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Xin nhấn vào quảng cáo để tác giả có phí để duy trì website ạ !!! Xin Cám ơn

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WordPress Automatic Plugin là  đăng bài từ hầu hết mọi trang web lên WordPress một cách tự động.

Nó có thể nhập từ các trang web phổ biến như Youtube và Twitter bằng cách sử dụng API của họ hoặc từ hầu hết bất kỳ trang web nào bạn chọn bằng cách sử dụng các mô-đun cạo của nó

wordpress automatic plugin null
wordpress automatic plugin null
Có thể bạn quan tâm :

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Các tính năng chính của  WordPress Automatic Plugin :

Auto post from RSS feeds to WordPress :

Thêm bất kỳ nguồn cấp RSS nào cho plugin để sao chép các bài đăng từ bất kỳ trang web nào. Nó có thể nhập nội dung đầy đủ, tác giả , thẻ, danh mục và đặt hình ảnh nổi bật.

Auto post from any web page to WordPress :

Trình quét một trang có thể nhập phần mong muốn từ bất kỳ URL. Nó sẽ tiếp tục theo dõi phần này và sao chép vào một bài mới hoặc cập nhật một bài hiện có nếu nó thay đổi.

Auto post from any website to WordPress :

Trình quét nhiều trang có thể nhập nhiều bài đăng từ bất kỳ trang mạng. Nó cũng hỗ trợ phân trang để bạn có thể nhập tất cả các bài đăng từ hầu hết các trang web.

Auto post Amazon products to WordPress:

Trình quét nhiều trang có thể nhập nhiều bài đăng từ bất kỳ trang mạng. Nó cũng hỗ trợ phân trang để bạn có thể nhập tất cả các bài đăng từ hầu hết các trang web.

Auto post eBay products to WordPress:

Tự động nhập từ eBay theo từ khóa hoặc theo người bán .Hỗ trợ WooCommerce đầy đủ với thư viện sản phẩm và giá cả Các liên kết liên kết được đặt tự động

Auto post Walmart products to WordPress:

Tự động nhập từ Walmart theo từ khóa .Hỗ trợ WooCommerce đầy đủ với thư viện sản phẩm và giá cả Các liên kết liên kết được đặt tự động

Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress

Tự động nhập từ ClickBank theo từ khóa. Mô tả sản phẩm được nhập từ nguồn sản phẩm. Các liên kết liên kết được đặt tự động

Auto post from Envato to WordPress

Nhập từ các thị trường Envato như CC & ThemeForest. Nhập theo từ khóa, thẻ, danh mục hoặc người bán cụ thể .Các liên kết liên kết được đặt tự động

Auto post Craigslist listings to WordPress

Nhập danh sách từ Craigslist. Chỉ cần thêm bất kỳ URL CL nào và Plugin sẽ tự động nhập tất cả các danh sách từ nó và tự động xuất bản lên WordPress của bạn.

Auto post from CareerJet to WordPress

Nhập công việc từ CareerJet theo từ khóa và tùy chọn một vị trí cụ thể với tùy chọn lọc theo khoảng thời gian và cũng có thể lọc theo loại hợp đồng.

Auto post from Facebook to WordPress

Tự động đăng từ Facebook lên WordPress .Tự động nhập từ trang Facebook, hồ sơ cá nhân , nhóm mở hoặc nhóm đóng. theo dõi và nhập bất kỳ bài đăng mới nào Các tùy chọn lọc mở rộng để lọc theo loại, ngày tháng và hơn thế nữa.

Auto post from Twitter to WordPress

Auto post from Instagram to WordPress

Auto post from Pinterest to WordPress

Auto post from Reddit to WordPress

Auto post Flickr images to WordPress

Auto post Youtube videos to WordPress

Auto post Vimeo videos to WordPress

Auto post DailyMotion videos to WordPress

Auto post SoundCloud sounds to WordPress

Auto post from Itunes to WordPress

Auto post Ezine articles to WordPress

Auto post Spintax to WordPress

WordPress Automatic Plugin Changelog :

@22 June 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.50.0
NEW: Multi-page scraper can now post from a list of posts URLs
NEW: Option Add posts with its original time for multi-page scraper
NEW: Careerjet new tag [source_site_name]
Fix: Google translate back to work
Fix: Facebook now imports up to 4 images again from the post
Fix: Reddit imgur and gfycat gifs/videos now get embeded 
Fix: Feeds Single quotes now get replaced by double quotes 
Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper relative path correction for images now works better
Fix: Instagram now imports all images if cached is enabled as well
Fix: Envato affiliate URL now get correctly set for Woo products
Fix: Careerjet now can grab the full description 
Fix: Youtube original tags extraction now back to work
Fix: Youtube published after specific date now back to work

@14 May 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.49.0 
NEW: Multi-page scraper next page URL fixed pattern support[page_number]
NEW: Keyword to tag option can now check title only, content only or both
NEW: Youtube now uses playlistitems API endpoint when posting from a specific channel that reduces used quota from 100 to 3 per call 
NEW: Youtube videos to videopro theme now have a duration
NEW: Feeds module can now import from RSS feeds that do not contain a link tag
NEW: Button on the campaign page to reactivate all keywords at once
Fix: Microsoft translate now back to work + tutorial updated to latest UI
Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper lazy loading now fixes images with single quotes on src attributes
Fix: Amazon import without API key algorithm enhancement to bypass block
Fix: Facebook event description now get imported after recent FB changes

@1 May 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.48.0 
NEW: content template tag [title_words_as_hashtags]
Fix: Amazon import without an API key algoritm updated to bypass blockage
Fix: Instagram cached images now have a correct name if generated from title
Fix: Google translation from japanese corrected when containing a bracket
Fix: Envato post original item tags as tags now works for WooCommerce products
Fix: Strip links option now does not affect aside tags 
Fix: Featured image from post content now supports images with single quotes
Fix: Strip original links from the imported content now more accurate
Fix: Some UI fixes

