FacetWP v3.8.11 NULLED + Addons – WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin

FacetWP – WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin  là plugin thêm tìm kiếm theo từng khía cạnh vào kho lưu trữ cửa hàng, trang công thức, danh sách của bạn và hơn thế nữa.

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Các tính năng của FacetWP :

Lọc thông minh

Người dùng tìm thấy những gì họ đang tìm kiếm nhanh hơn vì chỉ những lựa chọn có liên quan mới được hiển thị. Điều này dẫn đến khách hàng hạnh phúc hơn và tăng doanh số bán hàng.

Sử dụng dữ liệu hiện có của bạn

Các khía cạnh sử dụng các loại bài đăng, trường tùy chỉnh và phân loại hiện có trên trang web của bạn. FacetWP cũng tự động hoạt động trên các trang lưu trữ hiện có của bạn.

Nhanh như chớp

Với FacetWP, quá trình lọc diễn ra ngay lập tức và không cần làm mới trang. Nó cũng sử dụng một bảng chỉ mục để tăng tốc độ.

Hoạt động với hầu hết các chủ đề

Thêm các khía cạnh ở bất kỳ đâu trên trang của bạn bằng cách sử dụng trình chỉnh sửa khối, mã ngắn hoặc PHP của WP. Các tính năng tích hợp khác (sắp xếp, lựa chọn người dùng) cũng chỉ cách đó một đoạn mã ngắn.

Rất nhiều loại khía cạnh

FacetWP bao gồm nhiều loại khía cạnh, bao gồm hộp kiểm, danh sách thả xuống, phạm vi ngày, thanh trượt, máy nhắn tin và thậm chí vùng lân cận (vị trí địa lý).

Nhà phát triển thân thiện

Các nhà phát triển có thể tận dụng nhiều móc nối của plugin để có mức độ tùy chỉnh cao.

Siêu nhẹ

FacetWP quá nhanh vì chúng tôi rất tự hào trong việc giữ cho cơ sở mã sạch, được tổ chức tốt và không bị cồng kềnh.

Hỗ trợ Stellar

Tài liệu của chúng tôi rất chi tiết và luôn cập nhật, đồng thời hỗ trợ được tích hợp trực tiếp vào chính plugin.

FacetWP v3.8.11 NULLED + Addons - WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin

FacetWP v3.8.11 NULLED + Addons - WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin

FacetWP v3.8.11 NULLED + Addons - WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin

