JetBlocks For Elementor v1.2.10

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

JetBlocks For Elementor bao gồm các tiện ích cho Header và Footer.Tận hưởng các tiện ích dễ sử dụng được tạo ra để làm phong phú đầu trang và chân trang với nội dung.

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

Free Download JetBlocks For Elementor v1.2.10 nulled changelog
# ChangeLog

## 2.9.2
* ADD: `Tax Query` to `WC_Product_Query`;
* FIX: preview scripts loading for the Listing grid widget.

## 2.9.1
* ADD: WC_Product_Query meta value sorting;
* ADD: Data Store Button block and widget;
* ADD: Allow to enqueue JetEngine CSS in footer only when JetEngine widgets are used on the page. Controls by `jet-engine/listings/styles-in-footer` hook;
* UPD: Allow to select context for the dynamic values in visibility conditions;
* UPD: Install external modules from instead of;
* FIX: Better PHP 8 compatibility;
* FIX: enqueue JetEngine frontend JS only when listing grid widget used to improve performance;
* FIX: Better form data sanitization and validation.

## 2.9.0
* ADD: Import glossaries from the file;
* ADD: Calculated Columns and Grouping Results for SQL Queries;
* ADD: Advanced mode for the SQL queries to write Query manually;
* ADD: `Current user meta` macros;
* ADD: Query Results for Dynamic Functions;
* ADD: External Modules;
* ADD: Dynamic Tables Module;
* ADD: Dynamic Charts Module;
* ADD: Post Expiration Period Module;
* ADD: Attachment file link by ID Module;
* ADD: Custom visibility conditions Module;
* ADD: Trim string callback Module;
* FIX: various fixes and improvements.

## 2.8.10
* FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.4;
* FIX: accessibility in the Listing Grid Slider;
* FIX: compatibility a Custom Query Listing with filters on reload.

## 2.8.9
* ADD: an ability to display Date Modified in the Dynamic Field;
* ADD: allow to filter CCT REST API response;
* FIX: better WP 5.8 compatibility;
* FIX: initialize input mask for new repeater items;
* FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.4;
* FIX: PHP 8 compatibility;
* FIX: compatibility with Events Calendar;
* FIX: unslash glossaries fields before output;
* FIX: Dynamic Field widget Meta Data source with WC Product Query;
* FIX: load more for Custom Query listing.

## 2.8.8
* ADD: `Option value` macros;
* FIX: Dynamic query options in Query builder;
* FIX: Compatibility with multiple sorting filters;
* FIX: Prevent error in form editor if don't have the cct items;
* FIX: Gallery Grid and Gallery Slider with galleries contained image ID;
* FIX: Sorting repeater items in the Data Stores settings;
* FIX: Query Builder and SmartFilters compatibility.

## 2.8.7
* ADD: Edit with JetPlugins admin bar section;
* UPD: Insert/Update CCT and REST API request actions and JetFormBuilder compatibility;
* UPD: Better compatibility with JetSearch.

## 2.8.6
* ADD: Bearer Token authorization type for REST API;
* ADD: an ability to query CCT by random order;
* ADD: an ability to change size of delimiter in the Dynamic Repeater;
* ADD: an ability to change size an icon marker in the Map Listing;
* UPD: Make Dynamic blocks compatible with new Query Loop feature;
* UPD: avoid PHP notices when accessing CCT REST API endpoints;
* FIX: prevent php error on Elementor Data Updater action;
* FIX: `Hide past events` in the Calendar;
* FIX: compatibility the Dynamic image widget with Hello theme;
* FIX: avoid Glossaries options glitch on delete;
* FIX: WC_Product_Query items per page;
* FIX: `Exclude children` tax query option in the Query builder;
* FIX: init forms block on document.ready to ensure WYSIWIG field worked correctly;
* FIX: avoid recursion in the Dynamic field.

