LISTABLE v1.15.4 – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme

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Listable là một chủ đề WordPress thư mục danh sách sẽ giúp bạn tạo, quản lý và kiếm tiền từ một trang web danh mục cục bộ hoặc toàn cầu. Hãy đặt mục tiêu của riêng bạn và nhận các địa điểm yêu thích của bạn được liệt kê trực tuyến!

Link Demo :


Plugin bắt buộc hoặc được đề xuất:

  1. WP Job Manager ( bắt buộc / miễn phí ) để Quản lý danh sách chung
  2. WooCommerce ( bắt buộc / miễn phí ) để kiếm tiền
  3. Tùy chỉnh ( miễn phí ) cho Tạo kiểu và Tùy chỉnh
  4. Nhận xét Xếp hạng ( miễn phí )
  5. Biểu tượng danh mục ( miễn phí )
  6. PixTypes ( miễn phí )
  7. JetPack ( miễn phí )
  8. Biểu tượng menu ( miễn phí )
  9. Nav Menu Roles ( miễn phí )

Các plugin cao cấp được minh họa trên Demo của chúng tôi:

  • WooCommerce Bookings (optional): Offer a reservation feature.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (optional): Sell subscription based listing packages.
  • WP Job Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings (optional)
  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks (optional)
  • WP Job Manager – Claim Listing (optional)
  • WP Job Manager – Tags (optional)
  • Search WP (optional): Improve default WordPress search system.

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

Free Download LISTABLE v1.15.4 – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme nulled changelog
Version 1.15.3 Jan 11, 2022

This is an update to fix a couple of inconsistencies that have gathered around:

Fixes FacetWP 3.9+ compatibility
Fixes some styling issues
Fixes PHP 8.0 compatibility

Keep being awesome and stay safe,


Version 1.15.2 Mar 03, 2021

This minor update will smooth some things under the hood, so your theme will be compatible with the next WordPress release (5.7).

Enjoy it and keep being awesome 💪

Version 1.15.1 Dec 16, 2020

After the latest update, some dropdown menus were not working anymore. This update will solve the problem.

We are sorry for that and promise to do better. 🤗

Version 1.15.0 Dec 15, 2020

We hope that everything is going well in your part of the world, despite the circumstances.

This update is about consistency throughout the pages of your website:

The select field icon was not always visible. It will be from now.
The Search Form placeholder from Header was not vertically centered in Mozilla Firefox. We fixed that.
If the height of a submenu was bigger than your display height, that submenu could not be scrolled. Now you can do that.

Listable theme was tested and is compatible with WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8.0.

Stay safe 🤗

Version 1.14.0 Oct 12, 2020
Howdy! 👋

We love what we do and we're always looking to improve our products. This theme update comes with the following:

Updated the WooCommerce files. The theme was tested with WooCommerce 4.5.2.
Now you can nicely display more product images on Single Product if you want.
The subscription-based listings used to show the chosen period twice, now that's fixed, too.
The Field Editor for WP Job Manager plugin recently made some changes, so we had to make the Listable theme compatible with the plugin and everything works well again.

Enjoy the lovely days of autumn 🍂

Version 1.13.0 Jun 19, 2020

Mapbox recently deprecated support for Mapbox Studio Classic Styles. That means map styles were not working anymore. Because we care, we updated Mapbox integration to use the latest API, and also we added 2 new map styles.

We also fixed the WooCommerce known issues, so now the product image can be displayed in a lightbox, and the Product Title in Cart links to the Product Page, just like it should.

The Listable theme was tested with WordPress version 5.4.2.

Stay safe!

Version 1.12.0 Apr 06, 2020

We hope you are well.

Some of you recently reported a few compatibility issues with two important plugins — WP Field Editor for WP Job Manager and WooCommerce Subscriptions. We investigated further and fixed them, so even if you use or not these plugins, it's recommended updating.

