbox to show preferred fields in profile editor
added FBA setting option to select fulfillment center (AMAZON_NA / AMAZON_EU)
added option for default shipping provider name (to be used if default shipping provider is set to "Other")
Multi-Channel Fulfillment: check if destination country matches fulfillment center (only allow MCF within US for AMAZON_NA and within EU for AMAZON_EU)
improved report processing an ignore cancelled reports
make sure all four MWS fields are filled in when adding an account
fixed possible issue downloading feeds and reports as CSV
added option to submit eligible WooCommerce orders to FBA automatically (beta)
added FBA default options for delivery sla, order comment and notification email
fixed "show only required fields" filter in profile editor to show all required fields again (even in Ungrouped, which might not actually be required)
fixed EAN validation
fixed fatal error on listings page on WooCommerce 2.3
added FBA / non-FBA filter on repricing page
added Shoes feed template for amazon.it
added SKU generator to admin toolbar
added option to create custom profile shortcodes from HTML snippets on advances settings page
added option to request and process a daily inventory report - to sync inventory changes from Amazon to WooCommerce automatically
allow to use resubmit bulk action on items with status online
show warning on edit product page if invalid SKUs, EANs or UPCs are used
show link to inspect feed details when displaying feed processing errors and warnings
show errors and warning on edit product page for online and failed items only (hide when status is submitted or changed)
fixed empty feed quantity when stock level is empty in WooCommerce
added new SKU generator tool
added API function wpla_register_profile_shortcode() - allow other plugins to create custom profile shortcodes
show warning when attempting to change the SKU for products already listed on Amazon
show warning if SKU is longer than 40 characters
improved feed details page - make image urls clickable
allow main image to be excluded from Amazon - use first enabled gallery image instead
added option to select variation theme from list of allowed values in listing profile
added Flavor to attribute mapping tool
fixed disabled gallery images for variations
fixed check for required fields when updating profile (Shoes US)
fixed View on Amazon link on listings page
fixed inventory sync status message on settings page
added option to use parent titles for variations - to not add attribute values to listing title
fixed duplicate check to allow the same product listed on different accounts
fixed automatic sale-start-date and sale-end-date in ListingLoader feeds
fixed fulfillment_latency after recent change
fixed license deactivation message
fetch high resolution variation images
if qty is empty, make sure fulfillment_latency is empty as well (prevent error 99006)
fixed php warning when updating product with min/max prices but without listing
fixed php warning when activating license and fixed force update check message
fixed issue where WP-Lister could get stuck on an empty feed
fixed an important bug causing duplicate feeds and reports
added tool to calculate min/max prices based on custom rules
improved automatic repricing tool - adjust prices downwards and upwards
fixed "update pricing info" bulk action on repricing tool page
fixed updating WooCommerce out of stock attribute when processing inventory report
added support for MSRP price (price field and profile shortcode) - with or without the MSRP extension installed
added import option to control whether to create all variations in WooCommerce or only the items in your inventory
added inventory check tool to compare and match FBA stock levels with WooCommerce
fixed UTF8 characters in listing titles imported from inventory report
fixed php warnings on feed details page
added option to send feed details to support
added view switcher option on listings page to control how to display variable listings
improved feed details view - show content and results in new tab
improved report details view - added CSV download button
prevent duplicate gallery images when importing variations
general code improvements
import item condition and note when creating new products in WooCommerce
added option to update item condition and condition note when processing inventory reports
added inventory check tool to only compare stock levels but ignore prices
added option to download feed content and result as CSV file
improved category settings - added option to remove unused feed templates
show warning if WooCommerce is outdated (before 2.2.4)
fixed fatal error on WC2.0 (legacy support)
added "View item in WP-Lister" toolbar link on single product page
added profile option to list variable products as separate items on Amazon
update stock level in WooCommerce when processing FBA reports - if stock level is zero
do not mark products with stock management disabled as out of stock when sold on Amazon
fill in missing sale price start and end date automatically
create new variations automatically if parent listing exist
improved adding variations to imported products - copy profile and variation theme from parent listing
improved "Variations on Amazon" info on edit product page
added Beauty, Health and Food feed template for amazon.de
added account filter on feeds and reports page (todo: fix pagination)
added note about profile price adjustments not affecting custom amazon prices
explain error 8560 (Missing Attributes standard_product_id)
show warning in feed processing result if localized column headers are enabled for account
