Mailster v3.0 NULLED – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

Mailster là một Plugin Bản tin Email dễ sử dụng cho WordPress. Tạo, gửi và theo dõi các Chiến dịch Bản tin của bạn mà không gặp rắc rối.

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Other :

  • Theo dõi số lần mở, số lần nhấp, số lần hủy và số trang không truy cập bản tin
  • Theo dõi các quốc gia và thành phố
  • Lập lịch các chiến dịch của bạn
  • Sáu loại phản hồi tự động
  • Gửi bài đăng mới nhất của bạn cho người đăng ký của bạn
  • Sử dụng thẻ động và thẻ tùy chỉnh (trình giữ chỗ)
  • Chuyển đổi web cho mỗi bản tin
  • Nhúng bản tin với mã ngắn
  • Chuyển tiếp qua e-mail
  • Chia sẻ với các dịch vụ truyền thông xã hội
  • Hình thức đăng ký không giới hạn
  • Tiện ích thanh bên
  • Hỗ trợ chọn tham gia đơn hoặc chọn tham gia kép
  • WYSIWYG Editor với chế độ xem mã
  • Các biến thể màu sắc không giới hạn
  • Các kiểu nội tuyến tự động
  • Hỗ trợ hình nền
  • Xem nhanh
  • Hỗ trợ các bản sửa đổi (gốc)
  • Đa ngôn ngữ đã sẵn sàng
  • Hỗ trợ SMTP
  • Hỗ trợ thư được xác định DomainKeys
  • Nhập và xuất cho người đăng ký

Yêu cầu

  • WordPress 3.8+ (khuyến nghị 4.3+)
  • PHP 5.3+
  • Hỗ trợ Fsockopen để gửi SMTP
  • Phần mở rộng DOMDocument
  • Giới hạn bộ nhớ PHP 128MB +

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Free Download Mailster v3.0 NULLED – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress nulled changelog
Version 3.0 (2021-09-01)
new: Test the Email Quality with the built in Pre-check Feature.
new: Tag you subscriber with Tags fro better segmentation.
new: Improved security with a dedicate security settings page.
new: Automatic batch size settings to calculate your optimal sending rate.
new: Option to create new campaigns on action hook based auto responders.
new: Updated add ons page to browse and install even more integrations.
new: Updated templates page now lists over 400 free and premium templates.
new: UI update with new icons based on SVG.
new: Auto click prevention to prevent bots auto clicking and messing up your stats.
new: Sending warmup if you send from a new IP address or domain.
improved: db handling by splitting the actions table into five separate ones.
improved: added primary keys to these tables: queue, subscriber_meta, subscriber_fields.
improved: calculation of user rating has been offloaded as it's often server intense.
improved: changes to tracking for the Apple Privacy Protection plans.
improved: change on the random handler for random posts.
added: new dynamic tag for button labels {post_button:-1}.
added: indexes to campaigns to distinguish if multiple ones are sent (like birthday greetings).
removed: auto update option to prefer native solution.
removed: deprecated mymail hooks and filters.
Version 2.4.19 (2021-06-14)
fixed: Option bar is fixed after a certain scroll threshold again.
fixed: decimals in the height or width field of the editbar for the selected image in the editor prevents submitting the form on Firefox.
fixed: timeframe now respects sites timezone.
fixed: export into Excel file may strip leading 0
improved: test mails are now sent to the current user
added: $org_content argument to mailster_handle_shortcodes filter
added: mailster_form_list_order to handle list order in forms
Version 2.4.18 (2021-04-14)
fixed: comparing empty date values on MySQL 8
fixed: issue while calculating time frame over midnight
fixed: issue with merge tags when rss and regular tag is used
fixed: use of hard-coded database prefix
improved: removed/replaced deprecated jQuery methods
improved: media editor link in settings
improved: support for PHP 8
Version 2.4.17 (2021-02-24)
fixed: issue with subscriber button on some versions of Firefox
fixed: problem downloading templates with special characters in filepath
fixed: issue with manual sync button in Firefox
fixed: post taxonomies are not respected for some autoresponder campaigns if the initial post status is publish
fixed: issue creating images if content folder is outside of WordPress root
fixed: empty values in form submission were not stored
improved: URL hijacking mechanics to handle subdomains
Version 2.4.16 (2020-12-21)
fixed: warning on dashboard
fixed: JS error in Firefox on WP 5.6
improved: order by status now respects timestamps of campaigns.
fixed: prevent URL hijacking by only allowing links from either the same domain or explicitly in the campaign.
enabled: honeypot mechanism as the bug in Chrome has been fixed
Version 2.4.15 (2020-11-25)
added: option to remove subscribers with all assigned actions.
improved: handling of folder names during template upload
fixed: saving queued campaigns cause sending them immediately
fixed: campaigns with no web version show in archive
fixed: small JS issues
Version 2.4.14 (2020-09-10)
improved: internal handling for sending limits
fixed: Display width specification for integer data types was deprecated in MySQL 8.0.17 which causes an error in the self test
fixed: unwanted 'a11y-speak-intro-text' element in email body
fixed: toggle behavior of meta boxes in WP 5.5
fixed: missing content on custom dynamic post types without post ID
Version 2.4.13 (2020-08-19)
added: classes to settings rows
added: option to handle short codes from the advanced settings tab
added: support for {attachment_image:XX} to display images
improved: handling of one click post requests for unsubscribes according to RFC8058
fixed: auto update feature in WP 5.5
fixed: do not localize variables
fixed: error in PHPMailer (#2107) where exception is thrown when background attribute is empty
fixed: multi site no longer share user meta data in conditions data between sub sites.
Version 2.4.12 (2020-08-04)
added: mailster_inline_css filter hook to disable auto inline css
fixed: problem with third party shortcodes in excerpt
fixed: several small bugfixes
fixed: wrong counting on dashboard widget
fixed: calculation of aggregated campaigns not accurate
fixed: relative path in modules
fixed: High DPI images on dynamic posts tags got wrong eight in some cases.
improved: consistent behavior on handling shortcodes
improved: Only the preheader text is shown in the email preview of email clients.
improved: mailster_preview_text_fix filter to disable preview text fix.
improved: automatically remove support accounts after one month after an update
improved: you can now click on form fields to add them to the form
improved: added missing aria labels
Version 2.4.11 (2020-06-24)
change: changing the email address on the profile sets status to pending and sends confirmation message if double opt in is enabled.
change: the most recent notification is now displayed at the top.
added: mailster_register_dynamic_post_type action hook to add custom dynamic post types.
added: option to disable in-app-unsubscribe option
fixed: issue where editor is not loading with some themes activated
fixed: JS error if inline editor is not used
fixed: people got unsubscribed if bounce address is the same as sign up notifications email.
improved: User Agent handling.
improved: pasting text from external source.
improved: better support fro data-uris in style declarations.
improved: better handling of sending HTML message with third party plugins
removed: Gmail delivery option (fallback to SMTP)
deprecated: use of Gmail via LSA as announced via Google
Version 2.4.10 (2020-05-25)
new: option to pick emoji for subject, preheader and from name
improved: refactoring of JavaScript
improved: refactoring of action based auto responders
improved: campaigns in conditions are now ordered alphabetically.
improved: content is now pasted as plain text instead of rich type
fixed: creating campaigns with feeds which timeout causes empty autoresponders.
fixed: redirection error on confirmation
fixed: result of empty lists is no longer null
fixed: links in iframe forms open now in parent window.
fixed: issue where resuming a campaign on stats page is not possible.
added: mailster_register_form_signup_field filter hook to modify signup checkbox on registration screen.
added: more bulk options to campaign overview.
Version 2.4.9 (2020-03-24)
change: moved text strings for GDPR to text tab for better localization.
change: sanitize_content method no longer handles custom Mailster styles (changes to the methods arguments)
added: mailster_add_tag action hook to add custom tags.
added: mailster_add_style action hook to add custom styles.
improved: block tags removed in final output
improved: RSS feed method for more flexible feed support.
improved: tags now can return WP_Error object which prevents the campaign from sending.
added: mailster_gdpr_label filter to change the content.
fixed: empty strings on action hook based campaigns
fixed: unchecked required checkbox prevents form fields page from saving.
fixed: wrong less memory warning
fixed: problem with CodeEditor on Avada
fixed: missing inline styles on html elements from tags.
Version 2.4.8 (2020-02-03)
fixed: escaped content on edit screen.
fixed: escaped several strings.
improved: United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union.