Stay safe! 🤗

Version 1.11.0 Feb 12, 2020

Vincent Van Gogh said: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

We deeply believe that, so in the last few weeks we worked to get new improvements for our Listable theme. With this update, you will see a series of bug fixes and improvements that will make both you and your visitor’s experience greater.

Listing Category Icons are now completely and correctly imported with Starter Content.
The Map on Mobile view works now as expected.
The listings were not displayed when Regions for WP Job Manager was used together with the FacetWP plugin.
The 404 Not Found Page contained both WordPress by default search field and Listing search field, too. That was confusing, so we fixed that and now the page shows less and useful information.
Navigation Font Size & Font Weight via Customizer used to not work as it should. We fixed that, too.
Updated WooCommerce templates. The Listable theme works perfectly now with WooCommerce 3.9.0.

By the way, if life were a video game, what would some of the cheat codes be? 😃

Use [email protected] to send us your answers or to tell us about any problem you find in the Listable theme.

Live long and prosper! 🖖

Version 1.10.1 Nov 18, 2019
Hey there!

We've made a few adjustments to improve migration of older typography controls to the new font palettes system.


Version 1.10.0 Nov 13, 2019

This is a highly requested update, we know that. Your patience is truly appreciated and rewarded now because the update comes with many bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements.


We moved Style Manager to the next level and besides changing the colors with ease, now you can change the fonts, too. See how it works and give it a try by going to Appearance → Customize → Style Manager.
Now you can sell tickets very easy because Listable is now compatible with WooCommerce Box Office plugin.
When adding a listing, your site visitors can save it as a draft and continue submitting it later. This option was introduced by WP Job Manager recently and now we included in Listable, too.


You asked we listened — now you can add Page Subtitle on Blog Archive, too, just like any other pages.
We have removed Schema markup generated by WPJM that was causing errors in Google Search Console. From now on a valid Schema markup is generated by the theme, so your website can rank higher.
We made forms styling more consistent across 3rd party plugins. So if you use one of the most popular contact forms plugins, there’s nothing to worry about, they are all made to have the same style as Listable (Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, WP Forms).


Fixed an annoying bug when the search function was not working correctly. Everything’s fine now, the search experience is back to normal.
When using Load More addon from FacetWP, the Archive Listing scrolled up automatically. We fixed that, so you can use the Load More button now.
The Filter and Back buttons on the Listings Archive were not displayed on mobile, which is not the case anymore.
Fixed the search function on the 404 Page, when using FacetWP.
Fixed an issue visible on iPad with a drop-down menu from the home page do not scroll once selected.
“All Regions” drop-down menu was not displayed in the mobile view.
The Load More Listings did not display the loading spinner.
In the latest iOS version 13, when viewing the listing in full map view, the scroll didn’t work.
Fixed duplicate excerpt displayed on Single Post, when the excerpt field was left blank.
Certain images were missing from the demo data.

Listable runs perfectly on the latest WordPress 5.3 and is fully compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.

We’re grateful for using our Listable theme. Continue to get the most out of it and if there’s anything we can help you with, please let us know.

Cheers! 🍻

Version 1.9.7 Mar 28, 2019
Better late than never, they say. We just released an update recently, but there still were a few things that needed improvements.

First, we ensured compatibility with WordPress 5.1.x and WooCommerce 3.5.x.

Second, we fixed some styling issues, like:

categories dropdown selector on Listings Archive
the Login modal is now getting colors correctly from the Style Manager
the price label is correctly displayed everywhere
the products details are correctly aligned now in the cart.