## 2.8.5
* ADD: CCT and map listing compatibility;
* ADD: WC Query for Query Builder.

## 2.8.4
* FIX: compatibility the Map Listing with the JetSmartFilters

## 2.8.3
* ADD: allow to calculate Dynamic Functions values by related posts;
* UPD: API method to get meta fields by context;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3310;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3068;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3423.

## 2.8.2
* FIX: PHP 7.0.x compatibility.

## 2.8.1
* ADD: Global settings for actions, additional sidebar plugins, for example `reCAPTCHA v3`;
* ADD: The ability to use global settings in `Mailchimp`, `GetResponse` & `ActiveCampaign` actions;
* ADD: Compatibility with JetForms Add-оns;
* UPD: Allow to show total count and current page count in the Query Count dynamic tag;
* FIX: Prevent accidental deletion of CCT item;
* FIX: Remove mask from empty input on submit the Form;
* FIX: Ensure only CCT item author can edit CCT item with front-end form;
* FIX: Prevent php error in cct preset form.

## 2.8.0
* ADD: Query Builder functionality;
* UPD: Better compatibility CCT and SmartFilters;
* FIX: various fixes.

## 2.7.8
* ADD: `Column Width` control for Checkbox & Radio Fields in the Form;
* FIX: correctly setup the current object.

## 2.7.7
* FIX: additional output validation for some widgets.

## 2.7.6
* ADD: an ability to choose value format for media and gallery meta fields;
* ADD: compatibility with Rank Math and Yoast;
* FIX: additional output validation for some widgets;
* FIX: wisywig field on Options Page;
* FIX: save terms meta;
* FIX: various minor fixes.

## 2.7.5
* ADD: `assign_terms` capability in the Taxonomies component;
* UPD: allow to filter SQL query before dynamic function is applied;
* FIX: lazyload listing on search result page;
* FIX: conditional logic in the form with URL field;
* FIX: saving the date value in timestamp format on Option Page;
* FIX: correct display the value in date control on Option Page;
* FIX: display an icon of widget in elementor context menu;
* FIX: JetSmartFilters pagination + CCT.

## 2.7.4
* ADD: Glossaries functionality;
* ADD: an ability use `REGEX` and `NOT REGEX` options for the Operator control in the Meta Query;
* ADD: convert cyrillic slug of CPT, Taxonomies, Option Page, CCT to latin;
* UPD: help_links in components;
* FIX: prevent php notice in the injections module;
* FIX: avoid letter-casing related errors when checking if DB table is exists;
* FIX: index value in `verbose_repeater` method;
* FIX: default items indents in masonry layout;
* FIX: export/import the Listing items of blocks type;
* FIX: php error on some servers;
* FIX: duplicate print elementor-frontend css on lazyload listing;

## 2.7.3
* ADD: `Include` option to the `Terms Order By` control
* ADD: JS trigger on add/remove items into store
* FIX: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue
* FIX: submitting a form if required media field is hidden

## 2.7.2
* ADD: `Max Zoom` control in the Map Listing
* FIX: compatibility the Map Listing with the JetSmartFilters

## 2.7.1
* FIX: prevent error on adding Listing Grid block without any additional modules activated.

## 2.7.0
* ADD: Dynamic Tag to insert macros in visual way;
* ADD: Query and layout controls fro the Listing Grid block for the Gutenberg editor;
* ADD: Listing Calendar block for the Gutenberg editor;
* ADD: Map Listing block for the Gutenberg editor;
* ADD: Forms block for the Gutenberg editor;
* ADD: Allow to style JetEngine Gutenberg blocks with JetStyleManager plugin;
* FIX: various bug fixes and improvements.

## 2.6.4
* FIX: compatibility the load more listing with filter by checkboxes field
* FIX: remove mask from empty input on submit the Form
* FIX: PHP 8 compatibility
* FIX: wysiwyg field in WP 5.6
* FIX: CCT forms preset processing
* FIX: setup `_listing_type` on create a listing item

## 2.6.3
* ADD: copy to clipboard for shortcode generator;
* ADD: meta viewport for page canvas template;
* ADD: an ability display the Post ID in Admin Columns;
* FIX: User listing and SmartFilters pagination compatibility;
* FIX: wysiwyg field in WP 5.6;
* FIX: work of macros in the Calendar widget;
* FIX: Rest API endpoints and listing creation;
* FIX: compatibility the dynamic visibility module with the map listing module;
* FIX: Getting CCT items from data store;
* FIX: checked radio/checkbox field with custom template.