Free Download FacetWP v3.8.11 NULLED + Addons – WordPress Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin nulled changelog
August 30, 2021
smarter slider range (now dynamically adjusts even with selected values)
slider pageload quirks (more info)
August 20, 2021
WooCommerce - some choices weren't showing for variation-based facets in "OR" mode
August 9, 2021
use wp_date() instead of DateTime->format() for i18n
3 new pager "Result counts" tags: [page], [per_page] and [total_pages]
prevent pager / per page / sort values from getting stored in `FWP.facets` JS object
July 9, 2021
move indexing to `init:1000` to allow sufficient time for post type / taxonomy registration
radio facets - force in "OR" mode (props Kari S.)
date picker - edge case offset issue (props Lucas T.)
MS Edge requires JS `catch(err)` instead of `catch` (props George H.)
Norwegian translations (props Johan F.)
June 29, 2021
removed need for `float: right` CSS on Star Rating facets
indexer - ensure that `post_author` user exists
fetch API - include `term_id` in the response
May 25, 2021
issue caused from 3.8.5 script versioning change
May 24, 2021
`facetwp_facet_display_value` hook (to customize choice labels)
`facetwp_facet_hierarchy_arrow` (to customize the "Back" arrow)
`get_terms` helper method to bypass 3rd party hooks (*ahem* WPML)
redesigned the admin status bar, other design tweaks
support versioning of add-on scripts (to bust browser cache)
Autocomplete - translatable UI strings
PHP8 "optional before required parameters" deprecation notice
May 6, 2021
`$params['place_details']` is now available when indexing ACF Google Map fields
A11y - support Hierarchy fields
Slider facet - the "Compare type" UI setting is now always available
Autocomplete facet - timing issues with some CSS-based templates
Gutenberg (10.5.0) - ignore the `wp_template` post type
April 22, 2021
more tooltip info for the slider facet's "Format" setting
fully reset the indexer when purging the index table
Dropdown - restore support for jQuery-based enhancement libs (select2, chosen, etc)
PHP notice caused by the "load_jquery" setting
updated vue-select.js to resolve scrolling issues
April 6, 2021
fUtil.js - enable event bubbling by default
fComplete.js - automatically close after selection
API - fetch method accepts "application/json" (docs updated)
use jQuery if available for document.ready, sort, and per-page boxes (back compat)
cache FWP_Helper->get_term_depths()
fSelect.js - trigger native JS "change" event
fSelect.js - preserve existing class names
fSelect.js - restore "fs-open" class when open
restored "Go" button for autocomplete facets
JS error for "user selections" when no results
JS error within accessibility.js
March 19, 2021
better JSON error handling (due to 3rd party output buffering issues)
better support for 3rd party caching and script deferring (i.e. Autoptimize)
restored the `facetwp/ajax_settings` JS hook
changed `init` hook priority from 10 to 20, some post types (i.e. Pods) were not indexing
load more button
hierarchical checkbox "expand" buttons
March 16, 2021
3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
removed jQuery dependency from FacetWP core
fUtil helper JS library (JS abstractions)
fDate date picker JS library
fTip tooltip JS library
fComplete autocomplete JS library
added “settings” to Debug Mode for faster debugging
modernized and refactored front-end JS code
removed jQuery libraries (query-autocomplete, jquery-powertip, etc)
complete rewrite of fSelect JS library
raw data is now sent on AJAX requests (less payload)
update checks are now made via HTTPS
removed upgrade routines > 3 years old
fSelect - simplified accents/diacritics removal code
add proximity “locate me” to keyboard nav
February 18, 2021
Fix: date picker issue with soft refresh
Fix: fSelect remained open unnecessarily in some cases
Fix: SearchWP – get_search_query() wasn’t showing the keywords in some cases
Fix: tweaked logic for detecting the currently active facet
February 2, 2021
Fix: date picker – date selection was 1 day off (for certain timezones)
Fix: fSelect – keyboard issue when making an initial selection
January 26, 2021
Fix: date picker – console error due to invalid selector (some browsers)
Fix: date picker – the initial month didn’t take min/max ranges into account
January 18, 2021