@19 April 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.47.1
Fix: Reddit module back to work

@16 April 2020 v3.47.0
NEW: Reddit option to set the author from the original reddit author
NEW: Multi-Page scraper search and replace option on extracted links 
NEW: Yandex translate auto-detect method added
NEW: Add no-follow attribute to links option
NEW: Ezinearticles new option to limit search to last years/months
Improved: keyword to tag and keyword to category options now can check multiple keywords
Improved: Amazon scraping algorithm enhancement
Improved: Search and replace/Strip using REGEX options now apply to rules tags
Fix: Add the images to the media library as well now works
Fix: FB suspecious activity now removes the added session
Fix: Multi-page/Feeds visual selector page freeze when selecting the links now fixed
Fix: Instagram [img_src] attribute on multiple images HTML option now returns local URL
Fix: Multi-Page scraper now can import from login protected websites using cookies option
Fix: Users on Hetzner hosting was getting 404 error when publishing a campaign, now sorted

@30 January 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.12
Fix: SoundCloud back to work after recent changes from SC 
Fix: Amazon gallery now compatible with lazy loading plugins
Fix: Facebook comments back to work after recent changes from FB

@8 January 2020 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.11
NEW: Instagram option to remove hashtags from post content
Fix: Multi-page scraper now corrects relative links when custom base url is set
Fix: Amazon asked for capacha fix

@29 December 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.10
Fix: SoundCloud back to work

@26 December 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.9
Fix: Caching images back to work

@25 December 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.8
NEW: eBay campaign now accepts up to 3 categories
NEW: CareerJet option to get the full job description 
NEW: Facebook option to only post owner posts when posting from a profile
Fix: Amazon woo prices for now get saved correctly
Fix: Youtube comments URLs & profile images back to work
Fix: Skip posts lower than a specific length now more accurate 
Fix: Translation twice if title contains quotes now work + tags translation
Fix: Translation now correctly protect shortcodes
Fix: Facebook profile tagged posts now have a correct link and correct images sizes
Fix: Facebook new tag original_date_timestamp added
Fix: Facebook tag place_phone now returns the phone if starts with +
Fix: Twitter now embed Tweets with GIFs
Fix: Now back to work with Google news RSS feeds

@12 November 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.7
Fix: Pinterest module back to work after recent changes

@3 November WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.6
NEW: Amazon module now imports book description beside editorial review 
NEW: Feeds/Multi-page scraper can now grab and save the price as woo product price
Fix: UI fixes for chrome new version
Fix: Lazy loading auto-detect algorithm imporved
Fix: og:image short form // now works as a featured image
Fix: eBay ships_to tag now does not contain | 
Fix: Walmart woo external affiliate product now get added with correct link

@11 October WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.5
NEW: Skip posts if content legnth below a specific number option for all campaign types
NEW: Feed/multi-page scraper lazy loading automatic fix added
NEW: eBay new tags [item_seller_username] , [item_location] , [item_ships_to] , [item_condition] , [item_return_policy] & more
Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper Youtube format containing parameters fix
Fix: Youtube comments posting when having multiple API keys back to work
Improved: Featured images URLs now get IRI encoded before loading the

@2 October WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.4
Improved: Feeds/Multi-page scraper Youtube embeded videos now get changed to WordPress format 
Fix: Feeds/Multi-page Strip parts using Class/ID now works correctly
Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper srcset attribute relative images now get converted to full
Fix: Youtube video duration format fix hours:minutes:seconds

@1 October WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.3
NEW: Feed/Multi-page Scraper new tag source_url_encoded
Improved: Amazon importing without API major improvements and algorithm update 
Improved: Image name from title now removes imojis
Fix: custom extraction to tags now can extract multiple tags/categories
Fix: seaprator in saved pin descriptions now display correctly
Fix: Feed/Multi-page scraper extraction/removal by class now work for PHP 7.3

@20 September WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.2
Fix: Feed convert encoding now back to work 
Fix: Amazon post without PA keys now work
Fix: Amazon address simulation option now work correctly
Improved: Amazon can now extract prices from eBooks and more
Improved: Amazon search now exclude zero priced items
Improved: UI now retain correct metabox order

@10 September WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.1
Fix: Facebook session not valid error now fixed
Fix: Facebook posts with images now get imported correctly

@31 August 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.0 
NEW: Amazon now can import without the need of PA API keys
NEW: Youtube multiple API keys support to get rid of daily limits
NEW: Feeds new tag [source_domain] 
NEW: Instagram new tag for video embed + new option to not add embed to description
NEW: option to skip fixed chosen categories if keyword to category option has matches
NEW: option to check at title only when skipping by keyword
NEW: Possibility to set Woo-Commerce gallery from custom extraction
Fix: update tables issue sorted
Fix: Skip posts older than a specific date now works for Youtube Playlists videos
Fix: Multi-page scraper original categories/tags/author now load single posts using visual selector
Fix: Walmart updated publisher ID from LinkShare to ImpactRadius
Fix: Title words as tags now work when strip image from content is enabled
Fix: Facebook group posts links now work on mobile as well
Fix: Facebook pagination for personal profiles back to work
Fix: original category extraction by class now works
Fix: Custom fields containing astrisks now correctly get saved
Improved: lack of php-xml module existence message
Improved: Feeds/multi-page scraper can now extract multiple parts in the same rule

WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.45.1
NEW: Yandex translate support
NEW: Feeds/Multi-page scraper extraction to custom taxonomy support
NEW: option to disable Newspaper theme integration for videos 
NEW: Facebook option to auto-generate title for shared links
Fix: Facebook share count and likes count back to work
Fix: Facebook posts with a background now get imported
Improved: Feeds/Scraper missing FB embed JS now get added for correct embeds
Improved: Translation now protects pre and code tags
Fix: Automatically created authors for posts now have the contributor role for Gutenberg
Fix: Some empty pages using the visual selector now display
Fix: Reddit gyfcat embeds back to work
Fix: Instagram comments back to work after Iinstagram changes