## 2.6.2
* UPD: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.6;
* UPD: better CCT forms preset processing;
* FIX: saving a date field of term as a timestamp;
* FIX: conditional logic in the Form

## 2.6.1
* ADD: conditional logic to inside repeater in the Form;
* ADD: an ability to disable the marker clustering in the Map Listing widget;
* ADD: RapidAPI auth for REST API listings;
* UPD: better `human_time_diff` callback handling;
* UPD: better compat with WPML;
* UPD: better Gutenberg compatibility;
* FIX: duplicate init elements handlers;
* FIX: save checkbox value inside repeater in the Option Page;
* FIX: prevent error on empty rest API query result.

## 2.6.0
* ADD: Possibility to Differentiate Account Pages by Roles in User Profile Builder;
* ADD: REST API Endpoint Management for CCT;
* ADD: REST API Listings;
* ADD: REST API Request Form Notification Type;
* ADD: Possibility to Add Posts to Data Stores Upon the Post Review;
* ADD: Possibility to "Inject alternative listing items" in last position;
* ADD: ССТ Items Duplication;
* ADD: Allow to automatically generate forms for the CCT items;
* UPD: New UI for Module Management;
* FIX: various fixes and improvements.

## 2.5.6
* ADD: `datetime` field type in the Form module;
* ADD: `post_date`, `post_date_gmt` post properties to save appropriate form fields;
* ADD: `Decimals Point` and `Thousands separator` settings in the Dynamic Functions Tag;
* ADD: `ignore_sticky_posts` in the Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: Getting map popup data with plain permalinks enabled;
* FIX: dynamic value for form fields if user not logged;
* FIX: lazy load listing inside another lazy load listing;
* FIX: prevent CCT DB tables creation error on some MySQL versions;
* FIX: an ability to change size and hover color of svg icon in dynamic widgets;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#2054;
* FIX: CCT listing with lazy load.

## 2.5.5
* ADD: an ability to use dynamic value for conditions in the Form;
* ADD: 'Is mobile device' condition for Dynamic Visibility module;
* ADD: user listings and Data Stores compatibility;
* UPD: allow to get data in the dynaic widgets depends on selected context (post, current user, current author etc);
* UPD: alt text for images in the Dynamic Image widget;
* FIX: hide the load more button if listing empty;
* FIX: no selection option in dynamic user value in the Form.

## 2.5.4
* ADD: `Hide past events` option to the Calendar widget;
* ADD: Search Query parameter for the Listing Grid widget;
* ADD: CCT and sorting widget compatibility;
* FIX: injecting posts listing settings if enable CCT module;
* FIX: admin area access redirect on AJAX requests.

## 2.5.3
* ADD: Forms - allow to select user role for Register and Update user notifications;
* ADD: Profile Builder – Hide Admin area option;
* FIX: unnecessary slashes and html entities in admin interfaces;
* FIX: macros regex;
* FIX: Lazyload listing grid and a popup inside listing item.

## 2.5.2
* ADD: User Can Add Posts conditions for Profile Builder and Dynamic Visibility modules;
* ADD: Current User Meta option for hidden field value in the Form;
* ADD: allow to process macros in the CCT query;
* ADD: term field and term image dynamic tags;
* UPD: new control to select forms and listings in the appropriate widgets;
* UPD: improve CCT admin columns functionality;
* FIX: forms page break if page has wysiwyg field;
* FIX: duplicate index in the Form builder;
* FIX: macros with listing lazy load.