improved tooltips on variation specific options and added placeholder "UPC / EAN" for Product ID
fixed search box on orders page
fixed FBA submission of external orders with multiple order line items
added bulk action to remove listings from Seller Central and WP-Lister
added support for importing additional product images
added experimental support for processed inventory reports from amazon.ca - which are missing most columns
revert stock reduction when order status changes from Pending to Canceled
improved order history records and track order status changes
improved import page - show current default account msg for import by ASIN
improved import preview - show FBA instead of empty quantity
fixed WooCommerce orders not being created if first order status was pending
fixed possible php error when importing variable products (which already exist in WooCommerce)
process pending orders and reduce stock level (todo: monitor status updates)
don't mark already submitted items as changed when updating the profile
indicate failed submissions with a red "a" on WooCommerce Products page
show main categories with site code (US/UK) when selecting browse node IDs
added editable sale price column in repricing tool
fixed broken feeds caused by line breaks in custom fields
fixed missing Amazon Price field for simple products
improved handling of empty FBA inventory reports
show FBA submission result on WooCommerce Orders page for non-Amazon orders as well
ignore seller's own price when fetching lowest price info (allow automatic price increase)
refactored JobRunner CSS - do not use jQuery UI custom theme for progress bar
fixed listing pagination when using search box
improved duplicate listings warning
implemented proper uninstall option - remove all data when plugin is deleted in WP
fixed issue preparing new listings when WPLE is installed
added support for importing variation images
added support for importing bullet points from Amazon
fixed duplicate rows in order fulfillment feed when auto complete option was enabled
added template column filter on edit profile page
added option to filter orders by account
show account title on created woocommerce orders
store and display order currency on Amazon Orders page (for WooCommerce support, install WPML or similar)
fixed issues with lowest price update for nonexistent items
fixed issue when importing product titles with more than 255 characters (failed to create image file)
fixed fetching lowest price when there is only one CompetitivePrice node returned
added shortcode processing and link handling options on advanced settings page
convert feeds to ISO-8859-1 by default
improved listing search (fuzzy SKU, parent post_id)
remove tab characters from field values when building feeds
implemented new repricing tool
added option to run repricer automatically
added inline ajax price editor in repricing table
added min_price, max_price and pnq_status columns to listings table and update values when updating product in WooCommerce
submit Price And Quantity feed to update min/max prices on Amazon (3rd party plugins can set pnq_status to 1 in listings table to trigger an update
use custom amazon price from parent for child variations - if no custom price on variation level is set
cleaned up tools page and added toolbar links
make sure that imported products are always visible
show warning if WP-Lister for eBay is installed and is less than version 1.6
fixed deprecated warning in PHP 5.6 (iconv_set_encoding)
added custom feed columns on product level - overwrite any profile field for any product
fixed possible php warning when adding account (if listMarketplaceParticipations returns empty result)
show table of listing items for variable products on edit product page
automatically create missing listings for variations with ASIN when saving a variable product
fixed issue with shipping cost in WooCommerce orders (was gross instead of net)
added option to select images to be used on Amazon on the edit product page
added custom options when submitting WooCommerce orders to FBA (shipping priority, order comment and notification email)
added options to hide custom amazon price and min/max price fields on edit product page
show general errors (which are not specific to any product or order) on feeds page
added ToysBaby feed template for amazon.de
added general purpose filter wpla_filter_listing_feed_column
allow variation attribute columns with _type suffix - in addition to _name suffix
fixed issue with prepared listings not being submitted automatically (unless visiting the feeds page)
fixed possible php warning in GetCompetitivePricingForASINResult()
added support for submitting WooCommerce orders to Amazon to be shipped via FBA (FBA Shipment Fulfillment Feed)
added option to disable fetching listing quality reports automatically
automatically convert https image urls to http
fixed buy box price when there is no price found for "New" condition
added more available Amazon attributes to attribute mapping tool
added proper error message when trying to process an inventory report with localized column headers
fixed some issues processing feed results on amazon.fr (convert to utf8, translate error codes)
added option to apply lowest amazon price to WooCommerce - as regular price or sale price
show warning in import preview page when report is missing columns (localized column headers)
improved inventory check tool
added support for amazon.fr
added inventory check tools code from eBay version
improved category settings layout
added activity monitor in admin toolbar
fixed request signature error for ListOrders request
implemented caching layer for product variations and attributes for improved performance when generating feeds