New: brand new JS date picker! (custom built)
New: preparing codebase for the eventual decoupling from jQuery (phase 1 of 3)
Improved: code cleanup, removed lots of duplicate filtering code
Improved: “per page” box – omit the dropdown placeholder if the “Default label” setting is empty
Improved: fSelect – use strict mode when checking for matches
Improved: rewrote nummy.js helper lib
Fix: SearchWP – handle the rare case when get( ‘s’ ) is boolean FALSE
Fix: user selections box – ignore pager facets
Updated noUiSlider
December 22, 2020
Important: If using SearchWP, updating to v4 is strongly recommended
New: `facetwp_preload_force_query` hook to force FacetWP to modify archive queries
Improved: rewrite of SearchWP integration (supports highlighting, excerpts, custom sorting, etc)
Improved: smarter date range facets (the available range is content-dependent)
Improved: code cleanup
Fix: issue indexing WooCommerce variation attributes
Fix: set the correct “Per page” value on pageload
Fix: when a selected facet choice is filtered out, remove its “User selections” value
Updated translations
December 8, 2020
Fix: removed duplicate indexer hook to prevent PHP notices
December 2, 2020
Fix: indexer improperly doing full re-index on post save
December 2, 2020
New: WP-CLI integration!
Improved: added “acf-field” and “acf-field-group” to the query detection blacklist
Fix: fSelect – keep dropdown open when using multiselect
Fix: FacetWP sort when used on WooCommerce archive pages
Changed: trim slugs over 50 characters (instead of automatically hashing)
November 10, 2020
Improved: support multiple copies of a facet on a page
Improved: simplified indexing of WooCommerce variation attributes
Improved: set lang => ” on get_terms() for better multilangual support
Fix: close active PHP sessions during indexing to prevent progress bar stalling
Fix: the “No results found” string should be in the “fwp-front” textdomain
Fix: ignore all EDD hidden fields from the “Data source” dropdown
October 14, 2020
Improved: fSelect styling tweaks
Improved: admin UI – only pass Vue the necessary data (faster loading)
Improved: admin UI – cleanup of redundant Vue code
Fix: fSelect opacity issue when refreshing
Fix: layout builder – only render link “target” when needed
Fix: Vue reactivity issue when using the “source_other” field on newly-created facets
Fix: PHP notice when “active_plugins” wp_option doesn’t match plugins (usually caused by DB imports)
October 2, 2020
New: layout builder – added `facetwp_builder_dynamic_tags` hook to create new Dynamic Tags without having to add a hidden item
Improved: admin UI – replaced FontAwesome with in-house SVG handling for faster loading
Fix: query detection – only intercept the *identical* query (it was too lenient before)
Fix: refactored SearchWP integration for FacetWP 3.6+
Updated vendor libs (vue, flatpickr, etc)
September 25, 2020
Fix: incorrect post types were appearing on home listings
Fix: re-added `is_archive` to query detection check
Fix: WooCommerce – ensure that `$product` exists before calling its methods
Fix: WooCommerce – apply new tooltip styling to WC admin settings
New: added `FWP()->is_filtered` and `FWP()->filtered_post_ids` convenience props
September 16, 2020
Fix: more tweaks to the query detection algorithm (third time’s the charm, right?)
Fix: hide the WP admin bar during ajax refresh, to prevent rare JSON parsing errors
September 10, 2020
Fix: FacetWP is improperly overriding queries
September 8, 2020
Fix: pager issue on archive pages
September 4, 2020
Improved: FacetWP is now up to 30% faster on archives (category pages, shop pages, etc)
Improved: support WP 5.5+ auto-updates
Improved: Query Builder – URI vars can now be pulled in via special tags (e.g. “http:uri”, “http:uri:0”, or “http:get:year”)
Improved: Fetch API – include the “parent_id” if available
Improved: admin UI – facet / template name appears in tooltip on hover
Improved: admin UI – tweaked tooltip display
Changed: added `facetwp_archive_abort_query` bailout hook
Fix: Fetch API – fixed facets in “OR” mode
Fix: prevent “Only variables should be passed reference” PHP notice (ACF integration)
August 14, 2020
Improved: added “Powered by Google” image to bottom of Proximity dropdown (per guidelines)
Improved: re-styled “Locate me” and “Search” icons to make them easier to click on mobile