## 2.5.1
* ADD: Allow to set menu position for CCT;
* FIX: Dynamic Link and Profile Builder pages bug.

## 2.5.0
* ADD: Custom content types module;
* ADD: Lazy load option for the Listing Grid widget;
* ADD: Inifinite scroll options for the Listing Grid widget;
* ADD: Posts restriction rules per CPT;
* ADD: JetEngine Form Builder – Duplicate Fields;
* ADD: Dynamic Visibility Column resize;
* ADD: HTML fields for the options pages;
* UPD: minor improvements and bug fixes.

## 2.4.13
* ADD: dynamic tags support for Dynamic Link widget;
* ADD: allow to add a offset to map coordinates to avoid markers overlapping;
* ADD: an ability disable map controls in the Map Listing widget;
* ADD: content type option for email notification;
* ADD: Get Store dynamic tag;
* ADD: allow process date field as timestamp;
* UPD: allow to add preloader box for the map listing widget;
* FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.0 (Optimized DOM issue);
* FIX: REST API and session error.

## 2.4.12
* ADD: validate page fields on switching page in the Form;
* ADD: Crocoblock/suggestions#1191;
* ADD: new conditions for Dynamic Visibility module;
* ADD: an ability to set date format to the current date hidden field;
* ADD: allow to use meta values as form values for the select, checkbox and radio fields;
* UPD: allow to preset form fields from options pages;
* FIX: Safari select;
* FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.0 Crocoblock/suggestions#1823;
* FIX: the yoast meta panel overlapped the datepicker

## 2.4.11
* ADD: better compatibility with WPML (translate admin labels);
* FIX: compatibility with Elementor 3.0 (Repeater issue);
* FIX: profile pages rewrites.

## 2.4.10
* ADD: `Update Options` notification in the Form module;
* ADD: support `Save as array` checkbox fields for options pages;
* ADD: compatibility with upcoming Elementor 3.0 ( Dynamic CSS issue );
* FIX: inserting form repeater field data to user repeater meta;
* FIX: hide the form row if it has visible elements;
* FIX: injection user listing by user meta;
* FIX: better process conditions in combination with calculated fields;
* FIX: forms import and duplicating.

## 2.4.9
* ADD: allow to preset field values on per field basis;
* ADD: allow to open map marker popup by hover on the listing item;
* ADD: indication of active conditional rules for JetEngine forms;
* ADD: rollback to the previous version functionality;
* FIX: maps listing and JetSmartFilters compatibility;
* FIX: error validation form if the hidden specific fields (date, time, email);
* FIX: process PayPal gateway with AJAX forms;
* FIX: prevent attach media file with zero id;
* FIX: `update_user` notification if empty form fields.

## 2.4.8
* FIX: tax query processing.

## 2.4.7
* ADD: inline editing the listing items;
* ADD: allow to output Repeater fields from options as listing grid;
* UPD: allow to change fields label HTML tag for the JetEngine Form fields;
* UPD: better compatibility the Calendar widget with JetPopup;
* UPD: meta_fields column datatype in db.php;
* UPD: JetDashboard Module to v1.0.16;
* FIX: display post content built with elementor in the Dynamic Field widget;
* FIX: open map marker popup by click on the listing item;
* FIX: EXISTS and NO EXISTS options behavior for listing grid query;
* FIX: display Prev Page button on the first page;
* FIX: compatibility with ACF Dynamic Tags(Elementor Pro);
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1541;
* FIX: get marker coordinates by lat and lng fields combined with "+";

## 2.4.6
* UPD: allow to filter calculation formula.

## 2.4.5
* ADD: export-import the Options Pages;
* UPD: calculate values logic in the forms module;
* FIX: prevent form submitting error if it has only redirect notification;
* FIX: with front settings for post types and taxonomies.

## 2.4.4
* FIX: Dates comparing in the Dynamic Visibility widget;
* FIX: Dynamic capabilities;

## 2.4.3
* FIX: revert breaking changes.

## 2.4.2
* UPD: allow export, import and duplicate JetEngine forms;
* UPD: add dynamic capabilities for some posts query controls for the Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: media field value encoding.