Version 2.4.7 (2019-12-14)
improved: CSS for WordPress 5.3
improved: action type is now returned in form submission
improved: form submission on errors
fixed: content type selection not respected on dynamic insertion mode
fixed: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET issue on some Apache installations
Version 2.4.6 (2019-11-04)
tested with WordPress 5.3
fixed: potential XSS vulnerable on the subscribers detail page identified by Compass Security
fixed: single quote in subject now correctly encoded
fixed: confirm redirection issues on some installations
change: Redirect after submit and Redirect after confirmation must be a URL
Version 2.4.5 (2019-10-02)
fixed: issue saving "send campaign only once" option
fixed: duplication of finished campaign no longer breaks module selection
improved: some fields are now stored urlencoded for better emoji support in databases with collation other than utf8mb4
changed: action hook auto responders no longer sent to all subscribers if subscriber id is set to false (use null instead)
Version 2.4.4 (2019-09-09)
improved: you can now encode tags output with an exclamation mark {!mytag}.
improved: drag n drop images from your desktop now respects cropped image setting.
improved: import screen.
improved: test mails now fallback to the current users email if not defined.
improved: subscriber query now search for ID as well.
fixed: notifications to multiple addresses.
fixed: modules without content sometimes preserve in the campaign.
fixed: issue with RSS campaigns on time based autoresponders.
fixed: wrong subscriber count if status "pending" in subscriber query.
fixed: cumulative count calculations.
fixed: redirecting issue with spaces in URLs.
updated to latest coding standards
code refactoring
Version 2.4.3 (2019-07-31)
fixed: post_category tag now shows categories names again
fixed: permalink issue with WPML add on
improved: links from deleted campaigns end up in a 404
improved: better visualization during module reordering in editor
improved: menu icon is now a svg
improved: loading posts in editbar
improved: lang attribute now added for accessibility
improved: accessibility in editor
improved: plain text rendering
Version 2.4.2 (2019-07-01)
change: dummy image service domain
improved: option to exclude taxonomies in dynamic tags
improved: forms no longer use native validation
fixed: remember usage tracking opt in setting
fixed: correctly redirect after campaign duplication
fixed: images from dynamic random post type in autoresponders
fixed: subscriberID is now correctly populated in confirmation messages
fixed: deprecated embed option
Version 2.4.1 (2019-06-12)
fixed: duplication of forms working again
fixed: Subscribers are correctly connected if WordPress User is added later
fixed: picpicker only showed 8 recent files
fixed: unsubscribe auto responder works with list based subscriptions
fixed: small JavaScript issues in the editor
improved: better support for third party email with content type text/html
improved: better checks for content related autoresponders
improved: fixing broken settings automatically
improved: database update checks
Version 2.4 (2019-05-22)
new: Use over 900K photos from Unsplash
new: RSS to Email Campaigns.
new: Random Post Tags
new: Campaign-Subscriber related tags
new: Custom Dynamic Post Types
new: additional Form shortcode attributes
new: Fresh UI
new: Translation Dashboard Info
improved: Preserved stats from deleted subscribers
improved: Mailster now stores your email address when you send a test
improved: Import Export
Version 2.3.18 (2019-04-16)
updated included template
added: option to use TLS on bounce servers
fixed: missing module buttons after code edit.
fixed: priority order in queue.
fixed: single quote in subject now correctly encoded
improved: handling of link mapping for multi byte characters.
improved: handling if notification.html file is missing
improved: better file sanitation on template uploads
Version 2.3.17 (2019-03-19)
added: mailster_add_embeded_style method to add custom embeded styles.
added: option to enable sending usage statistics.
fixed: issue with double quotes in background-image property
fixed: correct saving of form option
fixed: delivery issue with some third party apps
improved: editor behavior when adding content in multiple areas.
improved: styles added via mailster_add(_embeded)_style are now visible in the editor.
improved: inline styles can now be skipped with an optional data-embed attribute
improved: block comments now removed if present in the email
improved: better action handling for mails opened on Yahoo
improved: editor behavior
improved: handling of options
improved: removed some variables from the global space
Version 2.3.16 (2019-02-12)
new: option to choose original image in editbar (for animated gifs)
fixed: wrong subscriber count in dashboard widget if assigned to multiple lists
fixed: auto expanding of chart on dashboard
fixed: title with quotes now escaped correctly
fixed: calculation of images if height is set to “auto”
fixes: template file selection on system mails are now respected correctly
improved: wp_mail wrapper now supports to address in format name
improved: wp_mail handling of reply-to, BCC and CC fields
improved: DNS checks on settings page now asynchronous
improved: subscribers now get removed from the queue if a bounce happens
improved: better warning on import for pending subscribers
improved: auto responder data now stored if campaign is saved as draft
improved: handling of script tags during sanitation
added: mailster_allowed_script_domains and mailster_allowed_script_types filter hooks
added: condition “is in list” for better segmentation
added: option to re test a test
Version 2.3.15 (2018-12-05)
fully tested on WordPress 5.0
fixed: missing icons in WordPress 5.0
fixed: prevent tracking on test mails
fixed: relative width attributes now preserved in the editor
fixed: issues with wp_mail if reply_to is an array
improved: better checks if wp_mail is defined by another plugin
Version 2.3.14 (2018-11-05)
fixed: missing fallback on custom fields
fixed: undefined bodyElement in editor.
added: sub_query_limit to process subscriber query in chunks for very large subscriber base
added: display count of selected subscribers on delete page
added: test for wp_mail
added: more date form options on export
improved: Gravatar as source is no longer shown if the source is not Gravatar
improved: wp_mail handling for third party plugins
improved: raw header parser for wp_mail
improved: external forms now embedded via dedicate URL
improved: query on subscriber overview page
improved: translated roles in conditions view
improved: searching subscribers now highlights search term.
Version 2.3.13 (2018-10-10)
fixed: Max execution time error message pops up randomly on some servers.
fixed: issue with certain post types and multiple underscores.
fixed: PHP error on form duplication.
fixed: issue with nested embed styles.
fixed: smaller issues.
improved: query for location based segmentation.
added: mailster_get_post_list_args filter for static posts.
added: mailster_autoresponder_grace_period filter.
Version 2.3.12 (2018-09-19)
fixed: height attribute of image tags were not always respected.
improved: tag replacement handling
improved: list order in overview
improved: queue handling of time based auto responders
improved: query for dashboard widget
improved: sql query
Version 2.3.11 (2018-08-28)
fixed: added “source” tag in allowed tags
fixed: sql query issue on “(didn’t) clicked link” condition
fixed: smaller issues
fixed: unsubscribe issue on single opt out if user is logged in
fixed: subscriber export on sites with CloudFlare
improved: custom tags are now replaced in the final campaign and no longer when created
improved: privacy policy link gets updated if the address changes
improved: subscriber query now has the campaign id as second argument.
improved: nonce form handle
added: wp_include and wp_exclude for subscriber query to handle WP user ID’s
added: condition “(didn’t) clicked link” now allows to choose a certain campaign
added: additional aggregated campaigns
Version 2.3.10 (2018-07-25)
new: you can now use [newsletter_profile] and [newsletter_unsubscribe] everywhere where short codes are accepted
fixed: array_map warning in wp_mail wrapper
fixed: honeypot was pre-filled on Google Chrome with autofill
fixed: Some tags where not displayed on notifications
fixed: Gravatar changes on third party apps were not respected
fixed: error if location database is missing
fixed: tags in links causes a protocol removal
fixed: smaller issues
improved: better support for mailster_subscriber of third party apps with wrong data type
improved: show stats on campaign overview if heartbeat API is disabled (no live reload)
improved: better handling of inline styles for subscriber buttons
disabled: honeypot mechanism to prevent Chrome browsers to fill out the honeypot field
Version 2.3.9 (2018-07-04)
fixed: manage subscribers with no list assigned included users within a list
fixed: some JS issues on IE 11
fixed: IP addressed not stored on form submission
fixed: not able to remove attachments
fixed: wp_mail not working if receivers is not an array
fixed: webversion tag was not displayed if campaign hasn’t been saved yet
fixed: redirection issue if baseurl contains query arguments
fixed: button is no longer available on the unsubscribe form with single opt out
added: get_last_post now includes subscriber and campaign id
added: option to enable custom tags on web version
Version 2.3.8 (2018-06-05)
fixed: caching issue on tags in subject line
fixed: subscriber based autoresponder if “lists do not matter”
new: Condition: GDPR Consent given
added: meta data can now get exported
added: mailster_subscriber_rating filter
change: ratings now updated via cron to reduce server load on large databases
Version 2.3.7 (2018-05-24)
new: option to add GDPR compliance forms on the privacy settings page.