Improved: search facets now show a loading animation
Improved: layout builder – don’t display a prefix or suffix if the value is empty
Improved: renamed “Backup” tab to “Import / Export” for clarity
Fix: ignore orphans when sorting taxonomy values (prevents PHP notices)
Fix: WP 5.5 requires “permission_callback” for all REST API requests
Fix: don’t override existing $_GET vars
July 30, 2020
Improved: more intuitive hierarchical checkboxes (parents will automatically uncheck when a child is checked)
Improved: added ARIA labels for dropdown facets
Improved: extra sanitization to trigger fewer false positives with automated security audits
Fix: PHP notices when `paged` or `posts_per_page` aren’t passed into the API
Fix: Italian translation tweak
July 7, 2020
Fix: PHP error for some users when Debug Mode is enabled
Fix: updated “new ticket” URL to prevent 301 redirect
July 3, 2020
Improved: added `hooks_used`, `row_counts`, and `last_indexed` to the Debug Mode JS output (very helpful when troubleshooting sites)
Improved: removed redundant data from the “Show indexer stats” menu
Improved: doubled the textarea height for “advanced mode” inputs
Improved: mention `-1` in the “Count” setting tooltip
Fix: only intercept the first detected EDD `[ downloads ]` query
June 11, 2020
New: added “Value modifiers” UI setting to include / exclude certain facet choices
Improved: the `fetch` API method can now be accessed via `FWP()->api`
Improved: added internal facet `render_setting` method (less code duplication)
Fix: PHP notice involving `register_rest_route` in WP 5.4.2
Changed: layout builder – renamed “Results per row” to “Grid columns”
May 27, 2020
Improved: more SearchWP 4.0 compatibility tweaks
Improved: `facetwp_template_use_archive` hook (for using shortcode templates on archive pages) now supports the global search page
Fix: pager facet “Load more” now accounts for preloaded vars
Fix: ignore empty $_GET vars (props Jenny)
May 6, 2020
Improved: the facet “Count” setting now accepts `-1`
Improved: added $context arg to the `facetwp_facet_sources` hook
Improved: only capture FacetWP-related $_GET vars when preloading
Fix: layout builder – issue with link tags inheriting the parent element’s border styles
Fix: the `facetwp_temp` table doesn’t exist in rare cases
Fix: typo preventing payment meta from being accessed correctly
Fix: added upgrade routine to fix issue causing the URL prefix to switch unexpectedly from “fwp_” to “_” on older installs
Fix: added `IF EXISTS` to `DROP TABLE` clause to prevent MySQL warnings
Updated sample.json (for clean installs)
April 21, 2020
Improved: rebuilt the plugin updater. It’s now *significantly* faster, and only requires one request to fetch *all* update data (regardless of how many add-ons are installed!)
Improved: removed the GitHub dependency for add-on updates
Improved: add-on changelogs now appear in the “Plugin Info” modal
Improved: changed default URL prefix from “fwp_” to “_”
Fix: only run `check_ajax_referer` when necessary (fixes WooCommerce issues)
April 7, 2020
New: added “Default label” setting for Hierarchy facets
Improved: support “Term order” sort for ACF fields
Improved: switched proximity lat/long input types from “text” to “hidden”
Fix: resolved PHP notices involving empty $_GET variables
Fix: better handling of “#” hash links (no longer breaks other plugins)
Fix: add-on updater – bust WP plugin cache for better reliability
March 24, 2020
Improved: added support for SearchWP 4.0.0
Improved: auto-populate $_GET variables for ajax refreshes
Fix: added `facetwp_use_bigint` hook for sites with abnormally large IDs
Fix: prevent the “facetwp-pager” CSS class from being added twice
Fix: clear the “Source other” setting when switching facet types
February 21, 2020
See 3.5 highlights
Important: PHP 5.6+ is required
Important: ACF 5.0+ is required (if using Advanced Custom Fields)
Important: The WP REST API is required (the deprecated `wp_ajax` fallback was removed)
New: the Indexer now uses a temp table to prevent front-end downtime!
New: added “Any” option for Radio facets
New: added “Copy shortcode” button for templates
New: added “Default label” setting to the pager facet (for the “Per page” feature)
New: `FacetWP_Request` class for request handling (and for preload logic)
Improved: Admin UI – better styling of the “Name” field for facets and templates
