JetWooBuilder v1.10.2 NULLED – Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

JetWooBuilder giúp phát triển cửa hàng WooCommerce bán chạy nhất từ đầu . Cherry-chọn các widget, chỉnh sửa, sắp xếp các phần tử và bạn sẽ đạt được một bố cục trang cửa hàng Elementor WooCommerce độc ​​đáo.

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JetWooBuilder - Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

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Gán các mẫu tùy chỉnh cho các trang Thanh toán , Tài khoản của tôi , Cảm ơn và Giỏ hàng .

JetWooBuilder - Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

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JetWooBuilder - Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

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JetWooBuilder - Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

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JetWooBuilder - Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

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Hiển thị các thuộc tính sản phẩm được áp dụng dưới dạng một bảng nhỏ gọn, có thể được tạo kiểu và đặt tiêu đề.

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

Free Download JetWooBuilder v1.10.2 NULLED – Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin nulled changelog
# ChangeLog

## [1.10.2](
* Fixed: Fixed: Product Grid/List Query conditions.

## [1.10.1](
* Updated: Cross-sell query in Products Grid/List widgets in Cart template;
* Fixed: Default addresses in Checkout templates forms;
* Fixed: Archive Product image & title permalinks in JetEngine listing with WC Product Query;
* Fixed: Cart Totals Widget mobile heading styles;
* Fixed: Empty cart template container width.

## [1.10.0](
* Added: Custom field functionality to Cart Table widget;
* Added: Fields manager for Checkout Billing & Shipping forms;
* Added: JetAdminBar module;
* Updated: Billing & Shipping forms widgets templates;
* Updated: JetElementorExtension module to 1.0.5;
* Fixed: Grid widgets breakpoints styles;
* Fixed: Cart table template part;
* Fixed: Quick view popup closing after a product added to cart.

## [1.9.2](
* Added: Stock Status order to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Currency sign separate style controls in Checkout Order Review widget;
* Tweak: Products Grid widget sale badge styles;
* Tweak: Products Grid widget clickable item functionality;
* Fixed: WooCommerce default product sorting after template switching;
* Fixed: Dynamic tags bg for builder pages;
* Fixed: Single Tab widget hover & active colors;
* Fixed: Default thank you page template functionality;
* Fixed: `the_content()` not found when product edited with elementor;
* Fixed: Single Add to Cart widget quantity input positioning.

## [1.9.1](
* Fixed: elementor-preview template;
* Fixed: Astra theme woocommerce container width;

## [1.9.0](
* Added: Compatibility with JetEngine Query Builder query in Products List/Grid widgets;
* Added: Controls for templates layout;
* Added: Products List widget compatibility with `woocommerce_hide_out_of_stock_items` option;
* Added: Cells width controls for Single Attribute widget;
* Updated: Register widgets category;
* Updated: Theme integration styles;
* Updated: Optimize theme integration files;
* Updated: Refactor WooCommerce part templates code;
* Tweak: Single Product template type;
* Tweak: Layout switcher ajax request;
* Fixed: WooCommerce pages container styles;
* Fixed: Cart popup opening;
* Fixed: JetEngine dynamic tags for archive cards;
* Fixed: Archive Products widgets compatibility with listing grid that uses WC_Product_Query.

## [1.8.2](
* Updated: Better rtl compatibility;
* Fixed: Single AJAX add to cart;
* Fixed: Single Image widget display on different themes;
* Fixed: Global styles with Categories Grid widget title;
* Fixed: Products archive pages dynamic tags functionality.

## [1.8.1](
* Added: Hooks for handling products grid/list widgets not found messages (`jet-woo-builder/shortcodes/jet-woo-products-list/not-found-message`, `jet-woo-builder/shortcodes/jet-woo-products/not-found-message`);
* Added: Hooks for handling Categories grid widget output `jet-woo-builder/shortcodes/jet-woo-categories/categories-list`;
* Added: Controls for Open links in the new window for some widgets;
* Added: Product Grid widget item clickable;
* Added: Separate style controls for currency sign in Cart Table and Cart Totals widgets;
* Tweak: Single Add to Cart widget;
* Tweak: Single Tabs widget;
* Tweak: Cart Return to Shop widget;
* Tweak: Single AJAX add to cart;
* Tweak: Checkout Coupon Form widget;
* Fixed: Global link styles compatibility with products widgets titles;
* Fixed: SVG icon size in carousel arrows;
* Fixed: Background dynamic tags functionality in quick view popup.