building feeds: skip feed if a feed with the same template type has been generated in the same run
fetch orders from all allowed marketplaces for account by default
added "Baumarkt" feed template for amazon.de
fixed "leave empty" shortcode for sale price and other internally handled fields
added support for processing listing quality feeds
implemented class autoloader for increased performance
added option to automatically request and process a daily FBA inventory report
added button to manually trigger daily schedule on tools page
prevent listing product drafts when using the magnifier icon on the WooCommerce Products page
fixed issue with out of stock variations not showing up
fixed variation price in listings table when no variations are found
fixed error when PHP iconv extension is not installed
fixed possible issue loading new reports
improved shipping and tax information in created WooCommerce orders
added button to clear import queue
added Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report (request only)
indicate FBA orders on orders pages
reduce FBA quantity when processing FBA orders
fixed "not on eBay" and "not on Amazon" filters when used in combination on orders page
set package weight and dimensions when creating imported products in WooCommerce
added report processing options on import page - select whether to update stock and/or price for existing WooCommerce products
added custom meta field shortcode to available profile placeholders
added "no profile" option to profile selector - to remove accidentally applied profile from imported or matched items in bulk
added option to replace default payment method "Other" with custom label
show feed template version info on category settings page
added option to enable thumbnail column
added FBA filter to listing table
added VAT support by global options (ported from WPLE)
fixed calculating VAT for shipping cost
added support for processing / importing FBA inventory reports
fixed wrong counts in import preview
fixed submitting pending feeds
fixed search for SKU for deleted products - and improved search performance
fixed UFT8 characters in listing titles imported from report
regard custom Product ID Type in Listing Loader feeds
new import workflow - revamped report processing UI
added Import page and improved the Import by ASIN feature
added option to select default shipping provider when orders are completed in bulk
submit pending feeds after processing orders - avoid problems when product was changed and sold within the same update interval)
fixed missing new order admin emails for orders placed on Amazon
fixed resubmit bulk action - should only work on failed and submitted items
fixed bulk actions on listings page
prevent duplicate (matched) products being created when matching products to ASIN
prevent submitting the same feed twice
added advanced option to merge variation attributes
fixed custom amazon price for variations (if used via shortcode)
log feed generation performance data to file (in debug mode only)
added option to select pricing update expiry time (1-24 hours)
added option to disable WooCommerce New Account emails
fetch and use lowest price from amazon when importing foreign listings by ASIN
fetch missing ASINs for newly created products as scheduled background task automatically
fixed regular and sale prices and color coding of buy box price in listings table
fixed possible issues in background pricing update
added support for multiple CSV import plugins - mark updated products as changed
show regular and sale price in listings table - if sale price is set in WooCommerce
fetch and show lowest price when matching products
fixed view on amazon links for non-US sites on products and edit product page
fixed category selector if there are multiple recommended browse node fields in a template
added lowest price information to database and listings table (Buy Box)
implemented manual update of pricing info - process up to 20 ASINs at a time
automatically update pricing info for all online items (up to once per hour)
added "empty" shortcode to drop down selection in profile editor
apply wpla_filter_product_price filter to price shown in listing table
fixed "view" links on product matcher for non-US amazon sites
added ListingLoader to the available feed templates (beta)
added min / max price fields on edit product page
added empty shortcode for listing profiles
combined notification messages for changed, prepared and matched items
improved behavior of listing filters and search box - remember filters when editing profile and searching
re-enabled daily update check and notification
fixed broken quick edit on products page
added support for amazon.es
added custom amazon price field for single variations
added filter hooks wpla_filter_product_price and wpla_filter_sale_price
improved feed details - made SKUs clickable and hide empty columns by default
improved feed generation - combine changed, matched and prepared items in the same feed
ignore duplicate errors and warnings when processing feed results
use featured image of parent product if a single variation has no featured image
round product_weight to 2 decimals
added option to map WooCommerce variation attributes to standard Amazon attributes (Size / Color)
added option to choose whether to include or skip the first gallery image (was "skip" by default)
added advanced settings page and reordered options and tabs
added option to filter listings by profile
improved feed details view - added button to hide empty columns
added option to re-enable the imported products notice when dismissed