Enjoy the improvements and celebrate the awesome days of spring! 🌻

Version 1.9.6 Feb 19, 2019

Ensured compatibility with WP Job Manager 1.32.1
Added compatibility with widgets from WP Job Manager and WooCommerce
WooCommerce Templates were updated to 3.5.4.
Removed Google Maps API Key field from Customizer
Blog sidebar tweaks

Fixed reCAPTCHA on the job submit page
Fixed Jetpack Infinite Scroll on Category Archive
Other small fixes
Version 1.9.4 Aug 29, 2018
A brand new way of changing the colors of your WordPress site has landed in Customify. We made a few tweaks to make your experience better.
We also fixed a bug where links in the primary menu that have submenus had to be clicked twice to work
Version 1.9.3 Jul 03, 2018
Listable is fully compatible with WordPress 4.9.6. We’ve made it ready for GDPR too, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Some other important things:

Added support for Color Palettes so you can easily personalize your site (see how it works);
Added a new field to set the default location for the map;
Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.3;
Improved compatibility with the Bookmarks - WP Job Manager plugin;
Added hooks for FacetWP. One of the advantages of this improvement is the possibility of adding a Reset button to the listings archive (see more details);
Fixed the sub-menu items on small screens;
Fixed the header video on mobile devices;
Fixed the image duplication when claiming the listing;
Fixed the homepage header from the demo data;
Fixed the target of the social links;
Version 1.9.2 Dec 07, 2017
We made sure that everything works smoothly on WordPress 4.9.1. Also, the bug with video on Hero Area not being displayed correctly has been fixed.
We ensured compatibility with version 3.2.1 of WooCommerce as well and fixed some styling issues.
Last but very important, we added Starter Content option, so you can enjoy a more pleasant way to import demo data, thanks to Pixelgrade Care plugin.
Version 1.9.1 Sep 27, 2017

We added sidebar on blog post archive and single post page.

Added compatibility with FacetWP 3.0.3.
Enhanced Spotlights Widget experience. Now you can remove a Spotlights Widget individually.
Enhanced zoom level on the map with only one result.
Added search button on mobile devices on listing archives when using FacetWP.
Enhanced footer bar on My account page.

Fixed Spotlights display issue under customizer.
Fixed RTL issues in combination with FacetWP.
Fixed flashing of Add Listing page when previewing a listing.
Fixed single listing product styling.

Version 1.9.0 Aug 17, 2017

Small improvements to the auto-update process.


Added compatibility with Claim Listing for WP Job Manager 3.6.0;
Version 1.8.10 Jul 21, 2017

Squished carousel images on various devices and browsers;

Version 1.8.9 Jul 07, 2017

Deprecated Google Maps API Key field under Appearance → Customize → Theme options →Map options. We encourage you to use the Google Maps API Key under Listings → Settings.
Enhanced "View Cart" button default color;
"Go shop" button text color adjustment;

Compatibility check:

Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.8;


Fixed theme update notifications;
Fixed hero carousel jumping to the right on load;
Fixed "Highlighted categories" in Hebrew;
Fixed "Get Directions" arrow from the Map Widget in RTL;
Fixed WooCommerce 3.1 outdated cart template;
Fixed Fatal error when using Claim Listings without WooCommerce;
Version 1.8.8 Jun 30, 2017

Changed maximum zoom level of the map to 22;

Fixed Full Width template behavior;
Fixed image file upload field to be compatible with WP Job Manager 1.26.2;
Fixed location widget positioning on mobile devices;
Fixed various RTL issues;
Fixed pin overlap for listings with the same address;

Version 1.8.7 May 25, 2017
We made a small change so you can safely update WP Job Manager to version 1.26.0.

Version 1.8.6 May 23, 2017
Added the 💎 Pixelgrade Care system to ease the installation and support processes.
Added the option to use a default placeholder on the archive for listings with no images. Here are some more details about this option and how you can use it;
Added the option to add the featured image inside the single post. Here are some more details about this option and how you can use it;
Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.7;
Changed the structure of the functions so they can get extended;
Enhanced styling for the checkout and login page;
Fixed the listing link from the archive on iOS devices;
Hotfix for the map zoom inside the listings archive on Android device;

Version 1.8.5 Apr 13, 2017
Added WooCommerce 3.0.2 compatibility
Note: This version of the theme is not offering backward compatibility and update to WooCommerce 3.0 is mandatory.