added: search field for modules
added: mailster_profile_form and mailster_unsubscribe_formfilter
added: information to privacy policy text in WordPress 4.9.6
added: added Mailster data to Export Personal Data option in WordPress 4.9.6
added: added Mailster data to Erase Personal Data option in WordPress 4.9.6
fixes: various small bugs
Version 2.3.6 (2018-05-14)
new: Location based Segmentations
new filter: mailster_form_field_label_[field_id] to alter the label of form fields
improved: simplified location based tracking with auto update
improved: Export page now offers conditional export and saves defined settings.
improved: Delete page now offers conditional deletion.
change: active campaigns are now included in aggregated items in conditions
fixed: odd offset issue on hover in editor
fixed: importing emails with single quotes
fixed: JS error when switching back from codeview with no head section
fixed: do not redirect after unsubscribe
fixed: removing a user from a blog on a multi site now correctly removes subscriber
Version 2.3.5 (2018-05-01)
fixed: list assignments for some third party add ons
fixed: small bug fixes
fixed: changes were not saved if only modules were rearranged
fixed: ajax requests not working in some browser environments
fixed: improved display of subscribers overview page with many custom fields
fixes: export of subscribers not working on some servers
added: more tests
change: display Self Test menu entry if WP_DEBUG is enabled
Version 2.3.4 (2018-04-20)
fixed: prevent style blocks moved to body tag
fixed: buttons no longer get removed after click on cancel
fixed: Outlook conditional tags were removed
fixed: body attributes added via codeview are now preserved
fixed: small bug fixes
improved: better error handling on export
improved: more info for list confirmations
added: bulk option to confirm subscriptions
added: {lists} tag is now working in confirmation messages
Version 2.3.3 (2018-04-11)
fixed: pages were not editable
fixed: error if wp_get_attachment_metadata returns false
fixed: autoresponder query issue
fixed: small bug fixes
Version 2.3.2 (2018-04-10)
fixed: pagination on subscribers overview page
fixed: profile for logged in users working again
fixed: confirmation message was sent on single opt in
fixed: subscribers detail page sometimes empty
fixed: missing images on some third party templates
Version 2.3.1 (2018-04-05)
fixed: error: Can’t use function return value in write context
improved: display info if module has no label
Version 2.3 (2018-04-04)
new: option to hide the Webversion Bar
new: option to disable tracking on campaign based basis
new: option to disable user avatars
new: time frame based delivery for campaigns
new: Mailster test suite to test compatibility
new: option to crop images in the picpicker
new: elements can now expect fields in templates with``
new: option to disable Webversion bar
new: option for list based subscription
new: subscriber query class for better list segmentation
new: cron command page
new: {lists} tag to display campaign related lists
new: mailster_option and mailster_option_[option] filter
new: Export format: xls
new: Option to duplicate forms
new: Option to disable Webversion
new: privacy settings page
change: mailster_replace_link now targets the output link
improved: list segmentation
improved: campaign editor for faster campaign creation with inline editing
Improved: modules with tags where the post not exists will get removed
improved: image procession to support more third party plugins
improved: info message on form submission now placed on after the form depending on scroll position.
improved: background images behavior in editor
improved: faster editor behavior
improved: batch action on subscribers
improved: multiple cron processes
improved: image creation process to better support third party plugins
improved: cron mechanism
improved: export column selection
improved: handling of placeholder images on td, th and v:fill
added: copy-to-clipboard functionality
added: subscriber crows indicator on dashboard widget
added: Additional mail headers
added: option to release cron lock
added: option to reset cron last hit
updated: PHPMailer to version 5.2.26
deprecated MyMail methods
Version 2.2.18 (2018-02-02)
fixed: problem with slashes in head section during test campaign
fixed: problem on template save
fixed: display issue on color pickers in editor
Version 2.2.17 (2018-01-19)
added: optional caching parameter for forms
change: sanitize_content no longer uses stripslashes
Version 2.2.16 (2017-12-22)
fixed: Double id on settings page
fixed: conflict with some third party delivery plugins
fixed: editor did not expand to correct height on some third party templates
improved: Excerpt and Content of posts look the same no matter which type of embedding were used
Version 2.2.15 (2017-12-11)
fixed: visual issue with color picker on WP 4.9
fixed: lists were always deleted from the manage subscribers tab
fixed: issue with external image URLs not saving
fixed: height not updated if image url is used in editor
fixed: issue with Gravatar URLs
improved: scrolling speed in editor
improved: list query
improved: Caching is now disabled on any page with a form
improved: newsletter homepage selector on setting with sites over 100 pages
improved: translation fetching
Version 2.2.14 (2017-11-15)
fixed: ratings with ‘%’ in segmentation causes not expected behavior in WordPress 4.8.3+
fixed: missing escaping in segmentation rules where LIKE is used
fixed: get next date on weekly autoresponder if weekday is not the current one
fixed: missing form field on autoresponder overview
fixed: updating third party templates via templates page
updated: included template to 6.1
Version 2.2.13 (2017-10-24)
fixed: issue with stripped tags on template save
fixed: resending of transactional mails
fixed: registration not stored if username was missing
fixed: bounce test failed on some servers
added: additional security steps on form submission
added: option to recheck for updates on the dashboard
Version 2.2.12 (2017-10-05)
fixed: editbar position issue on Chrome 61
fixed: background image not editable if its the first of the template
improved: placeholder image handling
improved: loading of user meta values
removed: deprecated jQuery methods
Version 2.2.11 (2017-09-18)
improved: translation checks and loading
improved: loading of translations
fixed: assigned unchecked lists on form submission if user choice is enabled
fixed: PHP warning on bounce handler
added: remove_custom_value method to remove meta values of subscribers
added: Mailgun delivery option to setup
Version 2.2.10 (2017-09-01)
fixed: Editor button now only available in the backend
fixed: Excerpts were missing when view mode is Excerpt View
fixed: missing wp_get_raw_referer on WP < 4.5
fixed: choosing default values for dropdowns and radio custom fields
fixed: multiple attached attachments
fixed: plain text option wasn’t respected during test campaigns
improved: lists assigned to a form are now respected if form id is set explicitly on subscriber submission
added: mailster_campaign_content filter to alter the content of campaigns
added: mailster_using_permalinks filter
Version 2.2.9 (2017-08-08)
added: support for the SparkPost add on
fixed: some tags with alternative content were not replaced when sending a test campaign
fixed: module screenshots returned error if more than 30 modules in template
improved: unsubscribe action can now contain a status for more info
change: send method now returns internal message ID
change: test mails to unknown email addresses are no longer assigned to the current user to prevent false mailbox actions
Version 2.2.8 (2017-07-31)
fixed: radio and dropdown values weren’t populated on profile in some cases
fixed: wp_mail now supports coma separated emails if used by Mailster
fixed: PHP notice with autoresponders on PHP 7.1
fixed: link for buttons were pre filled with the URL from the previous selected button
fixed: PHP notices on Cron lock
fixed: issue with defined constants if GEO library is loaded in a third party plugin
fixed: display issue of emojis in tinymce of multi elements
fixed: link of images wasn’t populated correctly
fixed: reading filesize on missing file during export
improved: ever re-signup will respect the forms double-opt-in setting
improved: using SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS on subscribers overview to speed up queries
improved: form profile compatibility with certain themes
improved: get referer on form signup
improved: pre cache queries on autoresponder overview
added: option for legacy POP3 method on bounce settings
added: mailster_update_option_* filter to alter option on save
added: mailster_get_signups_sql, mailster_queue_campaign_subscriber_data filters
added: mailster_cookie_time filter to adjust Mailster cookie expiration time
added: mailster_get_current_user and mailster_get_current_user_id methods
changed: mailster_unsubscribe_link hook position and added campaign_id to arguments
Version 2.2.7 (2017-06-14)
fully tested on WordPress 4.8
fixed: exporting subscribers
fixed: strip slashes on list descriptions
fixed: SQL issue when unassign lists from subscribers
fixed: encoding issue while saving campaigns on some servers
improved: display Mailster username on Dashboard
improved: removed usage of create_function for PHP 7.2
improved: better sanitation and checks on date fields
added: mailster_keep_tags filter to keep tags
change: some default values on plugin activation
Version 2.2.6 (2017-05-29)
fixed: checkboxes were always checked by default