fixed variations with null values as variation attributes (sizes likes "0" and "000")
added support for importing existing variations - and match them to individual WooCommerce variations by SKU
fixed importing variable listings with only a single variation
improved error handling when creating imported products
added filter wpla_product_main_image_url
fixed creating variations in WooCommerce 2.2
added option to limit maximum feed size
added option to set feed encoding to ISO-8859-1
create ListingLoader feed instead of Price & Quantity feed for changed items (fix sale price and condition data not being updated)
added filter wpla_product_gallery_attachment_ids
fixed drop down selections in profile for enumerated fields like target_audience_keywords1..3
fixed issue when preparing a huge number of new listings at once
minor UI improvements (category settings and adding new profiles)
added filter wpla_available_shipping_providers to modify shipping services on order details page
fixed custom listing titles for variable products
fixed issue with variations using non-english attributes
show warning when sale start or end date are missing on variations
check for missing details not only on prepared items but on changed items as well
fixed issue with missing condition-type in Offer feeds (ListingLoader)
fixed php warning when search query returned no results
fixed updating orders for the last n days
fixed electronics browse tree guide for amazon.it
improved tooltips on edit profile page
improved log table - added filter options and display additional parameters
fixed profile item condition
log invalid variations to file instead of breaking the import process
fixed variation theme for amazon.it
translate common german attributes when generating feed (Size and Color)
fixed fatal error on listings table when WP-Lister for eBay is not installed
fixed orders containing multiple items
fixed tooltip display issue on Firefox
improved product matcher result when no matching product are found
added support for variations when importing products from Amazon
added support for matching single variations to existing Amazon products
added ASIN field for each variation on edit product page
added "On Amazon" and "Not on Amazon" product filters
hide missing fields warning when adding new product
indicate deleted products in listings table
fixed browse tree guides for UK and US
improved error handling and logging
added support for amazon.ca
added lighting category for amazon.de
added support for product level item condition type and notes
added action links to enable and disable account
fixed error handling when updating order details from amazon
fixed inventory sync when variations are purchased in WooCommerce
fixed missing product details warning on other post types
fixed missing product details warning for variable products
enable missing details warning by default
added bulk action to change profile for existing listings
improved amazon column on products page - prevent matching if product already exists
use new updater by default
prevent duplicates when preparing new listings by selecting a profile
show warning about missing product details on top of the edit product page
show submission result as icons (ok/error) on WooCommerce orders page
fixed ship-date timezone when using default time (current UTC time)
fixed a rare issue that could lead to duplicate feeds being generated
improved logging for orders from WooCommerce
added button to resubmit all failed items
round all prices to 2 decimals when creating feeds
fixed product_sku shortcode
fixed issue on PHP 5.2 (str_getcsv)
fixed variation-theme - use SizeColor instead of Color-Size
show warning if PHP is outdated
set update interal to 5 min by default on new installations
added BookLoader feed template for Amazon US and UK
added check for sale start and end date when sale price is set
added filters wpla_shipping_service_id_map and wpla_shipping_service_title_map to convert Amazon shipping methods to WooCommerce
merged order type column for eBay and Amazon
fixed problem with shipping address on amazon.de
added option to enable product details validation / check for missing fields when editing a product
limit product_description to 2000 characters
fixed sale_price issue
added price modifier options to profile details
added option to update price and quantity for existing WooCommerce products when processing reports
added option to create WordPress user accounts for customers
improved scheduled tasks notifications
improved handling of profiles with and without feed templates
added support for sale price start and end date
added admin toolbar options to view the current product on amazon or prepare a new listing
added admin toolbar option to match products on amazon - and improved matching process
added cronblast.com as an alternative to easycron.com
added proper error handling when matching products and the default account is invalid or missing
improved profile editor - replace BTG values instead of appending them
fix php warning "Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument" in encodeObject()
made more strings translatable
added localization support
added proper setup instructions for external cron jobs
show when cron schedule was last run in settings and orders page
fixed word wrap in task window
fixed update notification message
added bulk action to resubmit failed items
added support for clothing feeds on amazon.de
added option to bulk import products by ASIN
improved support for variable products
added basic support for listing variable products
added search box and status filter views on orders page
show errors from last feed submission on edit product page
