WooCommerce Store Credit v3.9.1 NULLED

WooCommerce Store Credit offers a Store Credit coupon that can be redeemed at checkout. Send credit to your customers to use on future purchases, or allow them to give the credit to someone.

Link Demo : https://woocommerce.com/products/store-credit/

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Increase your sales with WooCommerce Store Credit in store

Creating a loyal customer base who are true fans of what you do and will support you along the way is what keeps many store owners up at night. Being the first choice for a substantial group of customers is the ultimate goal of marketers and business owners, no matter if we’re talking about Amazon or your street florist.

Personalized coupons and gift cards are a good way to overcome customer mental resistance and get them to buy your product. Regardless of whether you focus on offering free shipping or great discounts, Store Credit coupons really work to increase your sales and WooCommerce Store Credit is a simple, effective way best to do it.

WooCommerce Store Credit
Gift credit to someone


Why use WooCommerce Store Credit?

  • Store Credit Coupons allow your customers to make multiple purchases until the credit runs out or the coupon expires.
  • It can be used as a cashback or personal compensation card in the event of a problem with your product or service.
  • Send unique Store Credit coupons to your customers via email.
  • Sell ​​Store Credit coupons to your customers to use or as gift cards.
  • Allow multiple purchases per coupon or limit coupon usage.
  • Coupons can be limited to specific products or product categories.
  • Optionally, a Store Credit coupon may also apply a discount on shipping costs.
  • Apply a pre- or post-tax coupon to adapt to your country or state’s regulations.
  • Allow your customers to apply store credit coupons in conjunction with other coupons or individually.
  • Coupon discounts are reflected in all elements of the order (items, taxes, shipping costs, etc.), not just the total order.
  • Integrates easily with external tools like ERP.
  • Customize email, coupon code format, etc

Matching gift cards and in-store WooCommerce Store Credits win your customers, one by one

Personalize your customer relationship with a unique coupon that can be used in your store. The simplest and most cost-effective way to create and manage Store Credit coupons so you can increase sales and build customer loyalty.

WooCommerce Store Credit
Send Store Credits to customers


Store Credit Coupons can be created by yourself or purchased by customers at your store for their own use or as a gift card.

Once your customer receives the credit, they can redeem it at checkout and get a discount on the total order.

WooCommerce Store Credit
Redeem credit at checkout

Use Case – Buy multiple times with one coupon

A $50 Store Credit coupon used at checkout for a $30 purchase will entitle a $20 purchase in the future or until the total value expires or runs out.

Customers can also purchase products of greater value than the store’s remaining credit and pay the difference at checkout.

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