fixed: status info on user time based auto responder
fixed: save settings button not enabled in some cases
fixed: duplicating of other campaigns without capabilities
fixed: spelling mistakes
improved: html tags in custom field names
improved: compatibility with caching plugins
improved: excerpts are now generated if not defined via more tag or explicit
improved: loading fall back if notification.html is missing
improved: removed redundant white spaces in plain text versions
improved: links in plain text version are now grouped together below the content
improved: compatibility with third party templates
improved: CSS rules for RTL languages
added: mailster_get_last_post_args filter to alter post arguments
added: month to user time based autoresponder time frames
updated: templates page
Version 2.2.5 (2017-04-28)
change: Signup date checkbox on Mange Subscriber Page now checked by default
fixed: Thickbox dimensions on form detail page
fixed: selecting static posts working again
fixed: issue on recipients detail page since last update
fixed: Newsletter sign up widget didn’t store empty title
fixed: wrong excerpt on web version with dynamic tags in some cases
updated: PHPMailer to version 5.2.23
improved: Cron tab commands
improved: Cron now supports secret via a header
improved: URL rewrite support option on settings
overall improvements
Version 2.2.4 (2017-04-18)
fixed: adding attachments not possible on Firefox
fixed: Subscriber ID was cached on custom dynamic tags in some cases
fixed: converting links on single elements no longer pre filled if link is not set
fixed: smaller bugs
updated: order by “Clicks” is now “Click Date” in recipients details view
improved: all widgets are now wrapped by a div with class “mailster-widget” for better targeting
new option to get subscribers by md5 hash
new “mailster_subscriber_hash” filter to change subscriber hash
improved: added various filters to list and subscribers view
improved: support of arrays in auto post tag filter
improved: allowing anonymous functions in mailster_add_tag
improved: allowing anonymous functions in mailster_add_style
improved: subscriber caching
improved: loading of widgets
Version 2.2.3 (2017-03-24)
fixed: issue with custom editor buttons are not displayed
fixed: assign subscribers to lists now correctly removes old assignments
fixed: unescaped apostrophe on test mails
fixed: small bugs
improved: access to form.php and cron.php if location not default
improved: third party templates support on PHP 7.1
improved: cron mechanism
improved: cron job settings page
Version 2.2.2 (2017-03-15)
added: option to add link to your logo
fixed: issue in segmentation if WP user meta field matches a reserved Mailster fields
fixed: changing order of WP dashboard widgets wasn’t stored
improved: checks for path if plugin directory is not at it’s default locations
improved: dismiss option on dashboard notifications
improved: update mechanism
Version 2.2.1 (2017-03-06)
fixed: bounces weren’t handled correctly in some cases
fixed: styles were not applied correctly while sending tests
fixed: Subscriber import with coma separated lists causes that new created lists were not assigned correctly
fixed: wrong DKIM record on some installations
fixed: error output on wrong formatted HTML in excerpts
added: option to export ratings
improved: URLs for some social services
improved: backwards compatibility
improved: datepicker is no longer triggered on datefields if operator is a regular expression
Version 2.2 (2017-02-23)
new: Mailster Dashboard
new: Setup Wizard
new: Editor Button to quickly add common tags to your campaigns
new: Editor Button to add forms to your post and pages
new: Templates Settings allow you to define default logo and social media links
new: add attachments to your campaigns
new: Bounce servers now supports IMAP servers
new: Bulk Actions for subscribers can now process all subscribers
new: a screenshot.jpg file can now be used for the screenshot in templates folder
new: Manage Settings to export and import your settings
new: receivers email address now contains full name of subscribers
new tag: author. usage {post_author:-1}
new: Subscriber Button Widget
new: share service, Telegram, Whatsapp
new: localization hub:
new: mailster_excerpt_length let you define the length of the excerpt used in your campaigns
improved: sending queue
improved: loading of language files
improved: better ordering of lists
updated: The included template has been updated
change: background images are now located in the uploads directory
change: settings are now in the plugins menu
Version 2.1.33 (2017-02-09)
change: Segmentation now works on NULL field values if condition value is an empty string
fixed: unexpected error messages causes by wrong notices formats
fixed: module screenshots were not displayed caused by missing quotes
Version 2.1.32 (2017-01-16)
security: updated included PHPMailer version to 5.2.22.
improved: cron lock handler with external cron services
fixed: problem uploaded zipped template files in WP 4.7.1
fixed: missing quote on fsockopen warning notification
Version 2.1.31 (2016-12-29)
security: updated included PHPMailer version to 5.2.21. Older versions have been removed.
Version 2.1.30 (2016-12-27)
security: updated included PHPMailer version to 5.2.19. Older versions are now deprecated.
fixed: issue where pages are not available for the newsletter homepage
Version 2.1.29 (2016-12-19)
tested with WordPress 4.7
updated: DNS settings string for DKIM
fixed: un-assigning all lists from a subscriber works again
fixed: receivers box showed missing WP meta fields
fixed: merge on import didn’t work on some servers
Version 2.1.28 (2016-11-21)
added: “mymail_sanitize_content_body” filter to filter the the body of the html
change: default DKIM bitsize from 512 to 1024
fixed: database error when using regular expressions on user meta fields
fixed: PHP notices on list update if no form exists
fixed: issue on import with missing lists
fixed: db query issue on cron lock mechanism
fixed: issue storing private hash key on some sites
Version 2.1.27 (2016-11-07)
added: option to save campaigns as draft
added: option to choose lists in columns on import
added: option to toggle list selection on export and deletion page
added: option to delete template file from the preview pane
added: option to automatically repair broken options
added: List-Unsubscribe header to test mails
change: “Send now” and “Resume” on the edit page now save changes
update: better abbreviation for million subscribers in subscriber button
fixed: issue while creating template screenshots on some installations
fixed: issue with updating and downloading templates
Version 2.1.26 (2016-10-10)
change: excerpt now handled globally for a constant appearance
added: excerpts and can get filtered via mymail_get_excerpt and mymail_pre_get_excerpt
update: Update class
added: option to define authentication method for SMTP delivery option
added: option to allow self signed certificates for SMTP delivery
improved: error handling on export page
removed: PHPMailer version 5.2.7 (auto transfer)
fixed: encoding issue on subscriber upload with special characters
Version 2.1.25 (2016-10-03)
added: compatibility checks on plugin activation
fixed: import with special characters on non UTF8 database charsets
fixed: issue with non latin character languages on weekdays
fixed: compatibilities issues on PHP 7
fixed: problem with missing mb_string methods
Version 2.1.24 (2016-09-25)
added: option to add DKIM keys manually
added: option to add Google Maps API Key
added: latest PHP Mailer version
fixed: WP users to Subscriber sync failed in some cases (email only)
fixed: bulk deletion of subscribers didn’t delete WordPress Users if selected
fixed: paragraphs were not recognized in newsletter short codes
fixed: segmentation on user roles sometimes not include all subscribers
fixed: WordPress User import on multi site only imports users from current site
fixed: User Avatar were not displayed correctly on some installations
updated: third party libraries
Version 2.1.23 (2016-09-08)
improved: test mails and bounce tests no longer require saving settings
improved: better error reporting on bounce server tests
improved: handling of DKIM keys creation
added: option to select separator on subscriber export
updated: loading image
updated: strings
fixed: test failed on some bounce servers
fixed: headers sent error on form overview page
fixed: issue with iframes on newsletter archive page
Version 2.1.22 (2016-08-17)
fully tested with WP 4.6
change: prefer wp_get_referer() over $_SERVER[``HTTP_REFERER``]
fixed: new template file were created in default template path
fixed: issue with html encoded characters in from name subject and preheader
drop active support for WordPress 3.5
Version 2.1.21 (2016-08-09)
improved: cron lock mechanism
improved: settings form submission
improved: update error information
added: option to change author of campaigns
fixed: PHP warnings on queue
fixed: wrong encoding on Gravatar urls
fixed: DNS query issue on some hosts
change: mymail- prefix for asset handles for forms
change: mymail_ prefix some GET variables
removed: edit link on front page for forms
Version 2.1.20 (2016-07-25)
fixed: editor not responding if content is empty
fixed: thumbnails are not generated for some third party templates
fixed: issue were editor is not displayed on PHP <= 5.5
improved: some sql queries
improved: caching of lists
improved: DNS checks
removed: redundant fields on system info page
Version 2.1.19 (2016-07-19)
improved: cron lock mechanism
improved: wording on cron lock issues.