@4 May 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.44.0
NEW: option to add woo product as a simple product
NEW: Youtube option to add title tag to embed code
Improved: Reddit gfycat better higher quality mp4 video embeds
Improved: Multi-Page scraper next page extraction by REGEX now supports meta format
Improved: Specific part extraction to custom field can now be used in post content
Improved: Minimum MySQL version check added
Fix: Vimeo no new content fix 
Fix: FB shared posts full content now get imported
Fix: If active, proxies are now used with multi-page scraper 
Fix: FB comments now back to work after a change from FB side
Fix: titleonly in search and replace now work on set rule only
Fix: original title from og:title option now function correctly

@20 March 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.43.1
NEW: tag for feeds named [redirect_url] to return the redirection URL of the post
NEW: Feed extract original category now can be extracted using ID/Class
Fix: Youtube campaign now send the correct domain refer in requests
Fix: Multi-page scraper now correct short links
Fix: Visual scraper now returns the full URL of relative links
Fix: Translating content between square brackets now works
Fix: Show IP link in the plugin settings page for proxy settings now is correct
Fix: [vid_url], [vid_id] tags for FB now work
Fix: FB likes_count now returns the correct numeric value if contains commas
Instagram: hastags as WP tags now work correctly when a video is posted

@11 February 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.43.0
NEW: Integration with Featured image from URL plugin instead of Nelio for external featured images
NEW: Search and replace new separator between the search & replace
NEW: Protected terms from translation option
NEW: Facebook comment image support
NEW: Facebook events new tags for email, phone, interested count and going count
NEW: Facebook new option to remove "Watch" and "Watch video" from imported videos
NEW: Canonicalization option now supports Yoast SEO
NEW: Single page scraper new options to strip unwanted content
Improved: Facebook now imports mixed posts with videos/images
Improved: Facebook module now imports album posts from the timeline
Improved: Facebook pagination algorithm updated to cope with new changes
Improved: Feeds module now skip SSL verification problems
Fix: Facebook disable cache then enable it back now returns to first page
Fix: Facebook event description now get extracted correctly
Fix: Facebook commenter name now correct for non-latin
Fix: Featured images with spaces in the file name now get converted to dashes

@5 January 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.42.1
Fix: sorted a recent issue in the latest version that affected the multi-page scraper and feeds module

@3 January 2019 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.42.0
NEW: Keyword to category new option to check the title
NEW: Keyword to category new option not to check the content 
Fix: formated_date shortcode in content when other shortcode exists now works
Fix: Craigslist price now gets extracted even if not the last part of the title
Fix: keyword tag now works for custom fields
Fix: Youtube original tags as WP tags back to work
Improved: Download images to the server now replaces accented chars from file names

@1 December 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.41.0
New: Featured image new option to set the post status to pending if a featured image was not set
New: eBay new option to set item images as WooCommerce gallery
Fix: New user addition now works for non-latin usernames
Fix: Content extraction by class, XPath now fixed gibresh charachters
Fix: Specific extraction to tags now does not concat multiple extractions
Fix: Facebook changed something that made the plugin not able to get the featured imge, now sorted
Fix: Feeds extraction by XPath now extracts the correct charset for correct non-latin title extraction
Improved: Cached and thumbnails without extention now get saved with an extention

@19 October 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.40.0
NEW: [Beta] multi-page scraper to import from any website without the need to RSS feeds
NEW: FB comments new option to hide commenter pic
Essential FB fix: a new minor FB change stopped the plugin from importing, now sorted

@6 October 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.39.3
NEW: Instagram new tag for video views got added
Fix: Instagram unexpected page content error sorted
Fix: Pinterest now paginates correctly coping with Pinterest random failure to return correct data
Fix: Now Pinterest returns the correct title from Rich pins
Improved: FB videos now display unmuted and a new option to mute them got added
Improved: content type verification for featured images now more smarter not to skip false positives

@18September 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.39.2
Important Note: If you are updating from an older version, activating this version will take long time so be patient as it includes database tables refactoring
Improved: performance optimized so it is now more lighter & smarter
Fix: Facebook pagination back to work 
Fix: FB for sale posts now get imported correctly
Fix: Make permalinks link to the source now works with almost all themes
Fix: from_id from closed groups now returns the correct id

@6 September 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.39.1
Fix:Facebook module essential code fixes
New: Facebook events new tags added [end_time_timestamp] , [start_time_timestamp] 
New: WordPress comments now get added as bbPress replies if bbPress was used
Improved: formated_date tag now works on custom fields as well 
Improved: Items from Envato can now get posts as Woo products

@17 August 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.39.0
New: Facebook module updated and now imports from pages, groups and personal profiles
New: Translate option new languages added like Urdu,Chinese and more
New: Titlte truncation new option to skip "..." addition to the generated title
New: Title truncation new option to remove last truncated word
Improved: Feed chang encoding now gets applied before content extraction
Improved: Translate option now translates images title tag
Fix: No author comment URL now works with Youtube module
Fix: Feed excluding links with html encoded chars was causing a loop
Fix: Code updated to cope with recent WPML changes that caused the posted posts using the internal cron to disappear
Fix: Youtube comments avatar quality increased
Fix: Twitter tags as WordPress tags now functions correctly when cache is enabled

@22 June 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.38.3
Update: FB module updates

@17 June 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.38.2
Improved: Translation module algorithm updates
Fix:EzineArticles module now back to work after a recent Google custom search update
Fix:Exact match skip option now trims the set rules
Fix:Amazon products with too many images now uses the correct featured image URL

@30 May 2018 WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.38.1
Fix:EzineArticles module now back to work after a recent Google custom search update
Fix:Featured image from the og:image contining no domain now gets corrected

@19 May 2018 v3.38.0
Improved: ClickBank thumbnail source changed to a more reliable one
Improved: YT posting from a specific playlist now returns original video author info instead of PL author
Improved: EzineArticles now uses Google custom search instead of DuckDuckGo
Improved: EzineArticles search improved to exclude useless results
Fix: Twitter external image from links and links containing twitter in URL now works
New: Youtube tag [vid_title]