## [1.8.0](
* Added: Advanced icon controls for carousel functionality;
* Added: Options to control categories and tags count in products widgets;
* Added: Free Mode for carousels;
* Added: Trim title tooltip;
* Added: Trim title functionality to Categories Grid and Archive Category Title widgets;
* Added: Carousel disabled arrow style controls;
* Added: Admin notice about required elementor version;
* Added: Specific prev/next carousel arrows style controls;
* Added: Align controls for Single Image widget thumbnails;
* Added: Button width control for Checkout Payment widget button;
* Added: WooCommerce style warning for some widgets;
* Updated: WooCommerce templates;
* Tweak: Quick view popup close after the product added to cart;
* Tweak: Checkout Additional Form widget;
* Tweak: Lazy load compatibility;
* Tweak: Single Ajax add to cart;
* Fixed: Variations of products as individual products on shopping page;
* Fixed: Deprecated Elementor\Scheme_Color and Elementor\Scheme_Typography;
* Fixed: `woocommerce_thankyou` action;
* Fixed: Grouped product input quantity can't be 0;
* Fixed: Templates preview redirection for non login users;
* Fixed: Product Pagination widget styles;
* Fixed: Behaviour when archive items template has compare or wishlist widgets with disabled functionality.

## [1.7.12](
* Added: Custom Template Inline CSS option;
* Added: My Account edit-addresses & view-order endpoints style controls;
* Added: Additional output validation for some widgets;
* Updated: JetDashboard 2.0.8;
* Updated: WooCommerce templates;
* Tweak: Categories Grid widget title hover control;
* Fixed: display of Archive Products Item templates;
* Fixed: Categories Grid widget equal column height;
* Fixed: Cart popup in product grid carousel;
* Fixed: Generatepress Theme input quantity buttons;
* Fixed: Sale badge macros preview error;

## [1.7.11](
* Fixed: Template switcher functionality.

## [1.7.10](
* Tweak: Single review widget template;
* Tweak: Individual custom template form products custom taxonomies;
* Tweak: Astra Pro quantity buttons;
* Fixed: Waring in listing template if not connected with WooCommerce;
* Fixed: Slider column padding;
* Fixed: Application of different templates archive cards on one page;
* Fixed: Listing grid product thumbnail effect;
* Fixed: Cart table widget in elementor when cart is empty;
* Fixed: Behaviour when show last order with all user information while preview template.

## [1.7.9](
* Tweak: Listing source;
* Fixed: Compatibility with Kava theme woocommerce module;
* Fixed: External/Affiliate product functionality with Single Ajax add to cart.

## [1.7.8](
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue.

## [1.7.7](
* Added: Equal column height in category and product archive templates;
* Added: Compatibility for Swiper JS Library with Elementor Improved Asset Loading;
* Added: Custom Archive item template selection in Products Loop widget;
* Added: Getting a list of templates in controls through ajax in Products Loop widget;
* Added: Controls for enabling links on title and thumbnails;
* Tweak: Overridden woocommerce templates versions;
* Tweak: Template Switcher on products loop display mode;
* Tweak: Quick view popup styles and scripts;
* Fixed: Astra Pro quantity buttons;
* Fixed: Swiper slider fade effect.

## [1.7.6](
* Added: JupiterX theme integration;
* Added: Mobile hover on touch controller;
* Tweak: Cart Table widget cell width responsive control;
* Fixed: Single Image widget vertical layout navigation thumbnails;
* Fixed: Notice duplication on checkout page;
* Fixed: Cart Popup in Safari browser.

## [1.7.5](
* Added: Archive Product & Category items widgets to JetEngine Listing Items;
* Added: ID and modified orderby in Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Helps url to new templates widgets;
* Updated: Thank You page template logic;
* Updated: Number of Products Grid widget columns;
* Updated: String translation;
* Tweak: Global widgets stock status;
* Tweak: Single Rating widget showing star section;
* Tweak: Text trim controls;
* Tweak: Replaces deprecated handler ) with jQuery.fn.on( 'click', handler ) and with jQuery.fn.trigger( 'click' );
* Fixed: Products Ordering widget dropdown icon;
* Fixed: `%numeric_sale%` macros for variable products;
* Fixed: Applying quantity input on adjacent widgets;
* Fixed: Cart template notice duplication.

## [1.7.4](
* Added: My Account page endpoint templates;
* Added: Kava Theme compatibility with default ajax add to cart styles in Products Grid/List;
* Added: `update_db_1_7_4` callback in the DB_Upgrader;
* Added: My Account Content widget;
* Updated: JetDashboard 2.0.6;
* Updated: String translation;
* Tweak: Theme integration styles;
* Fixed: Carousels rtl;
* Fixed: Default Woocommerce products sorting query after template switching in Products Loop widget;
* Fixed: Default ajax add to cart styles in Products Grid/List Widgets;
* Fixed: Public received order page.