improved: module thumbnail generation. better quality and works now locally
fixed: deleting templates now removes screenshots and thumbnails
fixed: issue were settings of add ons are not saved
Version 2.1.18 (2016-07-14)
fixed: duplicate emails were sent on certain conditions
fixed: thickbox dimensions on campaign edit page
fixed: wrong system info page line
Version 2.1.17 (2016-07-11)
applied WordPress Coding Standards to all files. Change class names from underscore_case to CamelCase
moved settings tabs into dedicated files for better maintainability
new filters: for getting static posts in the editbar: mymail_auto_post
new filters: for getting static rss in the editbar: mymail_auto_rss
fixed: JS verification for emails on subscriber details page for “new” emails
fixed: removing fields on form page was broken on FireFox
Version 2.1.16 (2016-06-22)
new feature: post thumbnails for campaigns
new feature: auto generated screenshots for campaigns
new feature: webversion now offers oembed support
new feature: open graph meta data on webversion
new share service: Buffer
fixed: password input field
updated: templates previews
improved: loading of GEO database files
improved: share services popup on webversion
fixed: issue with autosave
fixed: html tags were stripped out on {post_excerpt} tag
small bug fixes
Version 2.1.15 (2016-06-18)
new: modal window for saving template files
fixed: issue on system info page
change: referer for new subscribers is now wp_get_referer() by default
Version 2.1.14 (2016-06-13)
new: New Subscriber Notification Options
change: unsubscribe form now has the custom styles from the form
removed: using array association for wp_remote* results
prevent warnings on invalid html templates
Version 2.1.13 (2016-06-04)
improved: support for RTL on all admin pages and subscriber button
added: added mymail_frontpage_logo_link to alter the link to the homepage on the front page
fixed: wrong order of names in detail view of subscribers
fixed: links were not mapped correctly when used in wp_mail in some cases
Version 2.1.12 (2016-06-03)
added: [newsletter_subscribers] now supports lists attribute to limit count to certain lists
added: option to define the name order for countries/languages where last name is before first name
improved: better fall back in update class on unsupported SSL
improved: better placement for “Use it!” option on forms
Version 2.1.11 (2016-04-18)
fully tested with WP 4.5
improved: links in the editor of finished campaigns are opened in a new tab
improved: mapping of links when used with wp_mail
fixed: some themes overwrite icon files
fixed: invalid SQL query on some notifications
prevent PHP Warnings
Version 2.1.10 (2016-03-03)
remove languages from core plugin read more
improved: text handling
improved: handling of referrers
fixed: server error on test mails if sending fails
fixed: meta data with % caused invalid SQL statement
Version 2.1.9 (2016-02-29)
improved: better sanitation of template html to prevent unsupported tags like ``are saved.
improved: template coping on activation
fixed: editor included multiple modules if switched back from codeview
fixed: missing assets on lists detail page
fixed: PHP warnings on templates page
fixed: issue during list merge when subscriber is assigned to both lists
Version 2.1.8 (2016-02-22)
improved: template editing on the templates page
changed: test emails on campaign overview are now sent independently if more emails where added.
fixed: unsubscribe button missing if single sign out is enabled
fixed: wrong links to assets
fixed: issue with background images not changed probably in some browsers
Version 2.1.7 (2016-02-17)
fixed: SMTP connect() issue on some servers caused bygot_url_rewrite method
fixed: PHP warning on settings page on first save and on frontpage
removed: unused PHPMailer library
added: Thai and Japanese languages
Version 2.1.6 (2016-02-16)
improved: use of template_redirect hook to prevent issues with third party plugins
improved: activation processes
fixed: check for wp_error in create_image method to prevent error output
fixed: broken styles in codeview
Version 2.1.5 (2016-02-12)
added: edit form link on frontpage to quickly access form settings
improved: cleanup after custom field gets removed
improved: handling of newsletter homepage
improved: handling of redirection
improved: unzipping third party templates
change: web version no longer applies the_excerpt filters to prevent output of style information with some themes
fixed: sanitize archive slug
Version 2.1.4 (2016-02-11)
fixed: issue where some people were not able to unsubscribe
Version 2.1.3 (2016-02-05)
improved: handling external (embedded) forms on the site where MyMail is installed.
improved: template files selection from the editor allows now scrolling when many files are present
change: forwarding via frontpage now uses the email defined in the settings to prevent conflict with third party ESPs.
fixed: issue with the7 theme by DreamTheme
fixed: missing content on unsubscribe page
fixed: issue on RTL sites with forms
fixed: comment in PHPMailer class causes security concerns
fixed: issue when creating custom fields
Version 2.1.2 (2016-02-04)
added: option to select different phpMailer version
added: better info for archive page in the settings
added: option to define archive slug
added: option to disable thumbnails for modules
improved: they way module thumbnails are displayed
improved: handling of archive page on some themes
improved: templates page and handling for template activation
Version 2.1.1 (2016-02-01)
added: option to change custom field ids
fixed: issue when getting templates on some servers
fixed: labels of custom fields are now respected on forms
fixed: issue where content is used instead of excerpt
fixed: issue when unsubscribe is custom and newsletter homepage is the frontpage
Version 2.1 (2016-01-26)
new: update background images in campaigns like regular ones
new: subscribe button
new: time based auto responders can now get triggered when a certain amount of posts have been published
new: improved dashboard widget
new: single-sign-out
new: do-not-track feature
new: subscriber rating
new: add “mymail_ignore” post value to bypass post in campaigns
new: option to get notification on unsubscribes
new: frontend social icons
new: shortcode for subscribers count
new: premium template activation and update right from the templates page
new: new custom field type: textarea
new: added honeypot to forms
new: receivers segmentation ratings, forms and referer
new: receivers segmentation by regular expressions
new: Distraction-free-writing similar to WP natives feature
new: bounce handling of transactional mails like notifications
new: allow users to update their data via any form
new: option to delete WordPress User if Subscriber gets removed
new: tags {post_category[term]:-1} displays a list of terms
new: webversions now respect “Search Engine Visibility” settings
improved: campaign editor
improved: view on mobile devices
improved: handling of object caches
change: forms have now their matching field name in name attribute (backward compatibility given)
change: tabindex on forms removed
change: remove option “embed_form_css”
change: forms now always ajax based if JavaScript is enabled
change: only post_status of finished and Active on the archive page
change: required class changed from “required” to “mymail-required” on forms to prevent conflicts with other plugins
Version 2.0.34 (2016-01-14)
fixed: unsubscribe page didn’t work in some cases cause of the fix in 2.0.33
Version 2.0.33 (2016-01-08)
hotfix: #35031 cause problems when newsletter homepage is frontpage
Version 2.0.32 (2016-01-08)
fixed: wrong redirections on welcome page with ceratin caching plugins
fixed: issue with ACF plugin and others where the editor was empty
Version 2.0.31 (2015-12-22)
update: update class
added info for MyMail 2.1 beta
Version 2.0.30 (2015-11-20)
fixed: typo when get default timezone
fixed: headings in WP 4.4
fixed: Strict Standards warning
fixed: error handling on form submit
fixed: warnings on missing fsock_open
added: new tag {post_shortlink:X} which uses wp_get_shortlink()
Version 2.0.29 (2015-11-10)
fixed: PHP notice
fixed: wrong local issue
fixed: updating wp-cron interval now actually updates the current cron interval
fixed: force wp-cron if not triggered for over an hour
fixed: status were set to “pending” if imported with merged option and ignore status
fixed: issue with certain user time based autoresponders in different timezones
fixed: wrong calculation of next schedule if current is in the past for more than 48 hours
fixed: caching issue with some object cache plugins
fixed: issue with undefined signup date on import
fixed: error in queue when custom field count is > 55
update: using {post_image:123} == {attachment_image:123} if 123 is an image ID
Version 2.0.28 (2015-09-19)
fixed: plaintext view was visible on active camapings in WP 4.3
added notice for users with PHP version < 5.3
Version 2.0.27 (2015-08-31)
fixed: XSS vulnerability on backend – Thanks to swte!