Version 1.8.4 Mar 31, 2017

Improved behavior with FacetWP
Improved security


Fixed pins showing three times when using FacetWP
Fixed the "Persons" field on bookings on Android mobile devices
Version 1.8.3 Mar 29, 2017
This is a minor update aimed at fixing some simple, but meaningful performance issues introduced in the last update. We are sorry about that.

We, just like you, take performance very seriously and constantly strive to do our part in improving it.

Version 1.8.2 Mar 18, 2017

Improved style for add listing page
Improved style for fSelect facet for FacetWP

Compatibility checks:

Added compatibility with Claim Listings 3.0.0
Added compatibility for WooCommerce Social Login 2.0
Improved compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
Compatibility check with FacetWP 2.8


Small fixes on the Customizer area
Fixed the coupon issue
Fixed style of checkout page
Fixed Internet Explorer 11 map problem
Fixed the search widget

Version 1.8.1 Jan 20, 2017
Map Hotfix;
Fixed Header Height on Mobiles;
Added the missing translation strings for No Results page;
Version 1.8.0 Jan 14, 2017
Improved the theme translation;
Improved the pagination style;
Improved the bookmarking option;
Improved FacetWP compatibility;
Added stylization for Bookings add-on;
Added new options for the theme layout;
Updated the version of Leaflet;
Fixed the category problem on the homepage widgets;
Fixed the products widget;
Fixed the problem with the map on resizing;
Fixed the import demo data;
Fixed the category field on the mobile devices;
Fixed the archive with no results;
Fixed the login form on mobile devices;
Fixed the homepage listings category widget;
Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.7;

Version 1.7.6 Oct 24, 2016
Improved FacetWP Styling
Mobile Styling and Improvements
Ensured FacetWP 2.6.5 compatibility
Ensured WP Job Manager – Extended Location 3.0.0 compatibility
Ensured WP All Import – Listable AddOn compatibility
Improved Yoast SEO compatibility regarding Missing Twitter and OpenGraph Images
Fixed Featured Packages and Listings conflict
Fixed Modal Login Issues
Updated FontAwesome Icons
Main Theme and Child Theme Cleanup
Version 1.7.5 Aug 30, 2016
We've checked for WordPress 4.6 compatibility.
Improved language .pot files and fixed some compatibility issues with WPML.
Pagination links now also scroll to the top of the page.
Fixed the tooltip link on the listings archive map.
Version 1.7.3 Aug 02, 2016
Fixed the empty Listing Categories display
Fixed some untranslatable strings and updated the language .pot file
Fixed Login form style on mobile devices
Fixed small style issues on front page
Fixed "Most Popular" badge on the WPJM Paid Listings plugin
Fixed location address white space on listings archive
Improved compatibility for WooCommerce Cart
Version 1.7.2 Jul 04, 2016
Added WooCommerce 2.6.2 compatibility
Added a Customizer field for Google Maps API key
Fixed Spotlights Widget
Fixed PHP error for Titles with Cyrillic characters
Fixed Magnific Popup arrows style
Fixed SVG icons style for tags
Updated the Child Theme example and improved the child theme style load

Version 1.7.1 Jun 08, 2016
Enabled icons on Secondary menu
Fixed Safari JavaScript error
Fixed gallery editing on front-end side on listings
Fixed IE11 Frontpage hero display issue