## [1.7.3](
* Added: Product title trim functionality;
* Added: Query id control in Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Product Thumb Effect additional settings;
* Added: JetCompareWishlist integration for wishlist product card;
* Added: Product quantity input to Products Add to Cart buttons;
* Added: Mobile hover on touch Products Grid & Categories Grid widgets;
* Tweak: Product SKU check;
* Updated: String translation;
* Updated: JetDashboard 2.0.5;
* Fixed: Dynamic tags functionality;
* Fixed: Product quick view with Yoast SEO;
* Fixed: Variation product add to card when options not selected;
* Fixed: `%numeric_sale%` macros output;
* Fixed: Widgets functionality after template switching in Products Loop Widget;
* Fixed: Display correct template after switching in settings;
* Fixed: Cart table widget styles.

## [1.7.2](
* Added: Archive product card SKU widget;
* Added: Categories grid queryby current subcategories;
* Added: Ability to show products filtered by custom taxonomy in products grid/list widgets;
* Added: My account page notifications;
* Updated: Quick view scripts and styles enqueue;
* Fixed: Quick view compatibility with JetEngine meta fields;
* Fixed: Archiver card title styles;
* Fixed: Dynamic styles for archives card template.

## [1.7.1](
* Added: Product visibility control to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Products Grid/List widgets orderby title;
* Added: Polylang compatibility;
* Added: Content controls for Woocommerce default pages builder widgets;
* Added: Getting a list of templates in controls through ajax;
* Added: `update_db_1_7_1` callback in the DB_Upgrader;
* Updated: Widgets translation;
* Updated: Jet-Dashboard module to 2.0.2;
* Updated: ajax single add to cart functionality;
* Updated: Naming;
* Fixed: Editor icons;
* Fixed: Archive product card saving template error;
* Fixed: displaying the metafield after product loop;
* Fixed: Endpoints for edit-address/billing and edit-address/shipping;

## [1.7.0](
* Added: Woocommerce default pages builder -;
* Added: Layout switcher -;
* Added: Jet Woo Templates Active condition and Type admin columns;
* Added: Single ajax add to cart quick view popup compatibility;
* Added: Quick view btn compatibility;
* Added: Better lazy load compatibility;
* Added: SKU orderby option to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Execute products by category to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Updated: Rename single ajax add to cart action & move handler to ajax-handler class;
* Updated: Editor icons;
* Updated: Elementor 3.0+ global styles compatibility;
* Updated: .pot file;
* Updated: Jet-Dashboard module to 1.1.0;
* Fixed: JetPopup error in Single Add To Cart widget;
* Fixed: Single product ajax add to cart when variations of product not selected;
* Fixed: Swiper carousel display after ajax load.

## [1.6.6](
* Fixed: Critical error while create Elementor templates.

## [1.6.5](
* Added: Better RTL compatibility;
* Added: Full width single product Template Type;
* Added: Exclude products by id control for Query by All option in the Products Grid / List widgets;
* Added: Single Image widget navigation vertical layout;
* Added: Menu order to the Categories Grid widget;
* Updated: Jet-Dashboard module to 1.0.14;
* Updated: Products Grid / List widgets query control;
* Updated: Global widgets controls consistent naming;
* Updated: Moved the Jet Woo Templates to the JetPlugins menu page;
* Fixed: Hidden products showed in Products Grid / List widgets;
* Fixed: Admin notice missing Woocommerce plugin;

## [1.6.4](
* Added: Single product AJAX add to cart functionality;
* Added: Option to display custom popup after adding product to cart for Single Add to Cart Button widget;
* Added: Products Grid/List widgets compatibility with default woocommerce filters;
* Updated: The number of Category grid widget columns;
* Fixed: Product excerpt function critical error;
* Fixed: Multiple photoswipe galleries open in quick view popup;
* Fixed: Single Image widget styles in quick view popup;
* Fixed: Carousel Vertical layout dots navigation position;
* Fixed: Display vertical carousel layout when count of items less than slides.

## [1.6.3](
* Added: Box Shadow hover mode for all global widgets with smooth transition;
* Added: Product Thumbnail box shadow hover mode to the global products widget;
* Added: Add to cart variation functionality in quick view popup on the Single Product Page;
* Added: Global Products widgets Sort Order;
* Fixed: Preview Single product template;
* Fixed: Arrow visibility when overflow container;
* Fixed: Prevent Shop Template infinite content duplication on Elementor preview page;
* Fixed: Dots box margin control styles.

## [1.6.2](
* Added: Compatibility with new Elementor Swiper wrapper parameter;
* Added: Center mode for carousels;
* Update: Tested with the 4.0.0 version of WooCommerce;
* Fixed: Single Image widget transparency in editor;
* Fixed: Products Navigation widget default styles;
* Fixed: Products Loop widget column width in Safari browser.