Improved: Query builder – added “DATE” custom field type, much better date support
Improved: removed deprecated `mysql_real_escape_string` fallback for older PHP versions
Improved: accessibility.js support for search facet placeholders
Improved: prevent #hash clicks when FacetWP is in use
Improved: better styling for layout builder “Color” fields
Improved: “pager” and “per_page” shortcodes now use Pager facet logic (DRY principle)
Improved: Query builder – replaced `vue-multiselect` with `vue-select`
Changed: removed the “Spin” loading animation, improved the default loader (Fade)
Fix: filtering error when a pager facet is in use
Fix: pager facet was breaking the selections shortcode (on pageload)
Updated libs (flatpickr 4.6.3, noUiSlider 14.1.1, SortableJS 1.10.2, Vue 2.6.11, Vue.Draggable 2.23.2)
Updated translations
January 14, 2020
Fix: pager facet showed “1 result” incorrectly
Fix: pager facet labels are translatable via the `facetwp_i18n` hook
December 20, 2019
Improved: accessibility.js support for `aria-label`
Improved: accessibility.js support for the user selections box
Fix: reverted search facet `readonly` during refresh (and increased auto-refresh delay from 250ms to 500ms)
November 20, 2019
New: pager facet type – create pagination, result counts, a “load more” button, or a “per page” box all within the admin UI
New: added `now` and `today` placeholders to the Query Builder
New: added “Featured” data source (WooCommerce)
Improved: adjusted admin UI styling to more closely match WordPress 5.3
Fix: preserve proper order when using a search facet
Fix: remove count from Dropdown user selection labels
Updated noUiSlider and jQuery Autocomplete
Updated translation sources
November 6, 2019
Improved: admin UI tweaks
Fix: disable slider handles momentarily during refresh (prevents excess ajax calls)
Fix: disable search facet momentarily during refresh
October 1, 2019
New: added 3 Layout builder dynamic tags: `{{ post:id }}`, `{{ post:name }}`, and `{{ post:url }}`
Improved: only autoload the necessary FacetWP wp_options
Fix: issue with resetting slider values
Fix: “Stop indexer” button now works properly
September 10, 2019
Fix: revert “Term order” change due to weirdness with WooCommerce sorting
Fix: nummy.js – use log() instead of log10() because IE sucks
Fix: layout builder – properly handle ACF single-selects
August 23, 2019
Improved: refactored layout builder ACF support
Improved: better admin UI support for code-based facets / templates
Improved: code-based facets / templates aren’t saved to the DB unless explicitly “unlocked” via the UI
Improved: better `json_encode()` handling of invalid UTF-8 characters for sites on PHP 7.2+
Improved: FWP.reset() now accepts a string, array, or object
Fix: autocomplete input type changed to `text` to fix cross-browser inconsistencies
Fix: User selections feature was incorrectly resetting an entire facet
Fix: display issue with hierarchical checkboxes having “Show expanded” enabled
Fix: explicitly set “orderby” => “term_order” when a facet is sorted by Term Order
Updated FontAwesome 5.10.1
August 9, 2019
New: `facetwp_load_a11y` hook to enable accessibility support
New: `facetwp_woocommerce_support_categories_display` hook to render facets on WooCommerce product category display pages (experimental)
New: Proximity – `facetwp/geolocation/success` and `facetwp/geolocation/error` JS hooks to get the status of geolocation requests
Improved: Layout Builder – better ACF support
Improved: `FWP.reset()` can now reset all facets, a single facet, or an array of facets
Improved: Admin – prevent loading image size “crop” values to prevent extra queries
Improved: prevent the `facetwp_settings_last_index` wp_option from being autoloaded
Improved: refactored `nummy.js` (JS number formatter) to support bigger values
Fix: Query builder – width issue for the post type selector box
Fix: prevent the WP GDPR plugin from breaking things
Fix: wrong Spanish translation
Updated flatpickr 4.6.2
July 16, 2019
Fix: filtering bug introduced in 3.3.10 (sorry about that!)
July 15, 2019
Improved: store post IDs into a keyed array for faster lookups (isset vs. in_array)
Fix: WooCommerce 3.6.x doesn’t load front-end includes for REST API calls (problematic since FacetWP uses the REST API for ajax refreshes). We’re now force-loading these includes.