## 2.4.1
* FIX: better JetPopup compatibility;
* FIX: setup postdata for nested listings;
* FIX: handle form fields after repeater;
* FIX: remove/restore required attributes when fields is hide/show by coinditions.

## 2.4.0
* ADD: Data Stores module;
* ADD: Dynamic Visibility module for Sections/Columns/Widgets;
* ADD: Ability to create repeater groups in the Forms;
* ADD: Conditional logic for the meta fields;
* ADD: Conditional logic for the fields in the Forms module;
* ADD: Ability to delete posts from the front end;
* ADD: Ability to set the Input mask for the text fields in the Forms module;
* ADD: Ability to set the maximum number of user-generated posts depending on a user (a Profile Builder setting);
* ADD: Support of the Select, Radio, and Checkbox fields in the Repeater meta field;
* ADD: Support of the Number field type for the meta fields;
* ADD: Random number of posts in the Listing Grid;
* ADD: Automatic conversion of Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet in the Name meta field;
* FIX: Prevent duplication of the meta field names;
* FIX: Support of SVG images preview in the Media meta field;
* FIX: Various bug fixes.

## 2.3.7
* ADD: compatibility the related posts with WPML;
* FIX: checking map markers conditions;
* FIX: wysiwyg editor in the forms and popup compatibility;
* FIX: JetEngine listings and JetPopup compatibility;
* FIX: compatibility Dynamic CSS with the User listing;
* FIX: Layout option for Checkbox & Radio Fields in the Form widget;
* FIX: the repeater listing inside the Grid listing;
* FIX: unregister meta boxes for deleted post types and taxonomies;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1332.

## 2.3.6
* ADD: allow to open map marker popup by click on the listing item;
* UPD: allow to correctly get data from Posts relations in the form preset;
* UPD: new datetimepicker control for date time field;
* UPD: add separate controls for Geocoding API key in the Maps Listings module;
* FIX: ensure injection listing grid CSS rendered on AJAX requests;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1143 on the frontend;
* FIX: an ability to edit another user's post through a Form with the `edit_others_posts` capability.

## 2.3.5
* FIX: new map markers options and JetSmartFilters compatibility.

## 2.3.4
* ADD: allow to set multiple map marker types by conditions;
* UPD: aligments controls in the Dynamic field widget;
* UPD: alignments controls in the Dynamic field widget;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1149;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1155;
* FIX: creating the Blocks listing item without active Elementor;
* FIX: prevetn PHP notice in the Custom Field Tag;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1143;
* FIX: if all checkboxes unchecked, this meta value was not empty;
* FIX: prevent form layout break on form quick editing;
* FIX: injection listings conflict;
* FIX: prevent PHP notices from taxonomies manager.

## 2.3.3
* ADD: %queried_user_id% macros to get user ID at the author pages, profile builder user pages;
* UPD: allow to get address from multiple meta fields for Maps module;
* UPD: allow to set custom capability type for new taxonomies;
* FIX: correctly get data for queried user context in the User Field and User Image dynamic tags;
* FIX: capabilities check on term meta saving.

## 2.3.2
* UPD: allow to set post ID for meta fields in the shortcodes generator;
* FIX: allow to set empty value for select option in the meta fields;
* FIX: missing line breaks in meta after update from form WYSIWYG field;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#1123.

## 2.3.1
* UPD: allow to query posts by types and status in the dynamic function tag;
* UPD: ensure HTML attributes is correctly reset on form elements render;
* FIX: form styles;
* FIX: prevent PHP notices when saving built-in post types.