Version 1.7.0 Jun 03, 2016
Added "Logo while on Transparent Hero Area" Option
Added easier integration for extra Social Media Profiles (read the article)
Fixed the editing strange behaviour of the listings galleries
Fixed SVG logos and icons when their sizes are not defined
Fixed missing Shop archive pagination
Improved FacetWP performance on static pages
Improved Child theme to allow image src functions to be overwritten
Version 1.6.3 Apr 26, 2016
Fixed iPhone JavaScript issue
Version 1.6.2 Apr 25, 2016
Full WordPress 4.5.0 compatibility
WooCommerce 2.5.5 compatibility
WP Job Manager - Claim Listings 2.5.0 compatibility
Fixed FacetWP to prevent results from loading within hidden homepage template
Fixed Predefined Regions to not fail on pre-formatted addresses.
Fixed Paid Listings Package price format.
Fixed Hero Images compatibility with Jetpack - Photon
Fixed Styling issues on Windows Mobile OS
Made Frontpage Video Autoplay on iPhone
Version 1.6.1 Apr 08, 2016
Improved Language file(listable.pot)
Fixed Map Widget with an empty location address
Fixed Fonts selector for meta data and forms
Fixed Minor FaceWP fSelect type style
Version 1.6.0 Apr 04, 2016
Added styling for Featured Listings (see example)
Added possibility to change the address format on listings archive (read article)
Improved usability of geolocation button of FacetWP on small devices
Fixed not-accessible highlighted categories issue on small devices
Fixed single listing add-to-bookmarks pop-up exceeding the screen on small devices
Fixed WooCommerce broken checkout buttons on Coupon template
Fixed: map was not showing on additional listing pages(eg. categories)
Fixed: broken sub-menu items on listing archive page after scrolling
Fixed: non-translatable WooCommerce My Account log-in/log-out string
Fixed IE11 front page small width fields
Fixed Microsoft Edge FacetWP header search icon position
Version 1.5.2 Mar 11, 2016
Fixed duplicate map pins on Listings Archive when using FacetWP
Fixed z-index issue regarding Front Page Categories Highlights

Version 1.5.1 Mar 10, 2016
Improved RTL styling for FacetWP integration
Fixed Missing Function Error on Pages when FacetWP is not installed

Version 1.5.0 Mar 10, 2016
Added Description Content on Listings Categories pages (see example)
Added More Filters Area for FacetWP (see example)
Added Price for Listings with associated products on Listings Archive
Added Title and Caption for Gallery Widget image popup (see example)
Added control for the Zoom Level of the Map Widget
Improved FacetWP compatibility and styling
Fixed Image Upload on the Add Listing page
Fixed Frontpage Hero Image Background issue
Version 1.4.1 Feb 13, 2016
Improved FacetWP compatibility and styling
Added WooCommerce 2.5.2 compatibility
Added WP Job Manager 1.24.0 compatibility
Added Claim Listings 2.4.0 compatibility
Added WooCommerce Paid Listings 2.7.0 compatibility
Fixed Image Upload on the Add Listing page
Fixed Comments disable on the preview editing page
Fixed Styling issues in Firefox
Fixed Conflict between “show_map” parameter and categories with description
Fixed First image on Front Page hero in Demo Data

Version 1.4.0 Feb 01, 2016
Added Social Login support
Read Adding Social Login & Registration
Added Advanced Filtering support through FacetWP plugin integration
See it live on the Listable FacetWP Demo
Read Adding an Advanced Filtering System
Added Extended Location plugin compatibility
Added WooCommerce 2.5.x compatibility
Improved WPML compatibility
Improved RTL styling
Updated Demo Data
Fixed Add Listing flow for an active package with remaining listings spots
Fixed Secondary Menu position on Listings Archive page
Fixed Infinite Scroll on Blog
Fixed Mobile Sharing tooltips
Other small fixes and improvements
Version 1.3.1 Jan 11, 2016
Fixed search field on front page when not using pretty permalinks
Fixed search field on listings pages (wrong results or all listings)
Version 1.3.0 Jan 08, 2016
Added Extra Search Fields (Category, Location) for Front Page Hero (see example)
Added Current Username + Avatar option for Navigation (see example)
Read How to add the Current Username to the Navigation Menu?
Added Contact Forms support for listings (see example)
Read How to add a Contact Form to connect visitors with the listing owner?
Added Compatibility with major Content Builders
Read Can I use Drag & Drop Page Builder plugins?
Added a filter to display the address unformatted on the listing map widget
Tested the Product Vendors which allow vendors to sell and manage their WooCommerce products.
Improved the “show_map” parameter to remove the map from everywhere
Fixed Extended Location plugin compatibility issues
Fixed Location field misalignment on no-map page
Fixes Listing Tags editing issues
Fixed Tiled Galleries misalignment inside a listing content
Fixed Bookmarks on Safari (mobile)
Mobile Styling and Improvements