## [1.6.1](
* Added: Vertical direction for carousel;
* Added: Sale badge functionality description;
* Added: Carousels rtl compatibility;
* Update: Replaced slick slider to swiper slider;
* Update: Jet-Dashboard module to 1.0.10
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 2.9
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.6.0](
* Added: Compatibility with Font Awesome 5 and new Icons control;
* Added: Control for customizing Heading Tags widgets;
* Added: Control switcher for display empty rating in widgets;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.5.1](
* Added: Jet Dashboard;

## [1.5.0](
* Added: Stock status label for Products Grid widget;
* Added: Option to order products by Menu Order;
* Added: Custom templates for individual Woocommerce taxonomy;
* Added: Single Image widget Main Image Controls section description;
* Updated: Templates setting page titles and descriptions;
* Fixed: Archive & Category Templates widgets Help Links url;
* Fixed: Display Single Rating widget when zero reviews is set;
* Fixed: Archive Products template generating JSON;
* Fixed: Template creation form elements styles.

## [1.4.3](
* Added: Option to display custom popup after adding product to cart -;
* Added: Use Current Query option for the Products List widget;
* Added: Link for Products List widget Featured image -;
* Updated : Single Image widget styles -;
* Fixed: Products shortcode query;
* Fixed: Prevent php error on update DB;
* Fixed: Product Thumbnails Effect compatibility with third-party lazy-loading plugins -

## [1.4.2](
* Added: Need helps links to widgets;
* Added: Better wpml translation compatibility;
* Fixed: WooCommerce catalog ordering for Products Grid widget;
* Fixed: Quick View popup styles;
* Fixed: Minor fixes;
* Fixed: Elementor 2.7.0 compatibility.

## [](
* Fixed: Prevent php error.

## [1.4.1](
* Updated: Widgets registration conditions;
* Fixed: QuickView functionality for products list;
* Fixed: QuickView on single product page;
* Fixed: Columns number control for archive product and category templates;
* Fixed: Catalog ordering for products grid widget.

## [1.4.0](
* Added: Better Astra theme compatibility;
* Added: %percentage_sale% , %numeric_sale% macros for sale badges -;
* Added: Sku product output in product list and product grid widgets -;
* Added: Option that allow trim title by characters count in products title -;
* Updated: Widgets registration conditions;
* Updated: Optimize and refactor code;
* Updated: Compatibility with Jet Popups;
* Fixed: Archive thumbnails width in Internet Explorer ;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.9](
* Added: Compatibility archive widgets with WooCommerce 3.6.0;
* Added: Better compatibility with Jet Popups;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.8](
* Updated: Optimize widget registration;
* Fixed: Issue with loading empty archive template;
* Fixed: Problems with preview products and categories when elementor render method is set.

## [1.3.7](
* Added: better smart filters compatibility;
* Added: Add better Jet Woo widgets Ocean WP theme compatibility;
* Added: Global query on shop page for products grid widget;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.6](
* Added: Jet Compare Wishlist compatibility;
* Added: Query options for archive page in products grid widget;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.5](
* Added: Products Grid widget presets;
* Added: Compatibility with WPML String Translation plugin;
* Updated: allow to render archive with default Elementor callbacks;
* Fixed: processing categories;
* Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce Booking plugin;
* Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.4](
* Updated: increased the possible number of displayed elements in the products grid, categories grid, products list widgets;
* Fixed: equal column height in slick slider;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.3](
* Updated: Better compatibility with upcoming JetSmartFilters plugin;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.2](
* Added: Compatibility with upcoming JetSmartFilters plugin;
* Fixed: Minor fixes.

## [1.3.1](
* Fixed: Minor fixes;

## [1.3.0](
* Added: Category products page templates functionality;
* Added: Shop page templates functionality;
* Added: Rating icon option in single product rating and archive product rating widgets;
* Fixed: Query for categories and tags in products grid and products list widgets;
* Fixed: Compatibility with Astra and OceanWp themes.

## [1.2.0](
* Added: Archive products page templates functionality;
* Added: Products query by related, up sells and cross sells products option in products grid and products list widgets;
* Added: Products add to cart default loader styles option;
* Added: Related, up sells, cross sells products per page option.

## [1.1.1](
* Added: Words count option in products grid and product list widgets;
* Added: Products query by recently viewed products option in products grid and products list widgets.

## [1.1.0](
* Added: Products Grid Widget;
* Added: Products List Widget;
* Added: Categories Grid Widget;
* Added: Taxonomy Tiles.

## [1.0.2](
* Added: Ability to create templates based on pre-designed layouts.

Free Download JetWooBuilder v1.10.2 NULLED – Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin :

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