@14 April 2018 v3.37.4
Fix: Instagram back to work after a recent change from Instagram side. Now a session cookie is needed at the plugin settings page
Improved: Twitter shared links now has a featured image
Fix:[rule_{ruleNumber}_plain] tag now returns the correct value

@8 April 2018 v3.37.3
Fix: Instagram back to work after a recent change from Instagram side
Improvement: Envato post template updated to contain two buttons buy & demo
NEW: option to set the used keyword to fetch the item as a tag
NEW: custom field tag to add a random number to a field
NEW: Tag to generate a random number between two values
NEW: Spintax new option to replace similar sets with the same replacement
NEW: Facebook new tag for event description 
NEW: Featured image new tag for custom fields
Fix: Title from og:title with single quote now returns the full title
Fix: Image name from the title with emoji now works 
Fix: Itunes affiliate ID now get added to audiobooks and other types

@26 March 2018 v3.37.2
Fix: Instagram module is back to work after recent changes from Instagram side

@21 March 2018 v3.37.1
New: WPML translations now get automatically connected
New: Youtube new tag [vid_tags]
New: Instagram new option to reverse posting order
Fix: Instagram videos now work
Fix: Amazon now returns the listed offer price instead of the lowest
Fix: Facebook videos shared from another page now returns the video title instead of page name
Fix: Clickbank back to work after a recent change from ClickBank side
Improvment: Performance optimization
Improvment: Proxies option tutorial updated
Improvment: Twitter module now imports whole tweet images & RTs images.

@4 Feb 2018 v3.37.0
New: CareerJet support. Plugin can now import jobs from CareerJet
New: Facebook campaigns can now post events and return timing, place and map.
New: Facebook new option to set language localization
New: Facebook new option to strip the first line after setting it as a title
New: Featured image do not validate content type option
Fix:Instagram extraction by author now back to work after recent IG change
Fix:Feed extraction by class now more accurate
Fix:Feed lazyloading fix now fixes images that are in multiple lines
Fix:Facebook new album now returns all images
Fix:TheBestSpinner protected terms now work again
Fix:Keyword to category now checks the final content
Fix:Special chars in tags from FB og:title 
Fix:Contributers now available for author selection
Fix:Reddit hosted gifs now get embeded

@3 December 2017 v3.36.0
NEW: Single scraper new option for setting cookies
NEW: Instagram new option to loop videos
NEW: Facebook comments now displays the commenter avatar
NEW: Youtube tags translation support
NEW: Feeds option to set meta tags as WordPress tags
NEW: Feeds option to skip by exact string match
NEW: Exact match new option to all words
Fix: Feeds visual selector window fix on FireFox browser
Fix: Instagram images now back to work for new campaigns
Fix: Instagram videos only and images only now works more efficiently 
Fix: Feeds extraction using visual selector encoding sorted
Fix: License activation improved for blocked connections
Fix: EzineArticles first article after Ezine scraping now works
Fix: Visual selector improvements
Improvement: download images to the server now validates the image content

@6 November 2017 v3.35.1
Fix: On campaign publish error sorted

@4 November 2017 v3.35.0
NEW: Automatic updates for future versions of the plugin
New: Youtube new option to set the channel author as WordPress author
fix: Feeds multiple extractions for same ID/Class stopped working now sorted
fix: Twitter pagination now works on 32-bit servers

@25 October 2017 v3.34.0
NEW: Visual selector for feed content, tags, author
NEW: Unlimited rules to extract by ID/Class/REGEX for content,removing unwanted parts
Improvement: Translation algorithm minor changes
fix: full content method now makes Facebook videos playable
fix: Single scraper auto detect method for content now works
fix: Strip links option now does not strip links from twitter embeded tweets

@9 October 2017 v3.33.0
new - new module named "Single Scraper" to extract parts from a specific page 
Improvement: Feed lazy loading option now accepts custom attributes names
Improvement: Feeds original content now follows meta="refresh" redirects 
Improvement: Amazon products prices updates now more faster
new - Amazon temlate updated to contain the last time the price was upated and amazon disclaimer
new - Facebook vid_embed tag for videos
new - Facebook new option to set hashtags as WordPress tags
new - Youtube option to post videos by IDs
fix - note type filter added 
fix - Feeds when no og:image exists and the og:image option is active now set a featured image from the content 
fix - Feeds option to clean cURL encoding now works with all extraction methods
fix - Twitter posting from a specific user now lists all tweets including shared via APPs tweets
fix - Translation failed when auto detect is the same as the destination sorted
fix - Youtube tags as WordPress tags now back to work
fix - Spintax module now replaces each set separately

@14 August 2017 v3.32.0
new - Facebook new option to post posts the page is tagged in and visitor posts
new - Instagram option to post all images if the post contains more than a single one
new feature - Facebook & Instagram embeded videos auto play
improvement - Facebook event cover pic is now returned instead of the smaller image
Improvement - Post types for category selection shows only public types
new feature - Instagram remove mentions from title option
new feature - Amazon new tag for item author and another for the brand 
new feature - grab alt text for featured image
new - Craiglsist tag item_price
new - Feeds specific extraction to custom field now saves to tags or excerpt
fix - youtube featured image was not set when a random http error happens, now sorted.
fix - Twitter links structure updated to work on mobile phones as well
fix - Facebook older than 100 posts option now works with the latest FB API version

@26 June 2017 v3.31.0
NEW: bbPress support so now posts can be posted as topics with an option to set the forum
NEW: Feeds option to skip stripping srcset attributes from images
Fix:Microsoft translator now works again
Fix:Emojis now get encoded to hex for non utf8mp4 encoded tables 
Fix:Feed fetch full content twitter embeds missing script now get added
Fix:Amazon scraper now deactivate the keyword if no more items exists at the last available page
Fix:Default category now get removed if original categories will be set
Fix:EzineArticles ad was completely removed
Fix:Amazon iframe width when using thebestspinner now sorted
Fix:Facebook links small image now gets replaced by the largest image
Improved: eBay module now paginates the search results up to 100 pages