Version 1.2.5 Dec 22, 2015
Added Option to Remove Map from Listings Archive
Added Claim Listings plugin support (sold separately)
Added Full-Width page template
Added Secondary Menu to be used on “My Account” pages
Improved Styling for “My Account” Pages
Improved Scripts Loading / Optimizations
Fixed breadcrumbs listings archive broken link
Fixed word wrap issue for Hours widget

Version 1.2.1 Dec 10, 2015
Added WordPress 4.4 Compatibility
Added Auto Update Support through WUpdates Service
Added Localization Support for Address (Location)
Add Listings URL Slug Base options in Settings → Permalinks

Version 1.2.0 Dec 08, 2015
Added Products/Deals to Listings Options through the WP Job Manager – Products plugin (sold separately).
Added Booking/Reservations System support through the WooCommerce Bookings plugin (sold separately)
Added Style Presets to the Customizer
Added Listable Stock installation without any premium plugin active
New articles on the Documentation
Adding Products/Deals to Listings
Adding Bookings to Listings
Improving the Checkout Proces
Creating the Plans & Pricing Page
Improved Widgets Titles & Spacing
Fixed missing translation strings
Fixed Geolocation Map Icon from Mobile
Fixed Register/Lost Password form style
Fixed Mobile Menu on Android devices

Version 1.1.0 Nov 26, 2015
Added Regions Support
Read more on Organizing Listings by Regions
Added Search Suggestions menu
More on Managing the Search Suggestions Menu
Make it Translation Ready
Translating the Theme In Your Own Language
Help Us Translate Listable
Added Featured Images to Categories/Regions so you can display them on Front Page widgets sections.
Added starter Child Theme to the archive
Added Mute to Background Videos from Front Page hero
Added Image Fallback for Background Videos on Mobiles
Fixed Login Modal stylings
Fixed other minor JS and CSS issues

Version 1.0.3 Nov 21, 2015
Added a new,improved mobile menu.
[Frontend/Backend] Improved and fixed the preview for the public listing submission
[Frontend] Fixed star ratings not showing properly
[Frontend] Fixed page subtitles
[Backend] Improved SVG support among different hosting environments
[Backend] Fixed wrong search results number shown.

Version 1.0.2 Nov 19, 2015
Added Style Customization Options (Colors and Fonts)
Improved Search and Category Selector system for more consistency
Many UX/UI Improvements:
[Frontend] Added “Customize Front Page Sections” on Admin bar, when you’re on the Front Page, to easily access and change the layout
[Frontend] Added “Customize Listings Layout” on Admin bar, when you’re on the Single Listing page
[Backend] Better “Page Subtitle” field visibility
[Backend] Better Default Values for “Front Page” widgets
[Backend] Remove “Featured Image” section for “Front Page” template
Improved Login Form Styling
Better styling for icons when they are not SVG
Fixed Ratings on Mobile devices
Fixed missing styling for lists inside content

Version 1.0.0 Nov 16, 2015
This is where all the magic starts.
Tải Miễn Phí LISTABLE v1.15.4 – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme :

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

Xem thêm : Trọn bộ plugin, theme wordpress bản quyền

CẢNH BÁO :Đây là bản NULLED. Chúng tôi không nhận bất cứ trách nhiệm nào về mã độc, virus, malware. Nếu bạn muốn tải theme, plugin SẠCH với giá chỉ 20K thì vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

Trong khi chờ đợi, vui lòng nhấn vao quảng cáo phía trên để tác giả có phí duy trì website , xin cám ơn ^^^

In the meantime, please click on the ad so that the author has a website maintenance fee, very very very thank you ^^^ !!!!

Join our official telegram group and channel for latest updates.

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

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