fixed: Missing CSS on welcome page
updated: database structure
Version 2.0.26 (2015-07-04)
fixed: Missing image variable on addons page
fixed: optimize tables run on mymail_cron
fixed: profile uses correct form on update
fixed: custom field data gets deleted on user profile update (#3)
fixed: exporting status was missing
fixed: sync user meta via user_meta_update works now correctly
fixed: dashboard widget shows CTR while it should show ACTR (Adjusted Click Through Rate)
fixed: curly brackets for tags where urlencoded in used templates which prevents tags in urls from working
fixed: issue with some WordPress User meta data in receivers segmentation
fixed: empty form array
fixed: some PHP notices
fixed: list of campaigns in follow up autoresponder now ordered by status
added: option to export status code
added: new language: Hebrew
Version 2.0.25 (2015-06-10)
improved: pasted urls get trimmed to prevent trailing or leading whitespace in the editbar
update: bounce classes to get rid of some deprecated methods
update: update class to represents WordPress like behavior
fixed: missing loading spinners in campaign edit screen
fixed: php notice in queue class
fixed: update didn’t show supported versions and other meta data
fixed: finishing paused campaigns is now possible as well
fixed: missing subscriber meta field names on receivers meta box on finished campaigns
fixed: mail headers should always be strings
change: aspect ratio is now calculated from the original image
change: relative tags (eg {post_title:-1}) in finished campaigns get now converted to absolute like in autoresponders
Version 2.0.24 (2015-05-24)
improved: visual clarity in receivers condition
updated: welcome page
fixed: ajax update of plugin in list view (WP 4.2+)
fixed: invisible plain text textarea
fixed: welcome mail not empty anymore
fixed: {issue} tag now works in placeholder and from name
fixed: autoresponder with post tags get populated even if no post tags were applied
fixed: issue with custom hook autoresponders only get sent once
fixed: wrong redirection after bulk action in subscribers and list view
fixed: autoresponder are triggered more than once in rare cases
fixed: database tables were not created on plugin activation
added: debug info for test mails via SMTP
Version 2.0.23 (2015-04-15)
improved: handling of timezones with names of locations instead of offset
fixed: issue with WP 4.2.2
fixed: images of RSS feeds now display correctly again
fixed: profile update with non selected lists works
fixed: removed unwanted classes from images in the editor causing breaking the responsiveness in some third party templates
fixed: issue in editor with third party templates
Version 2.0.22 (2015-01-15)
fixed: security issue on forms
improved: response time on editbar
improved: correct schema on forms
Version 2.0.21 (2014-12-24)
added: option to import WordPress users without a role
added: option to finish active and paused campaigns manually
added: check if permalinks not working correctly
improved: removed loading of some unnecessary graphics in WP >3.8
improved: queue handling now takes less memory and time
improved: better handling of html tags in form field labels
change: time based autoresponder now gets queued 1h before when user based timezone is unchecked)
change: forms are now disabled on submit and cleared on success
fixed: issue with language
fixed: issue with tracking links when permalinks are default
fixed: confirmation now send for unsubscribed subscribers which sign up again
fixed: issue with latest post if category is different
fixed: creating segments with some characters failed
Version 2.0.20 (2014-12-05)
added: aria-* attributes in form elements for better accessibility
added: option to define the form for profiles on the form settings page
added: mymail_post_submit filter for third party plugins
change: list selection is no longer required on signup forms
change: logged in users can now update their subscription on the profile page without clicking a link in a campaign
fixed: remove excerpt from the overviews page
fixed: forward by mail is working again correctly
fixed: WP users to subscribers issue fixed
fixed: return to Add Ons Page link after plugin installation removed
fixed: issue with conditions on date fields other than custom fields
Version 2.0.19 (2014-11-24)
change: links in test mails are now mapped like in real campaigns
change: user time autoresponder now get inactive if date field gets removed
change: user time autoresponder now requires a date field
improved: better handling of ALT attributes in editor
improved: editor performance
improved: better handling of custom dynamic tags
added: date field have now a “datepicker” class on the frontend
added: mymail_verify_subscriber filter for third party plugins
added: mymail_verify_list filter for third party plugins
added: mymail_update_subscriber action hook
fixed: user time autoresponder now correctly handle dates with different daylight saving times (DST)
fixed: timezone based sending related to DST
fixed: British time format is now supported correctly (date format settings must be d/m/Y)
fixed: issue when visual editor is disabled causing a page reload
Version 2.0.18 (2014-11-14)
added: option to delete subscriber if it’s WordPress user gets deleted
fixed: new subscriber information were sent twice in some cases
fixed: displayed checkbox on registration page without option
fixed: removed main menu when no submenu or users have no capabilities
improved: better routine to determine if it’s registration or a third party addition
fixed: issue with tags resolved
Version 2.0.17 (2014-11-10)
change: totals now doesn’t include bounces by default
added: overview displays now click-through-rate (CTA) and adjusted click-through-rate (ACTR)
added: overview displays now unsubscribe-rate and adjusted unsubscribe-rate (ACTR)
added: option to remove template files on the templates page
improved: template file savings
fixed: notifications for new subscribers are now sent when double opt in is disabled
fixed: bug when changing background image link causing an injection of all modules
update: export uses now WP_Filesystem class
fixed: replyTo address are now reseted correctly
Version 2.0.16 (2014-11-04)
updated: bounce handler class to 2.7.4
added: subscribers->add method has now a merge option
added: mu-mymail-cron.php for the mu-plugins folder to get a real corn working with path problems
fixed: path issue in newsletter-script.js
fixed: some division by zero warnings
fixed: some third party plugins causes problems with used WP_Query
fixed: “&” were converted to “&” on some servers
fixed: public class was private in mail class
fixed: wrong notification text in news subscribers notification
improved: wp cron trigger
Version 2.0.15 (2014-11-04)
added: create list based on opens, clicks and unopens in finished campaigns working again
added: option to select specific user roles when WordPress Users should get subscribers
added: additional info to system info page
improved: better handling of db collation on plugin activation
change: MyMail templates used with third party plugins have now in lined styles
fixed: click badges now shows correct percentages
fixed: external page broke if used internal with ajax enabled
fixed: error while exporting subscribers with no lists assigned on some servers
fixed: whitespace in placeholder class caused some “headers already sent” warnings
compress image files to reduce filesize
Version 2.0.14 (2014-10-25)
added: referrer of user now included in the “new subscriber” message
added: double opt in can now get defined individually for comment subscriptions and WP registrations
updated: notice system now allows to dismiss all messages at once
updated: option to only use MyMail templates but using the default wp_mail method (fixes some third party plugin issues)
improved: total count for posts in the editbar
change: subscriber via the WordPress User page doesn’t require a list anymore
fixed: malicious link to delicious service
fixed: issue where bounce message didn’t get out in some cases
fixed: subscribers count with conditions where custom fields have a dash in the name*
fixed: missing form CSS on linked stylesheet
Version 2.0.13 (2014-10-20)
added: option to define signup date on import
added: bulk option to set status to pending
fixed: wrong bounce rate percentage
fixed: autosave striped some tags when users with wrong capabilities create campaigns
fixed: a problem with nice urls on some server
fixed: some links in emails end up on wrong destinations in some cases
fixed: profile page wasn’t accessible with old URL structure
fixed: unsubscribe form showed up twice on some pages
fixed: bug with Jetpacks Photon extension on dynamic images
fixed: wrong queue size cause of localized microtime settings
fixed: subscribe via comment works now when only approved comments are set
fixed: new subscriber notification works again when adding subscribers via backend
Version 2.0.12 (2014-10-14)
fixed: issue with tags in href attributes on saved templates
fixed: issue with third party plugins which uses wp_mail
fixed: issue with some ISS servers and rewrite rules
fixed: import progress no longer breaks on duplicate subscribers in some cases
fixed: confirmation uses the base template in rare cases
fixed: all images are now served via https if page is on a secure connection
improved update progress
Version 2.0.11 (2014-10-11)
fixed: bug with third party plugins which uses template_redirecthook
change: testmails include now custom fields if available
Version 2.0.10 (2014-10-10)
added: option to define custom newsletter homepage slugs
added: you can now use {linkaddress} in the confirmation message to get only the confirmation link
fixed: dynamic images now respects the aspect ratio of the original image
fixed: problem with page slugs when used by a third party plugin (resave permalinks!)