@22 APRIL 2017 v3.30.0
NEW:Walmart option to set product images as woo-commerce gallery
NEW:Post status "Private" now is available 
NEW:Youtube new option to auto hyperlink links at the description
NEW:Feed new option to get the og:image title
NEW:Option for universal banned words that applies to all campaigns
Fix:Facebook access token generation now sorted after a recent FB change
Fix:Instagram module rewritten to cope with new changes from Instagram like videos and comments
Fix:Instagram tags like username now works in title template
Fix:Feeds publish date now consider the blog timezone
Fix:Feeds now works with proxies
Fix:Feeds decode entities now consider single and double quotes 
Fix:Google translate now works if open_basedir is set
Fix:Banned words option now works even if exact words option is not active

@20 March 2017 v3.29.0
NEW:Walmart support so now you can import from Walmart to Wordpress 
NEW:Amazon new tag [price_with_discount_fixed]
NEW:Vimeo new option to post from a specific album
NEW:Option to skip numeric tags from title
NEW:Feeds new option to fix lazy image loading
Fix:Instagram module updated to cope with new Instagram changes
Fix:Feeds now support proxies 
Fix:Amazon lowest price now returns the correct price prices now fixed and also posting by ASIN
Fix:Youtube must exist keywords and banned keywords now get considered

@28 February 2017 v3.28.0 
NEW:Reddit support so now you can post from Reddit by subReddit url
NEW:Amazon module now can scrape all items from amazon for a specific search
NEW:Amazon module now posts all product images as a gallery
NEW:Amazon Prices are now displayed with list price and discounted price format
NEW:Amazon module now can automatically update prices daily
NEW:Amazon default post template got a facelift
NEW:Post from Amazon using an ASINs list. just paste a list of ASINs in the keywords field
NEW:Facebook videos integration for TrueMag/VideoPro themes 
NEW:Feeds strip html tags option
NEW:Feeds new option to only post items if a string exists
NEW:Instagram new option to post popular items from a hashtag
NEW:Keywords field now accepts keywords at one keyword per line format
Fix:Twitter embed as cards option and featured image option now work together 
Fix:Facebook shared post with a shared link now gets the original shared link title
Fix:DailyMotion featured image option now works
Fix:Craigslist image now works after a Craigslist change
Fix: SoundCloud working new api key added.

@24 January 2017 v3.27.0
NEW:DailyMotion Integration so now you can post from DailyMotion by keyword, user or playlist
NEW:PHP 7 compatibility
NEW:Twitter option to post hashtags as wordpress tags
NEW:Twitter option to embed videos
NEW:Flicker tags for high resolution images 
Fix:Instagram and Twitter now consider timezone for dates 
Fix:Feeds ' chars now get fixed at sites using it. 
Fix:Feeds content extracted now does not contain srcset tags
Fix:Generate names from post title for clickbank was not working now fixed
Fix:Amazon items with price variations now returns the lowest price previously was displaying free
Fix:SoundCloud search by tag option was setting a license filter, now sorted
Fix:[nospin] tags now does not get removed if the spin option is not enabled 
Fix:Youtube skip the video if specific minutes passed now works
Fix:Instagram posting from a specific user sometimes was not able to get the numeric ID, now sorted.

@20 December 2016 v3.26.2
Fix: Caching images option and generating names from title for images was causing a problem when title was not latin-chars and img url is latin now sorted.
Fix: Security concern.

@10 December 2016 v3.26.1
Fix: Translation using Google translate stopped setting a featured image and caching images now sorted.
Fix: Notice at the front-end appears now sorted.

@6 December 2016 v3.26.0
Improved: ClickBank module rewritten with new much better post template for new campaigns
NEW: Clickbank option to fetch description from original sales page
NEW: eBay option to set short description for woo-commerce product
NEW: eBay option to set the buy now button text at woo-commerce
NEW: Youtube new option to disable youtube logo at embeds
NEW: Facebook custom user access token are now allowed to be
NEW: Facebook new option to post old posts
NEW: Facebook new option to generate title from before line breaks
NEW: Facebook new option to disable adding "..." at end of generated titles
NEW: Feeds new feature to set featured image title at media library from post title
NEW: Feeds new option to disable getting the title from the original page title and use it from the feed
Fix: Feeds fetch full content method no more skips iframes 
Fix: Facebook if skip posts older than a specific date is active. older posts will not got checked
Fix: Facebook sometimes didn't return description for image now sorted.
Fix: Translation using Microsoft translator was sometimes failing for large content that is not originally in English now fixed 
Fix: Translation using Google completely rewritten to accept large articles and cope with new Google changes 
Fix: Excluded links were not correctly excluded for some cases where the url in feed is not the effective url now fixed
Fix: ClickBank thumbnails for sites starting with https was not working.. now fixed 
Fix: options page on some servers with mod_security active refused to save adsense code. now sorted.

@7 November 2016 v3.25.0
NEW: Facebook now posts more than 100 posts
NEW: New option that makes the plugin post urls that was already posted (under wpml option)
NEW: Twitter two new option to skip retweets and replies
Fix: Important security fix
Fix: Twitter now displays image of the tweet for long truncated tweets
Fix: Facebook events posts now has the event title as wordpress post title
Fix: Translation now translates images alt text as well
Fix: Amazon region now get saved correctly
Fix: Envato more than 60 pages returned now deactivates keyword (Envato limits number of returned items to 1800)
Fix: SoundCloud no image sounds now uses the item user image as the featured image
Fix: Name cached images with post title now strips special chars
Fix: Fetch full content now returns the original title instead of the in-feed title
Improved: Campaigns page now displays part of feeds if there are a long list added