Fix: disable WC’s “redirect to single result page” feature if FWP variables are detected
June 7, 2019
Fix: reverted javascript `createNodeIterator` tweak from 3.3.8 (was breaking IE)
Fix: changed fSelect search input’s type to “text” to disable the browser-specific “x” button
Fix: admin UI – drag-and-drop was occasionally placing items in the wrong spot
Fix: WooCommerce – a custom query was accidentally using a hard-coded table prefix
May 30, 2019
New: support ACF “page link” field type
Improved: use a custom query to significantly speed up indexing of WC products
Improved: admin UI – show the facet / template name on hover
Fix: autocomplete choices not appearing in the User Selections box
Fix: only show autocomplete choices relevant to the current result set
Changed: removed the fallback `wp_doing_ajax` function
Changed: removed the SEO pager
Updated dependencies
May 14, 2019
Improved: autocomplete – ignore the current facet’s selection
Improved: layout builder – items can now be dragged across columns
Improved: admin – better delete button placement
Fix: prevent WooCommerce from redirecting to single result page when FacetWP is in use
Updated javascript libs (Sortable, fSelect, vue-multiselect, vuedraggable)
April 24, 2019
Improved: speed up WooCommerce integration by replacing slow `array_merge` calls
Improved: Layout builder – WooCommerce price fields can be formatted
Fix: admin UI – clear the “Source” column for search facets
March 26, 2019
Fix: error preventing templates from appearing in the admin UI
March 26, 2019
New: revamped admin UI (thanks for all the feedback!)
Changed: moved the `facetwp_indexer_row_data` hook slightly
Updated JS deps (fSelect, noUiSlider, vue, Sortable, vuedraggable)
Updated translation sources
March 14, 2019
Improved: Layout builder – added “Clear” button to color picker fields
Fix: Search facets – prefix SearchWP engines with “swp_” to prevent conflicts with custom engines
Fix: autocomplete facets now work properly when using single quotes and percent signs
Fix: on pageload, ignore empty facet URL variables
Fix: minor translation tweaks
February 27, 2019
New: `FWP()->helper->get_facets_by()` method
New: `facetwp_woocommerce_preserve_sort` hook
New: added `post_id_idx` table index for faster lookups
Improved: removed the `facet_source` table column (more efficiency)
Fix: quote CSS `url()` paths to fix rare IE issues
Fix: reverted number auto-formatting from 3.3.1
Fix: Layout builder – fail gracefully on invalid WC products
February 14, 2019
Improved: better Slider facet styling
Improved: auto-format slider / number range values
Improved: reduce the “Debug Mode” response payload by trimming the post IDs
Improved: better logic within `FWP()->helper->load_settings()`
Improved: set default loading animation to “fade”
Improved: ignore invalid facet types
Improved: switched to new logo
Fix: added `nopaging` var to prevent query offset issues
Fix: translate ACF “Yes” and “No” labels
Updated Vue (2.6.6)
Updated noUiSlider (13.1.0)
Updated jQuery-autocomplete (1.4.9)
Updated FontAwesome (5.7.2)
January 24, 2018
Improved: Layout builder – rearranged settings for easier access
Improved: Layout builder – better color picker
Improved: Layout builder – `{{magic}}` tags within HTML items are more lenient w/ spaces
Improved: Query builder – filter/sort dropdowns now use fSelect (searchable!)
Improved: better handling of custom queries using the `no_found_rows` var
Improved: search facets using SearchWP now support attachments
Improved: hide “_” prefixed ACF fields (since they only contain field references)
Improved: updated `accessibility.js` to add ARIA support for checkbox toggle links
Fix: reverted ACF changes to fix issue with ACF fields + “Source other”
Fix: disable browser autofill for Proximity facets
Fix: Dutch translation tweaks
Updated fSelect.js
January 8, 2018
Improved: added depth classes (d0, d1, etc) to fSelect choices
Improved: only perform add-on update checks if FacetWP has an active license
Improved: ACF integration now uses the `facetwp_indexer_row_data` hook
Improved: added `fs:opened` event to fSelects
Fix: custom translations can be added to `wp-content/languages/plugins/fwp-front-[LANG].mo`
Fix: issue with “Source other” not toggling other facet settings
Fix: Dutch translations
Updated jQuery Minicolors
Updated translation sources