show warning if sky, qty or price are missing when adding or updating products
check prepared products and show warning if SKU, price or qty are empty
improved profile editor for amazon.de and amazon.it
improved marking orders as shipped and added shipping time field defaulting to current UTC time
implemented file lock to prevent simultaneous update processes (race condition)
skip updating order feed when shipment date is empty
use regular price instead of sale price by default
limit length of custom product option fields
fixed "Invalid callback" issue when using Amazon SDK classes on wpengine servers
added option to select which product property should be used for matching on Amazon
added support for external cron jobs
added support for WP-Lister reseller add-on
added option to provide shipping carrier name on order details page
added option to select query string when matching products
fixed some more php 5.4 strict messages
added proper message when no profiles were found
improved handling API errors and empty results
only enqueue JobRunner.js on WPLA pages
fixed issues with special characters in image filenames and product description
fixed fatal error on WooCommerce 2.0 when sale price was used
fixed possible error when WP-Lister for eBay is not installed
fixed saving custom product description
fixed various php 5.4 strict messages
added check for duplicate listings by ASIN, SKU and product
added custom amazon description on edit product page
improved profile editor and check all required fields
improved error handling for order fulfillment feeds
fixed deleting profiles and added safety check whether profile is in use
fixed duplicating profiles
fix default 7am time for ship-date
added edit listing option
fixed issue with negative quantities when backorders are enabled
fixed issue matching product when product title has extra whitespace
fixed issue with bullet point 5
added selected categories for amazon.de and amazon.it
remove amazon specific meta data from duplicated products
fixed issue with wrong order total when multiple units are purchased
fixed WooCommerce order status issue - new orders were created as pending by default
replaced all remaining mysql functions with calls to wpdb methods
convert URLs to links in error messages
improved order details view
submit order fulfillment feeds automatically
improved order processing - skip pending orders and don't create cancelled orders in WooCommerce
implemented option to automatically mark completed orders as shipped
implemented bulk action to update selected orders from Amazon
improved orders page - show create order link if order has been deleted
improved feed search box
improved order processing - only fetch orders updated since the last update
improved order processing and implemented history records
improved order import and added option to select time frame
added tooltips on settings page
added options to disable order notification emails (enabled by default)
added option to edit ASIN on edit product page (use with care)
added amazon column and filter views to WooCommerce orders page
added order metabox to submit shipping status
implemented order fulfillment feed
implemented listing loader feed to upload matched products
fixed pending (matched) listings being marked as changed when product is updated
fixed issue with (pending) orders missing customer details
updated help page
added keyword fields on edit product page
added weight and dimension shortcodes and set them by default for new profiles
added option to select product attribute for template fields with allowed values
added support for additional product images in listing data feed
added option to define allowed HTML tags in product description
added search box to product matcher window
check cron schedule and reset if required
fixed UTF-8 characters in product description
added fields for bullet points on edit product page
log to database when wplister_inventory_status_changed event is triggered
fixed fatal error when trying to import products
fixed price and quantity update feed
various improvements on listing and updating new products
added option to dismiss imported products notice
added option to cancel submitted feeds
countless fixes and improvements - don't use any older version
added feed templates and categories for amazon.com and amazon.co.uk
implemented category settings to select which feed templates and browse tree guides to load
various smaller improvements
updated help page
added category selection in profile (Item Type)
added warning if product has no SKU
improved profiles - removed SKU and added default options for title and price
fixed issue with bulk actions on products page
fixed buyer name in created woocommerce orders (untested)
added listing profiles with feed template data editor
added profile option to select shortcodes and attributes
added prepare new products feature
added option to check feeds before submitting
parse feed template files (template, data definitions, valid values) and browse tree guides
added feed template files for Consumer Electronics and Jewelry
added browse tree guides for Electronics and Jewelry
added option to deactivate accounts
fixed issue processing reports
added tutorial / help page
check for existing products by SKU when importing
fixed product import when WP-Lister for eBay was not installed
support for WP-Lister Pro (sync inventory between eBay and Amazon)
first public beta with product import, inventory sync and order creation
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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

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