@26 September 2016 v3.24.0
NEW: Envato support so now we can post from Envato marketplaces including ThemeForest,CodeCanyon,AudioJungle and all markets
NEW: new option to only post tiems if keywords exists on Title only
Fix: bug with excluded links caused the plugin to loop at some cases. now fixed
Fix: Youtube import from playlists now skips private videos

@19 September 2016 v3.23.1
NEW: Title words as tags option
NEW: Support for videopro theme from cactus-themes so now videos from youtube/vimeo/instagram displays out of the box.
NEW: Youtube new tag [vid_date]
NEW: Set the post as draft then publish for social posters that works on publish and grab the image
NEW: Feeds custom attributes support so now we can import data from any item attribute at the feed xml
NEW: soundCloud new tag [item_download_url]
Fix: Google translator got updated to work again after recent Google changes
Fix: Plugin now works with latest version of newstube theme
Fix: actually remove the featured image option was causing embeds to disappear and cancelling spinning now fixed
Fix: Microsoft translator extra commas with some languages now fixed
Improved: EzineArticles now can work at servers with ip blocked from startpage
Improved: Feed campaign now can find feed automatically from main sites urls
Improved: Now plugin auto remove google ads from feeds content
Improved: fetch full content now supports soundcloud embeds
Improved: tags extraction from feeds can now identify spans and strip

@19 July 2016 v3.23.0
NEW: Itunes support so now we can post apps,music, ebooks and more from Itunes
NEW: Search and replace can now be applied to only titles
NEW: option to disable posting urls for comments author
NEW: option to disable deactivating keywords for an hour if there is no new items at the source
NEW: new facebook tags added for campaign template. [image_src] and [external_url]
Improved: Categories now get displayed in hierarchical layout
Fix: Clickbank module now back to work after recent changes from Clickbank 
Fix: Google news feeds and Google alerts feeds are now compatible with feeds module
Fix: Canonical tag now gets added only when the option to set it is activated.
Fix: Instagram tags as wordpress tags now works normally
Fix: Youutbe non valid next page now get removed.

@10 June 2016 v3.22.1
Important: Instagram now works again after 1 June instagram update with same behaviour as before.
NEW: keyword to Category option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the plugin will set the post to the matching category
NEW: keyword to tag option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the pluginw will tag the post 
NEW: option to post the item if it matchs a specific regex only
NEW: option to skip the item if it matchs a specific regex 
NEW: instagram new option to skip video posts/images posts
NEW: Flicker now support posting from photo albums 
NEW: TrueMag/NewsTube theme integration with instagram videos
NEW: search/replace using REGEX now has the option to word replace and replace shuffle
NEW: ebay additional parameters option added
NEW: SoundCloud new option to skip posts older than a specific date
NEW: option to delete all posted posts for a specific campaign
NEW: option to forget excuded links
Improved: Feeds campaign completely rewritten to be more lighter on servers.
Fix: instagram disable cache now works
Fix: simple_html_dom namespaeced not to conflict with other plugins/themes
Fix: youtube original date now consider blog timezone
Fix: youtube original date when posting from playlists now post correct video created date
Fix: translation for FB and some sources was not working now it works
Fix: maximum of three feeds now get processed per campaign run
Fix: Feeds decode html now decodes the title as well
Fix: Feeds now support feed, previously the images were not displayed and the og:image was not extracted

@24 Mar 2016 v3.22.0
NEW: Now the plugin can post Craigslist to wordpress 
Fix: EzineArticles module rewritten to work for all users
NEW: Twitter new tag item_original_link 
NEW: Search and replace option for all campaign types
NEW: option to strip textual content from FB posts
NEW: option to never post same link again
NEW: New Facebook option to post images without linking to it.
Fix: added link as a possible post type to FB posts filter by type. 
Fix: Microsoft second translation didn't work now fixed. 
Fix: optoin don't spin the title now works with all campaign types also spintax in title
Improved: Cron now process a single campaign only for better resources usage

@10 Feb 2016 v3.21.0
New: module added so now you can post from
New: Twitter new item_embed tag 
Fix: option skip posts with no image now record links with no images not to be checked again
Fix: option skip posts with no image now don't skip posts with og:image and no images in content
Fix: Fatal error when extracting content using REGEX 
Fix: Keyword suggest feature now works with https

@25 January 2016 v3.20.1
Fix: Internal cron job stopped working at v3.20 now working again
Fix: Spintax now get applied only if the post contains spintax tags

@24 January 2016 v3.20.0
NEW: Instagram item_embed tag to embed instagram items directly to wordpress
NEW: Facebook post_embed tag to embed posts from facebook
NEW: Feeds option to set a specific part to a custom field
NEW: Translation option to set failed translation posts status to pending
Improved: code optimized to increase speed and lower load
Fix: Articles module rewritten to work again 
Fix: Exact match/banned word bug fix
Fix: Youtube videos older than a specific date for playlists now get skipped 
Fix: Feed fetch full content video fix
Fix: Feed charachter encoding fix
Fix: eBay extract full details now consider language of the localized site
Fix: eBay full image sometimes returns no images if there is no maximum resulution image now fixed

@11 January 2016 v3.19.1
NEW: option for must be in the content and must not be in content filters to be processed on the final content 
Fix: Articles module updated to work with recent souce changes
Fix: Articles module now works when curl followlocation disabled
Fix: Fetch full content for utf-8 encoded texts were sometimes skiping special chars now fixed
Fix: Social Network Auto Poster workaround added

@3 January 2016 v3.19.0
NEW: Facebook campaign can now post specific type of posts, videos,images,etc
NEW: Google Translate integrated again 
NEW: Feeds generate image name from title now supports non latin chars
NEW: Twitter new option to remove RT from post title 
Fix: Limit title to specific number of chars option now does not add ... if original title is below limit 
Fix: Translation module rewritten fixing translation failed issue for long posts
Fix: W3 cached rss feeds was not loaded correctly to post from, Now fixed
Fix: ClickBank posting for centOS 
Improved:Posted youtube comments as comments count now random from 20-50
Improved:Posted SoundCloud comments as comments count now random from 20-30