December 5, 2018
Important: renamed `wp.hooks` to `FWP.hooks` due to conflicts with WP 5.0
Important: This is a breaking change. Please see the related blog post
December 4, 2018
Changed: FacetWP only ships with translations for front-facing strings
Changed: the (hidden) SEO pager is now disabled by default
New: `facetwp_indexer_complete` action hook
Fix: override WooCommerce sort with FacetWP sort when in use (props @djrmom)
Fix: extra sanitization for SEO pager URLs
Fix: preserve sequential order of facets + templates (fixed Vue error)
Fix: exit gracefully for PHP 5.3 and below
November 14, 2018
Important: FacetWP now requires PHP 5.4 or above
Improved: Layout builder – make the “+ new item” box always visible (props @givewp)
Improved: added ARIA support for pager links (accessibility.js)
Fix: when no results, facets in “OR” mode should be empty
Fix: Layout builder – make sure date / number fields aren’t empty
Fix: Layout builder – properly display WooCommerce fields
Fix: much cleaner WC product sort handling
Fix: issue when a Beaver Builder Post Grid module is below another module
Updated translation sources
October 31, 2018
Improved: rebuilt the proximity autocomplete
Improved: proximity facets include built-in throttling (fewer GMaps API calls)
Improved: better handling of WooCommerce sorting (props @djrmom)
Improved: better handling of code-based facets + templates
Improved: fSelect search now supports accents
Updated noUiSlider 12.1.0
October 12, 2018
Improved: Layout builder – dynamically list all image sizes
Improved: Layout builder – attach title tags to all action buttons
Improved: Indexer – ensure that posts referenced in ACF relationship fields actually exist
Updated translation sources
September 18, 2018
Improved: ability to see raw Query Builder arguments
Improved: remove empty Query Builder arguments
Improved: use DECIMAL for better Query Builder number comparison
Fix: WooCommerce sort box wasn’t sorting properly
Fix: translate date range “from” and “to” text
August 28, 2018
Improved: added “No results found” text for fSelect facets
Improved: Data Source dropdown has more horizontal space
Improved: custom shortcode atts can be accessed via `FWP()->display->shortcode_atts`
Improved: updated vendor assets (Vue, noUiSlider, Font Awesome, etc)
Fix: issues with GitHub Updater Lite (add-on update notifications)
August 8, 2018
Improved: added “!=” operator to the Query Builder
Improved: better support for custom Query Builder data sources
Improved: WooCommerce “price” fields now support variable products
Changed: removed admin notices
Updated translations
July 20, 2018
New: `facetwp_asset_html` hook for customizing an asset’s HTML tag
Improved: layout builder – automatically attempt to display array values
Improved: layout builder – force 1-column layout for mobile (<= 480px)
Improved: layout builder – added CSS classes to taxonomy terms
Improved: layout builder – better support for Post Excerpt and Post Content
Fix: “Purchase ID” not passed into new support tickets
June 26, 2018
Improved: make all data sources (WooCommerce, ACF, etc) available in query builder
Improved: fSelect now supports on non-facet elements
Fix: issue with query builder and “EXISTS” or “NOT EXISTS”
Fix: name field input backwards (or sdrawkcab)
Fix: star rating now uses HTML equivalent of ★
Fix: prevent `FWP()->ajax->query_vars` PHP notice
June 12, 2018
Improved: accessibility.js support for selections shortcode
Improved: clear updater cache upon license activation
Fix: date_range issue when Fields to show = “Exact” and Compare type = “Enclose”
Fix: number_range logic fixes
Fix: “Fields to show” setting not saving for range facets
Fix: “Source other” setting not saving properly
Fix: WooCommerce settings issue
Fix: star rating labels weren’t translatable
Updated translations
May 30, 2018
Important: please update these add-ons: [Bookings, Hierarchy Select, Range List]
New: Layout Builder! Visually create result listings + grids
New: vastly improved Query Builder for choosing which content to display
New: admin is now powered by Vue.js (please let us know if you run into any issues w/ custom facet types)
New: `facetwp_builder_item_value` hook to set a custom item value
New: `facetwp_use_pager_seo` hook to optionally disable the SEO pager
New: re-index actions: show indexer stats, show indexable post types, purge the index table