## 2.3.0
* ADD: Dynamic Function Tag for Elementor;
* ADD: Maps Listings;
* ADD: Repeater type meta fields display in the Listing Grid;
* ADD: Custom template creation for Checkbox and Radio meta fields within the Form’s functionality;
* ADD: An opportunity to add custom values to Radio and Checkbox meta fields types from the editing page of Post/ Taxonomy/ Options Page;
* ADD: New notification types for Forms: MailChimp and GetResponse;
* ADD: Crocoblock/suggestions#914;
* ADD: License check for updates;
* UPD: Forms module. Current Post Author Name & Current User Name values for hidden fields;
* UPD: Allow to change form pages on field value change;
* UPD: Media field type in the Forms functionality refined;
* UPD: Add with_front option for Post Type and Taxonomy edit screens;
* UPD: Allow to add custom query arguments to redirect URL in the form redirect notification;
* FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#604;
* FIX: Dynamic bg for listing items;
* FIX: Prevent PHP notices in some cases;
* FIX: Various minor fixes.

## 2.2.7
* ADD: compatibility a Term Grid listing with JetPopup;
* UPD: allow to set top and bottom positions for dynamic link icon;
* UPD: allow to reset field appearance;
* UPD: checked values list callback re-factoring;
* UPD: parse the options list from meta field for the Form module;
* FIX: minor form style;
* FIX: Safari select compatibility;
* FIX: ensure listing grid CSS rendered on AJAX requests;
* FIX: missing line breaks in the meta field of the textarea after saving;
* FIX: calculating process if a checkbox has only one field;
* FIX: prevent fatal errors if maybe_set_current_object is called without some of required arguments.

## 2.2.6
* ADD: support for color dynamic tags category;

## 2.2.5
* ADD: support `Save as array` checkbox fields for user meta;
* UPD: allow to correctly setup relations with front-end forms;
* UPD: better RTL compatibility;
* UPD: better compatibility with Dynamic CSS;
* FIX: saving settings on the options page with specific access capability;
* FIX:;
* FIX: layout option for checkbox and radio fields in the Form.

## 2.2.4
* FIX: prevent PHP error in the forms;
* FIX: missing dynamic BG properties for a elements inside a listings.

## 2.2.3
* FIX: Elementor 2.9 compatibility;
* FIX: prevent PHP error on archive templates;
* FIX: add User URL to allowed user fields;
* FIX: minor fixes.

## 2.2.2
* UPD: Show form when preset is configured but no source was found;
* FIX: Some issues related to nested listings;
* FIX: Required value for wysiwyg field;
* FIX: JetPopup compatibility;
* FIX: Profile menu on mobile devices;
* FIX: Dynamic bg for listing items.

## 2.2.1
* UPD: Form Module. Prevent form from display if current user haven't access to configured preset data;
* UPD: Form Module. Minor improvements for insert/update post notification;
* FIX: Form Module. Set post terms for checkbox field;
* FIX: Listings. Current object set up and reset for listing items.

## 2.2.0
* ADD: Profile Builder module;
* ADD: Allow to preset form values from post data, user data or query varaibles;
* ADD: Update User notification;
* ADD: Presets logic;
* ADD: Media field for from module;
* ADD: Range field for from module;
* ADD: Heading field for from module;
* ADD: Page breaks for form module;
* ADD: ActiveCampaign for form module;
* ADD: Relations hierarchy;
* ADD: Listing Grid block for Gutenberg editor;
* UPD: Allow to update posts for Insert/Update Posts notification;
* UPD: Minor updates of Meta Fields editor UI;
* UPD: Object properties selector now contains list of all avaialble properties of all sources;
* FIX: Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.

## 2.1.4
* FIX: parent/child options pages registration.

## 2.1.3
* FIX: re-initialize widgets scripts on Listing Grid load more click.

## 2.1.2
* FIX: multiday events display in Calendar widget;
* ADD: %current_meta_string% macros to correctly get stringified arrays from meta fields.

## 2.1.1
* FIX: equal columns height for Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: allow to keep hover effects with click-able listing grid items.

## 2.1.0
* ADD: Allow to make whole listing item clickable;
* ADD: Load More for Listing Grid widget;
* ADD: Allow to inject alternative listing items into listing grid;
* ADD: Allow to create meta fields for users;
* ADD: Allow to set default values for meta fields;
* ADD: Allow to create Listing items in Blocks (Gutenberg) editor;
* ADD: Allow to use multiple orderby;
* UPD: Allow to query posts by multiple pot types in Listing Grid;
* UPD: Allow to order posts by multiple meta clauses;
* UPD: Allow to set fallback values for Dynamic Field widget;
* UPD: Allow to add counter for items in Dynamic Repeater widget;
* FIX: Various fixes.