@22 December 2015 v3.18.0
NEW: Microsoft translator integrated for translation
Fix: Articles module rewritten to work again after source changes
NEW: NewsPaper wordpress theme integration for youtube and vimeo
NEW: Feeds search and replace option to appply to titles also
Fix: all src urls now get fixed not only images i.e src="/"
Fix: Date displayed for last run and any date displayed now consider local time

@10 december 2015 v3.17.0
NEW: Facebook module can now posts from Groups
NEW: Facebook module can now post comments from
NEW: Facebook module Now accepts the numeric page id direclty instead of page url
NEW: Facebook module new tags like from_name,from_id ,etc
NEW: Facebook cache option 
NEW: Facebook skip posts if older than a specific date
NEW: Tags custom taxonomy support 
NEW: instagram option to skip posts older than a specific date
NEW: eBay campaigns Now posts the heigh resolution images
NEW: eBay description iframe height option
NEW: Feeds new option to convert extracted content encoding from a specific encoding to utf-8
NEW: Amazon now supports Amazon BR,MX
Fix: RTL Layout now displays fine
Fix: [keyword] tag was not working in title template now fixed.
Fix: FB small images now get replaced by largest versions.
Fix: Images displayed inline using its base46 encoding now support in width check, caching and thumbnail setting
Fix: Cache images locally improved
Fix: bug when first image was skipped if it's width was lower than the set width

@27 October 2015 v3.16.0
NEW: SoundCloud support so now you can post from soundcloud to wordpress by keyword,user or playlist
NEW: new instagram option to display the vids above content by default at the bottom
NEW: ebay end date now can be shown in a human redable format like 1 week, days or hours
NEW: Feeds new option to skip including the enclosure image from the feed to the post content
NEW: New Feeds option to clear cURL encoding when loading the original post for extracting the content.
NEW: new twitter tags added for author profile image and background image
NEW: Deeper TruMag/NewsTube theme integration so now vid views/likes/dislikes get viewed at the display.
NEW: New Facebook option to hide posts with no images

Fix: Pinterest user or board option was getting reset to user now fixed
Fix: very long keywords was giving no links found message now fixed
Fix: eBay description iframe height was set to 10000 now lowered
Fix: eBay now consider the blog timezone previously dates was utc dates
Fix: instagram title now does not contain
Fix: Youtube comments now using the official api
Fix: now posted box only contains latest 10 posted posts with a button to load more.
Fix: translation sometimes generates a square tags including like this [19459million] now fixed and fixed for russian language
Fix: Amazon add to chart option was always using now fixed.
Fix: Limit of posts to post increased to 1 million per campaign.
Fix: Facebook set date as published date now consider the timezone of WP.
Fix: invalid utf8 chars now get detected and fixed in post content/title
Fix: feeds module og:image extraction more accurate

@17 August 2015 v3.14.0
NEW: Now instagram videos get embeded to the post
NEW: new feature to set a secret word for the cron job at the settings page
NEW: feeds new option to skip items with title that already exists for a post 
Fix:Translation now working again after stopping working.
Fix:Facebook posting fix
Fix:Amazon price woo-commerce truncation error fixed

@11 July 2015 v3.13.0
New: pin_link tag added to pinterest post template so it can point to the source directly
New: new option to serve featured image from it's source without saving it to the server
NEW: new option to randomly pick tags from set tags as tags
NEW: TrueMag vimeo integration
Fix: Facebook module rewritten with improvements like largest size available images, strip too small images and a margin between images.
Fix: Ezinearticles author link fix
Fix: Pinterest title with hashtag was broken. now fixed
Fix: Content tags can now be used at post title template without problems
Fix: single item in the TBS protected terms was not getting protected now fixed
Fix: Feeds campaign set categories feature sometimes generated fatal error now fixed
Improved: html tags now get removed from title
Improved: changed default SimplePie
Improved: youtube now posts the maximum resultion image if found as featured image
Improved: scripts tags now get stripped by defualt 
Removed: Strip inline links cause of users are misusing it

@4 June 2015 v3.12.0
NEW: WPML support so now you can set the language of the new posts
NEW: protect html tags in search and replace feeds campaign option added
Fix: Facebook video render now works after a minor FB change
Fix: Youtube duplicate posts after the v3 api upgrade now fixed
Fix: translation module improvements 
Fix: decode html entities option fix 
Fix: now custom fields values can contain single and double quotes or even a serialized array
Fix: internal server error fixed for windows servers when re-saving a campaign

@22 MAY v3.11.0
NEW: instagram now got supported so you can post instagram images for a tag or a user.
Fix: Flicker license was not working with keywords with spaces now working.
Fix: Trim post title sometimes caused issues when last trimmed char was a multibyte now fixed.

@16 MAY v3.10.0
Fix: youtube posting got upgraded to v3 api with various new options 
NEW: Pinterest campaigns added to post from pinterest to wordpress
NEW: New feed tag to extract the enclusure link
NEW: New flicker license type option

@27 APRIL v3.9.0
New: Vimeo camaigns added
NEW: now integrated
NEW: new option for setting refer to the source site when caching images
NEW: new option for amazon campaign to optionally create the short description
NEW: new option to strip inline links texts in content 
Fix: replace keyword with specified link fixed was replacing parts of words
Fix: now caching images and thumbnails keep records of already cached items not to cache same image twice
Fix: relative links now points to source host when extracting using id/class/regex etc

@7 Apr 2015 v3.8
NEW: Facebook campaigns now added so you can now post from facebook to wordpress
NEW: eBay now integrates with woo-commerce to directly link items via the buy now button
NEW: nospin tag added to skip spinning parts of content 
NEW: option to decode html entities from feeds
NEW: the plugin can now process feed enclosure for featured image if no image elsewhere exists
NEW: Feeds campaign now can extract the real author of the post and assign to the same author locally or create a new one if not exists
NEW: TrueMag theme on the fly settings now get added