fixed: issue with choosing WP user role in conditional fields causes 0 receivers
Version 2.0.9 (2014-10-07)
fixed: problem with updating on multisite. If you can’t update from version <= 2.0.8 update via FTP and a copy from CodeCanyon (
update: improved update progress
Version 2.0.8 (2014-10-06)
fixed: better error handling of not sendable subscribers
fixed: headers applied to wp_mail are now respected (including from address)
fixed: error messages of subscribers are now shown in the activities
fixed: a bug in editor with some third party templates
fixed: subscriber based and follow up auto responders respect the selected lists
fixed: some campaigns no longer finish with 0 receivers
fixed: creating and editing subscribers from the user profile page requires now certain capabilities
change: retry interval for subscribers after error increased to 3
change: better display of email address in subscribers overview if name is unknown
added: option to pause campaign on delivery error in the delivery settings
Version 2.0.7 (2014-10-03)
fixed: a bug in editor with some third party templates
fixed: bounces are now not included in totals of finished campaigns
fixed: issue with time based auto responders where local time has an offset to UTC more than 6 hours
fixed: redirection issue where some environments doesnt respecttemplate_include’ hook
fixed: missing unsubscribe form when used as short codes
fixed: changing template caused redirection to login if on https site
change: switched back to PHPMailer 5.2.7 which causes less issues with some ESPs
Version 2.0.6 (2014-10-01)
fixed: wrong sent number when soft-bounces have been resent
fixed: pages didn’t work with certain slugs
fixed: redirection didn’t work if no post was defined
change: search queries are kept after bulk action on subscribers page and lists page
added: option to bulk add/remove subscribers to lists
fixed: timestamp didn’t saved on signup autoresponders
Version 2.0.5 (2014-09-30)
fixed: issues with bulk actions for lists and subscribers
Version 2.0.4 (2014-09-327)
fixed: issues with bulk actions for lists and subscribers
fixed: some PHP Notices and Strict warnings
fixed: geo issue in PHP 5.6+
fixed: time based auto responders now respects the “user times based” option
added: option to resend confirmation to pending subscribers
Version 2.0.3 (2014-09-27)
fixed: newsletter homepage can now be either site homepage or a subpage (resave permalinks!)
fixed: redirection after submit and confirmation working again
fixed: archive pages shows newsletters in iframe again
translation update
Version 2.0.2 (2014-09-27)
fixed: last name field wasn’t clickable in some browsers
fixed: error with time based autoresponder
change: system info page is now only accessible for admins
change: maximum of custom fields limited to 58
added: Author information on the add ons page
updated: small UI update on subscriber details pages
fixed: hidden list in subscribers detail view
fixed: hidden list in subscribers detail view
Version 2.0.1 (2014-09-26)
fixed: hidden list in subscribers detail view
fixed: some warnings in campaing.class.php
fixed: subscribers from third party plugins are imported now imported as subscribed if no status is set
change: tinyMCE editor has now more buttons for the content
change: signup and confirm date is current timestamp if not defined explicitly
Version 2.0 (2014-09-24)
new database structure
action hook based autoresponder
user date based autoresponder (birthday greetings)
follow up autoresponder
environment of your subscribers
WordPress User synchronization
Improved editor let you faster create your campaigns
Drag ‘n drop images from your desktop right into your newsletter
auto updating statistics
custom date fields
timezone based sending
profile editing for subscribers
lot of other stuff
Version 1.6.6 (2014-04-07)
you can now use post meta values in tags with {post_meta[meta_key]:XX}
added fix for html mails if used with MyMail
fixed a bug with double labels on checkboxes
added mymail-list class to ul tags in forms
ajax forms have now mymail-ajax-form class
fixed a bug where form redirects to wrong location after confirmation
fixed a bug where the settings page doesn’t get loaded caused by a corrupt geo db
fixed a bug while importing with meta values
send date for autoresponders fixed
notices are now removed with an ajax request
changes clickbadge look
changed internal button class to mymail-btn
moved System info page
bug fixes
fixed a bug were certain comments causes layout breaks
added bulk deletion of pending subscribers
added better handling for background images
HTML conditional comments are now preserved (required for Outlook hacks)
improved update class
fixed title shows {subject} in the web version
fixed some flickering on the edit screen with certain templates
fixed some minor bugs
new: redirect user to a dedicate “thank you” page after confirmation (double-opt-in only)
fixed: bug where emails are empty sometimes on third party plugins
other small fixes
Version 1.6.5 (2014-01-24)
double-opt-in options are now form related
new subscribers get form and page they subscribed from
new language: Persian
fixed bugs with wrong content urls or urls located outside of the WordPress directory
fixed some bugs with rtl languages
fixed some minor bugs
fixed problem with some characters in images
fixed problem with google plus URLs in autoresponders
added video and audio tags in whitelist
better geo db handling
improved cron for more server types
option to select all capabilities at once per role
fixed some spelling mistakes
small bug fixes
open to choose meta values for WordPress users import
fixed a bug for embedded hight DPI images on Apple Mail 7+
fixed wrong character encoding in subject and from field
fixed multipart mails in mails with linked images
small bug fixes
Version 1.6.4 (2013-12-11)
fully tested with WordPress 3.8 RC2
new icons for WordPress 3.8
new edit icons
new archive function – display newsletters like post in an archive
reset button in settings
switched geo db location
suppress some warnings in invalid html templates
importing WP users now respects defined roles
placholder images now work with missing GD library
added area an map tags in the whitelist
manually uploads of geo db now works correctly
fixed – user registration now works on custom registration pages
fixed – bug when user subscribes and merge lists was active
lot of small bug fixes
fix a with some third party plugins
fix a bug for PHP < 5.3
passed headers get now progressed if wp_mail is used
Version 1.6.3 (2013-11-09)
improved bounce handling
support for soft bounces
redesigned settings page
MyMail now respects WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL if they are defined in the wp-config.php
bug fix on frontpage with forwarding newsletters via email autosave fixes in WP 3.7+
able to use WP native local storage backup (WP 3.7+)
bugfix on dynamic images with wrong height calculation
updated inline style class
all external data get now served from bitbucket (was dropbox)
fix bug were some “” show up in some clients in certain emails
fixed some Strict Standards bugs (WP 3.7+)
json responses returns now correct header
embedded images are of by default now
fixed bug in update class with multiple plugins
fixed bug with custom background iamges in the editor
updated language files
works now with the MyMail Mandrill Integration Plugin
lot of small bug fixes
better scrolling behavior
better placement of the editbar
fixed: wrong calculation of height in external images
fixed: error thrown in some third party plugins which use the wp_mail function
fixed: clickmap doesn’t show percentage
fixed: first module lost module wrap after saving
Version 1.6.2 (2013-10-11)
you can now drag modules within the editor to rearrange them
updated phpMailer to 5.2.7 (changelog)
added port check for SMTP connections
custom tags now get campaign ID and subscriber ID if available
custom tags no longer get replaced by their content on finished campaigns
user values get only overwritten if defined
user meta values can now get assigned to custom field during import
removed deprecative jQuery methods
better error infos for JS error
bug fixes
Version 1.6.1 (2013-09-18)
head part of templates are now respected
option to change the campaign slug from “newsletter” to a custom value
better wrapping of URL to prevent 403 errors
issues with large amount of images solved
bug fixes
Version 1.6.0 (2013-09-12)
new template language
included template updated to 3.0 with new template language
new: included foreign RSS feed in your campaign
new: text buttons
new: syntax highlighting in code view
new: code view for modules
custom templates now include all modules by default
custom templates can now have custom modules
modules can now get renamed (to save custom modules)
option to wrap single line elements with links
user images are now based on WordPress avatars in the first place and Gravatars if the do not exists
editor now offers paragraphs and headings
editor now offers color picker for text
newsletter homepage dropdown on settings page now shows published, private and drafted pages
fixed subscribe button label which was “1” in some cases
small bug fixes
Version 1.5.8 (2013-08-09)
new: segmentation based on user values
new shortcode: [newsletter_list] (display the latest newsletters in as a list)
change: {post_date}, {post_modified} now displays only the date. use {post_time}, {post_modified_time} to display only the time
added new option for creating list after campaign (1.5.7): “who has not received”
added option to label submit button for each form
subscribers notification now contains a google map if available
added option to filter receivers in finished campaigns
updated minicolors plugin to version 2.0
renamed metabox “Lists” to “Receivers”
tags now work correctly within links
retina ready avatars for subscribers
fixed wrong redirections
updated easy pie charts
fixed bug in Polish translation (was Spanish)
fixed: error in geo ip class
Version 1.5.7 (2013-07-25)
create new lists on finished (or active) campaigns based on:
all recipients
who has opened
who has opened but not clicked
who has opened and clicked
who has not opened
search for subscribers now includes custom field values
optimized cronjob to use less memory
updated languages
added user information to subscriber mail
new avatars for unknown subscribers
updated easy piechart plugin
option to bulk convert subscribers with status “error” back to “subscribed”
fixed bug where categories doesn’t get saved on autoresponders
fixed google plus share link
bug fixes
Version 1.5.6 (2013-07-08)
now works with the Google Analytics and the Piwik add-on
don’t convert emails to mailto links anymore (why)
fixed a bug with hash tags in links
fixed bugs with third party shortcodes
fixed bug with geo db
fixed bugs for confirmation messages
updated update class
Version 1.5.5 (2013-06-27)
new option to check Spam score (beta)
option to get notified about new subscribers
new language: Portuguese (Brazil)
added {post_author_name}, {post_author_email},{post_author_url}, {post_author_nicename} dynamic tags
{post_excerpt} now uses wp_trim_words() on the content if no excerpt is set
changed pie charts to easy-piecharts
removed isNotSpam option
added option to reset limits
added option to change language of texts if available
fixed a bug on network activation
fixed error on to many fallback images on the settings page
bug fixes on delivery meta box
Version 1.5.4 (2013-06-06)
new – time base autoresponder
option to change charset and encoding
optimized translations
added – forms now get a “loading” classes if the form is progressing
added – option to define the label of each field of every form
option to hide the asterisk of required fields in forms
fixed – form throws error if custom function doesn’t return a value
fixed – issue with the stats on the dashboard widget
new function “mymail_get_subscriber”
added option to embed form css
fixed – some not latin characters in url prevent redirections
fixed – alt text of buttons didn’t show up in the editbar
important fix for missing background colors
Version 1.5.3 (2013-05-17)
auto responder now have full statistics
added – convert single line texts to images with a click
improved update class for better performance
updated some geo location files
fixed – spelling issue in text after widget
small bug fixes
Version 1.5.2 (2013-05-06)
prepared for an upcoming plugin – stay tuned!