## 2.0.3
* ADD: Do Shortcode callback for Dynamic Field filters;
* FIX: Rewriting document type on listing item autosave in Elementor editor;

## 2.0.2
* FIX: Taxonomies meta fields registration;

## 2.0.1
* FIX: better WooCommerce + JetWooBuilder compatibility;
* FIX: Post types and taxonomies labels saving;
* FIX: Meta fields visibility in Elementor widgets controls.

## 2.0.0
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: new admin UI;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to edit built-in post types;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to delete/reattach created posts (terms) on post type (taxonomy deletion);
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to change type of already created posts/terms on post type/taxonomy slug update;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to make admin columns sortable;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to select from predefined callbacks for admin columns;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to group created fields into tabs/accordions;
* ADD: Admin UI/UX: allow to set max length and required for created fields where is possible;
* ADD: New feature: global options pages;
* ADD: Listing Calendar: showcase multiday events;
* UPD: Admin UI/UX: allow to sort notifiactions in forms;
* UPD: Listing Calendar: allow to set default month;
* UPD: Elementor widgets: compatibility with new Elemntor icons control;
* UPD: Elementor widgets: show all existing fields in Elemntor widgets controls;
* UPD: Elementor widgets: added callback for filtering switcher meta fields;
* FIX: Prevent errors if some of dates in calendar posts is not timestamp;
* FIX: Posts control in repeater;
* FIX: Various fixes and performance improvements.

## 1.4.8
* FIX: Elementor Pro 2.6+ compatibility.

## 1.4.7
* FIX: Better ACF compatibility;
* ADD: JS trigger on From wdget init;
* ADD: PHP hooks to add own fields into forms builder.

* UPD: allow to use P tag in dynamic field widget;
* FIX: Elementor 2.6.x compatibility.

## 1.4.6
* FIX: Booking form fields render.

## 1.4.5
* ADD: Masonry layout for listing grid widget;
* FIX: Better ACF compaibility.

## 1.4.4
* ADD: `jet-engine/forms/booking/notifications/fields-after` hook;
* UPD: Allow to filter form field template path;
* UPD: Store inserted post ID into form data to allow process it by other notifications.

## 1.4.3
* FIX: Prevent errors in Listing grid widget;
* FIX: Macros regex.

## 1.4.2
* ADD: macros for related posts between two post types;
* ADD: reCAPTCHA v3 validation for booking forms;
* ADD: JetEngine gallery dynamic tag -;
* ADD: Allow to add descriptions for meta fields -;
* ADD: render_acf_checkbox filter for Dynamic Repeater widget items
* UPD:;
* UPD:;
* FIX: Fade animation for listing grid slider;
* FIX: htps://;
* FIX: Prevent shrink `post` control;
* FIX: Prevent php error when `$elementor_data` is array;
* FIX: `grid-items` container width;
* FIX: prevent errors on posts with relations saving;
* FIX: Dynamic Link widget, Icon Gap option visibility.

## 1.4.1
* FIX: Date- and timepicker styles;
* FIX: Listing Grid slider behavior when found posts < number slides to show;
* FIX: Start of month and prev month dates calculations in Calendar widget;
* FIX: Better check for an empty results in Dynamic Field widget.

## 1.4.0
* ADD: `Register user` notification for booking form;
* ADD: `Call a Webhook` notification for booking form;
* ADD: `Field Visibility` option for Booking form fields;
* ADD: `Post status` option for Insert post notification in Booking form;
* ADD: Allow to use dynamic popups from JetPopup inside listing and calendar;
* ADD: Mobile settings for image gallery slider in Dynamic Field widget;
* ADD: Allow to set meta field width;
* UPD: Allow to showcase listing grid as slider;
* UPD: Allow to set equal columns height for listing grid widget;
* UPD: Cross-browser Date- and Timepicker for meta fields;
* FIX: Allow to use shortcode in Not Found Message control;
* FIX: Mobile columns in Listing Grid widget.