Fix: cache images with spaces , encoded sources now works 
Fix: youtube rating images stopped displaying now fixed
Fix: feeds with items with empty title was stopping the feed from processing now fixed to skip no title feeds items
Fix: campaign editing/adding gave 500 http error with windows platforms now fixed
Fix: html encoded image srcs now fixed for thumbnail setting and caching 
Fix: clear refer value at caching images
Fix: TBS were deforming encoded html entities now fixed.
Fix: ad_1, ad_2 now does not appear at feed items

@25/1/2015 v3.7.3
Fix: Norwegian language translating was not working now fixed
Fix: jetpack auto publicize feature stopped working now fixed

@14/1/2015 v3.7.2
Improvement: cURL exist check added.
Fix: getpack stats stopped working due to a conflict. now working
Fix: double check duplicate before posting 
Fix: entity_decode urls before extracting content from feeds

@17/12/2014 v3.7.1
Bug fix: amazon products [product_link] tag stopped working now it is back

@16/12/2014 v3.7
NEW: option to add amazon add to chart url
NEW: option to search and replace by REGEX for each campaign
NEW: option to extract tags by id/class and set them as tags
NEW: TBS protected terms option added to settings
FIX: title can now contain more than 150 chars
FIX: using TBS without checking it for some campaigns now fixed
Fix: featured image with spaces after src attribute were not detected not it does
Fix: option to select multiple categories
Fix: users with open base dir set can now have clickbank product image without problem
Fix: https images from feeds now works fine
Fix: translate were generating numbers in some cases now fixed
Fix: translate were generating unexpected input with encoded charachters like &euoro; now fixed
Fix: fetch full content titles with colons were truncated now fixed
Fix: opttion to strip links didn't work with flicker items now it works

@2/11/2014 v3.6
NEW: post from a youtube playlist
NEW: feed extract content using xpath
NEW: set feed posts categories to original post categories
NEW: amazon full woo-commerce integration
NEW: multi level spinning support
NEW: strip content using id/class
NEW: extract first match only option
NEW: extract inner content instead of outer content
NEW: skip featured image if below 100px width
NEW: graph og image
NEW: vid_duration tag for youtube vids
NEW: custom post tags
NEW: Limit title chars to xx chars
NEW: set canonical tag
FIX: curl follocation for openbasedir
FIX: feed posts with relative urls now mathch to the source
Fix: some js code sometimes appears when using fetch full content now stripped
Fix: keywords not saving with some themes
Fix: ebay duplicate were deleting most posts even they were not duplicate
Fix: amazon GPB numeric fix

@13/9/2014 v3.5.1
Fix: Clickbank Featured image now get set 
Fix: ezinearticles showed some google mobile ads now it don't
Fix: ezinearticles module recoded
Fix: images with space in it's source url now get cached without problem 
Fix: set random image if no image exists sometimes ignore images in original post and always set one of the random. now fixed

@9/9/2014 v3.5
NEW: Spintax campaign type
NEW: ebay custom category id
NEW: new post preview on edit page
NEW: Rotate Feeds option
NEW: Random featured image
NEW: amazon browse node without keyword filtering
NEW: amazon sort results
NEW: Youtube minimum vid date added 
NEW: Feeds minimum vid date added
NEW: Reverse order of items youtube and feeds

Fix: ebay keywords with spaced were generating errors now fixed by encoding 
Fix: clickbank password wiht special chars get encoded
Fix: image caching using curl instead of file_get_Contents
Fix: translate second time was translating from first language to thired language
Fix: removed tidy that caused broken images html
Fix: Youtube duplicate posts 
Fix: attachment guid
Fix: amazon keyword was urlencoded twice . 
Fix: wp_automatic_Readability mb_encoding function not exists fix 
Fix: wp_automatic_Readability remove styles disabled
Fix: Striping links from the post 
Fix: general table encoding to utf

@23/7/2014 v3.4.0
NEW: amazon it es etc (Not fully compatible)
NEW: amazon artist , actor .. etc search
NEW: REGEX support
NEW: TBS REPORT success or fail
NEW: New id/class rule 3
Fix : remove_filter('content_save_pre', 'wp_filter_post_kses'); that removes iframe and js when posting from cron
Fix : ui keyword field * when uncheck the post all without filtering fixed
Fix : youtube non caching index now starts at 1
Fix : Flicker ssl required 
Fix : base 48 encode for camp_general
Fix : strip first image was stripping all images
Fix : clickbank extraction correction
Fix : wp_automatic_log cleaning

@29/3/2014 v3.3.0 
Fix: Articles module
ADD: Strip first image after setting as featured image option
Fix: Amazon no thumbnail product fixed
Improvment : youtube featured image now get set
ADD : youtube tag vid_id
Improvement: clear feed cache
Fix : cache images with + _ marks
Improvment : amazon products with no list price now gets price from offer summary
Rotate keywords
Full youtube description
youtube tags as wordpress tags
youtube comments as wordpress comments

@23/3/2013 v3.2.0
Fix : amazon custom fields fix 
Fix : translation module fix
Fix : skip posts without images
Added : by class or id extraction

@3/3/2013 v3.1.1
New : Skip posts without images option for feeds campaigns 
Fix : youtube post getting method resetting index to 1 if exhausted when no caching .
Fix : Articles module webcrawler .

Add : limit post content to xx charachters .
Add : custom post formats support .
Fix : youtube links cache mixing now fixed .
Fix : bug with search and replace

Fix : backward comptability with older post type

New version

WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.1.2
Fix : articles module now working
Fix : Maximum number display now shows max

WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.1.1
New Feature : added proxy authentication ip:port:username:password
Fix : articles module now works fine as bing changed

#WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.1.0
New Feature : amazon now use .com , .ca , ..etc .

#WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled v2.0.11
bug fix : file gcomplete was generating error because the selector was returning null . fixed file 'js/jquery.gcomplete' 
bug fix : plugin was not accepting non-english chars and converting them to ?? . fixed by changing encodeing to utf 

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