new Twitter integration for Twitter API 1.1 – requires access credentials
bug fixes
performance improvements
bug fixes
better behavior of the edit bar
option to keep status of existing subscribers on import
editor now insert paragraphs correctly
cleaned up editor buttons
DKIM issue fixed – re-save settings if you had issues
several bug fixes
Version 1.5.1 (2013-04-12)
fixes some Call-time pass-by-reference errors
Version 1.5.0 (2013-04-12)
works now on network sites
better import for WordPress users
added – option to merge imported contacts with existing ones
added – bounce server test
added – import WordPress users via Manage subscribers page
removed – auto import of WordPress User on plugin activation
option to define notification template for forms
option to update geo database
option to upload custom geo database
lot of small bug fixes
Version 1.4.1 (2013-03-12)
added – allow users to sign up on new comment
added – allow users to sign up on register
added subscribers avatar to subscribers list
updated PHPMailer to verison 5.2.4
option to add vCard to confirmation mails
send test to multiple receivers with comma separated list
new text “Newslettersignup”
bug fixes
Version 1.4.0 (2013-03-01)
Please finish all campaigns before update or you may have wrong stats in running campaigns!
NEW dynamic post tags
NEW automatically send your latest post, pages or custom post types to your subscribers with auto responders
updated templates
new improved stats on the campaign detail page for each subscriber with opens and clicks
added – better mobile preview
added – insert image from URL
added – HTML as output form on the export tab
added – option to duplicate modules
improved sending queue – now uses up to 60% less resources
improved cron window with more info
fixed – problems when importing and exporting with some special characters
fixed – campaign stopped if subscriber caused the error
fixed – some CSS issues in gecko browsers
if you have premium templates check them for updates!
Version 1.3.6 (2013-02-04)
updated included template to version 2.0:
added more social icons
updated section for editbar: buttons
added – welcome page
removed – my first campaign
added – option for merge lists via settings
Version 1.3.5 (2013-01-24)
added – HTML form embedding
added – redirect after submit to any URL
added – checkboxes for custom tags
updated language. now available in:
Version 1.3.4 (2013-01-10)
added – pending tab in manage subscribers for unconfirmed users
templates are now located in the upload directory
added – option to uses a custom country/city database
added – option to resend confirmation notice after a defined time
fixed – confirmation mails doesn’t effect limits
Version 1.3.3 (2012-12-31)
Completely rewritten subscriber management with improved upload, export and bulk deletion
removed – old import/export section
added – new capability ‘manage subscribers’ to give access to the new page
added – option to pre-fill known user data in forms if user is logged in
added – forms in widgets now have a ‘mymail-in-widget’ class
added – optional text before and after the form in widgets
performance improvements
small bug fixes
fixed – inline labels are not visible in IE>
Bug fixed for sending problems
small fix
Quick fix for sending problems
small bug fixes
Version 1.3.2 (2012-12-19)
Please finish all campaigns before update!
added – support for the new Media uploader in WP 3.5
improved Editbar:
better preview of posts, images and link
links includes now all other pages too
double click on the element you like to edit
double click on an image in the editbar to insert it instantly
campaigns now get paused if an error occurs during sending
fixed – subscribers falsely get marked as “error”
fixed – missing HTML tab in the editbar
fixed – conflicts
fixed – autoresponder not triggered if duplicated
a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements
fixed – autoresponder get sent twice in some cases
fixed – send problems in some cases
fixed a small bug
added mymail_subscribe and mymail_unusbscribe functions
Version 1.3.1 (2012-12-12)
Better DKIM setup
Better SPF help
Fully tested in WordPress 3.5
optimized delivery method page
added – option to enable pagination on frontpage
added – bulk delete of subscribers
added – track subscribers IP and signup time (optional)
added – SSL support for bounce mail server (POP3)
added – “List-Unsubscribe” header with link to unsubscribe page
added – Gmail delivery method
added – optional delay between mails in campaigns
fixed – empty Form CSS now prevents enqueuing form CSS
fixed – required asterix always show up for names
fixed – links didn’t work in some cases in Outlook 2007
many bug fixes
Version 1.3.0 (2012-11-27)
Track vistors cities
added – {forwad} tag to allow forwarding your newsletter
added – inline label for forms (optional)
images from custom templates in the template directory are now saved with relative path
added – better feedback for saving templates on the templates page
fixed – invalid emails are getting imported
fixed – images are always embedded in notification mails
fixed – headers are not set in some cases
Version 1.2.2 (2012-11-15)
MyMail Template updated to 1.3
added – embed your form on another site
added – new capability “manage capabilities”
added – campaigns now sortable by status
fixed – Auto responder not sent if limit reached
fixed – more loadHTML issues
small bug fixes and performance improvements
fixed – loadHTML error in some cases
fixed – HTML editor not available in some cases
fixed – HTML doesn’t get changed on Firefox in some cases
fixed – small bug in Javascript
added – auto responders now get send on bulk import too
updated form CSS to better match twenty eleven and twenty twelve theme
fixed – editor doesn’t close if tinymce is disabled
fixed – auto responders get send again after update
Version 1.2.1 (2012-10-18)
added – better support for custom templates
added – new option: email limit for a certain period
better forms now works with JS disabled
prefix for import and template page
improved post and image list
localized number formatting
fixed – some “Call time passed by reference errors”
fixed – bug in wp_mail
fixed – bulk import with “wrong” line breaks
fixed – auto responders can get activated without permission
small bug fixes
Version 1.2.0 (2012-10-15)
new – auto responders
webversion link now working in test mails
Dashboard widget settings removed – now only through capabilities
List descriptions are now included in the form
WordPress system mails now uses notification template (optional)
loading graphic updated for retina support
Version (2012-10-09)
fixed – problems with form CSS
Version 1.1.1 (2012-10-09)
custom color schemas can now get deleted
better custom color handling for templates
active campaigns are not editable anymore (must be paused)
campaign statistics for active campaigns
added – texts tab, better text management in settings page
fixed – Bulk import breaks in some cases
fixed – wrong click count if cron was running
Version 1.1.0 (2012-10-04)
new – capabilities
new – Bulk Import for large subscriber lists
performance improvements
lists in forms now optional drop downs
change value of “First Name”, “Last Name” via settings panel
improved custom fields with support for textfields, drop downs or radio buttons
fixed – scroll down to the bottom on frontpage not possible
Version 1.0.1 (2012-09-24)
Different ajax action for exporting subscribers (was not so common)
small fixes
Version 1.0 (2012-09-24)
Initial Release

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