## 1.3.2
* ADD: Post status control for Listing Grid Widget;
* UPD: Gallery slider init for Dynamic Field widget;
* UPD: Move meta boxes registration to admin_init hook
* FIX: Better ACF compatibility;
* FIX: Timestamp validation for Format Date callback in Dynamic Field widget;
* FIX: Jet Smart Filters compatibility for Listing Grid Widget when archive query option enabled;
* FIX: Custom meta fields list in Dynamic Repeater Widget;

## 1.3.1
* ADD: 'Get post/page link (linked post title)' callback for Dynamic Field widget;

## 1.3.0
* ADD: Booking Forms functionality;
* FIX: %current_terms% macros processing for terms query;

## 1.2.6
* UPD: Responsive controls for gaps in Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: Better compatibility with JetSmartFilters;
* FIX: Processing datetime meta;

## 1.2.5
* ADD: Better WPML compatibility;
* UPD: Listing returns not found when using related posts macros and no related posts were found;
* FIX: Show in nav menu control for Post Types and Taxonomies;
* FIX: Make relations compatible with PODs;
* FIX: Prevent errors with Elementor 2.4.0;
* FIX: Customize field output in combination with Related posts list callback;
* FIX: Delimiter for checkboxes values

## 1.2.4
* ADD: Admin columns management;
* ADD: Text before and Text after controls for Dynamic terms widget;
* ADD: Allow to enable/disable link on term in Dynamic terms widget;
* ADD: 'queried_term' macros;
* FIX: months translation in Calendar grid widget

## 1.2.3
* ADD: RU localization

## 1.2.2
* ADD: rel and target controls to Dynamic Image link;
* ADD: allow to add meta boxes only for specific posts/pages;
* FIX: Checkbox meta fields processing.

## 1.2.1
* FIX: Allow to use HTML tags in textarea meta field;

## 1.2.0
* ADD: Calendar widget;
* ADD: Posts relationships;
* ADD: Columns gap for Listing Grid widget;
* ADD: 'QR Code' callback to filter Dynamic Field output;
* ADD: 'Format number' callback to filter Dynamic Field output;
* ADD: Date query controls for Posts query settings in Listing Grid widget;
* FIX: Dynamic image tag.

## 1.1.3

* ADD: 'Embed icon' callback for Filter field output option in Dynamic field widget;
* ADD: %current_terms% and %current_meta% macros;
* UPD: Allow to use shortcodes inside Field format control in Dynamic field widget;
* FIX: Prevent JavaScript errors in some cases;
* FIX: Correctly enqueue assets for multiple meta boxes on page.

## 1.1.2

* ADD: Allow to filter posts query arguments;
* ADD: 'Get value from query variable' control for Meta Query in Listing Grid Widget;
* ADD: Allow to use macros in Get terms of posts control in Listing grid widget;
* UPD: Prepare for JetSmartFilters plugin;
* FIX: Current object reset after listing.

## 1.1.1

* ADD: Listing Grid visibility options;
* FIX: Hook name for filtering macros and filters lists;
* FIX: Applying macros in Meta Query values.

## 1.1.0

* ADD: Allow to filter values in repeater items;
* ADD: Gallery meta field;
* ADD: %current_id%, %current_tags% and %current_categories% macros;
* ADD: WYSIWYG meta field;
* ADD: Slider and grid output for gallery meta field;
* ADD: New options for Dynamic Repeater widget;
* ADD: New opitons for Dynamic Link widget;
* ADD: Embed URL callback;
* ADD: Allow to use dynamic terms images on taxonomy archives;
* UPD: Allow to set and output multiple values for select field;
* FIX: Prevent errors on archive pages;
* FIX: Meta boxes registration;
* FIX: Meta fields parsing for dynamic widgets options.

## 1.0.0

* Initial release;

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