New: the indexer can be stopped via the admin UI
Improved: switched WooCommerce settings from dropdowns to on/off toggles
Improved: simplified search facets (removed the confusing “x” icon)
Improved: explicitly set radio facets to “OR” mode
Improved: trim extra spaces from the Google Maps API key
Improved: shortened updater cache to 4 hours
Improved: the facet “Other data source” setting uses fSelect too
Improved: cleaner, brighter admin UI design
Updated sample data (sample.json)
Updated flatpickr 4.5.0
April 26, 2018
New: Star Rating facet type
New: SEO-friendly pagination (for shortcode templates)
New: “Fields to show” setting for number_range facets
New: “Enclose” compare type for number_range facets
New: `facetwp_pager_args` hook to support custom pager offsets
Improved: replaced many admin dropdowns with UI toggles
Improved: comparison logic for number_range / date_range facets
Improved: automatically ignore certain post types (edd_wish_list, carts, etc)
Improved: better error handling when saving FWP settings
Improved: allow checkbox expand / collapse links to contain HTML
Improved: auto-refresh when an autocomplete selection is made
Improved: more specific CSS selectors
Improved: moved facet admin_scripts() into `js/src/admin-facets.js`
Improved: moved facet “OR” mode logic into `FacetWP_Facet` (base class)
Fix: fSelect keyboard navigation issues
Fix: issue with “Show ghosts” when no results are found
Fix: date_range Catalan translation issue
Updated translations
March 28, 2018
Changed: WP / FWP versions are now sent on update checks. This lets us know when to deprecate code. See the stats page »
Improved: automatically support the `facetwp` query arg
Fix: issue with autocomplete facets on WP page templates (props neuralab)
Updated flatpickr 4.4.3
March 16, 2018
New: `facetwp_acf_object_id` hook (to support the User Post Type plugin)
Changed: bumped the GitHub Updater version to WP 4.7
Fix: fSelect query bug when there’s no initial results
March 8, 2018
Improved: “fade” is now the default loading animation
Fix: don’t overwrite custom “post__in” query arg
Fix: fSelects would freeze when `FWP.auto_refresh` = false
Fix: preserve `FWP.settings.num_choices` when paging
Fix: autocomplete issue with CSS-based templates (props @mdorchain)
February 20, 2018
Improved: slider facets are now supported for `FWP.settings.num_choices`
Improved: re-initialize autocomplete facets only when needed
Improved: store unfiltered IDs unconditionally
Fix: user selections feature was sometimes resetting everything
Fix: issue with “Show ghosts” setting
Fix: autocomplete facets not returning results (or triggering a 500 error)
Fix: preload_vars not being passed on pageload
Updated flatpickr (again)
February 9, 2018
Important: please update the `Map Facet` add-on
New: “Show ghosts” setting for fSelect facets
Improved: prevent unnecessary “Show ghosts” query when results are unfiltered
Improved: added “facet_value” parameter to FWP.reset()
Improved: support for multiple proximity facets on a page
Improved: JS cleanup and optimizations
Fix: sanitize term slug within `edited_term` hook (for Hebrew)
Fix: FWP.reset() issue with certain facet types (slider, map facet)
Fix: fSelects in “OR” mode lose selections when filtered then reverted
Updated Catalan translations (props Jonathan Pasquier)
Updated noUiSlider, jQuery-autocomplete, flatpickr
Updated translations
January 24, 2018
Important: please update the following add-ons: [Alpha, Map Facet, Time Since]
New: `facetwp/ajax_settings` JS hook (to tweak ajax settings)
New: `facetwp/set_options/autocomplete` JS hook (to tweak autocomplete requests)
Improved: automatic formatting of number range inputs
Fix: search facet auto-refresh issue
Fix: issue with Listable + fSelect facets
Fix: Norwegian translation
January 4, 2018
New: proximity facets now support a radius slider (HTML5 range input)
New: search facets now have an “Auto refresh” setting
Improved: modified the `facetwp_index` table structure for greater efficiency
Improved: smarter autocomplete search (show only relevant choices)
Improved: (hierarhical checkboxes) automatically expand children if a parent choice is selected
Improved: facet type registration has moved to `FWP()->helper->get_facet_types()`
Improved: use `wp_send_json` when possible (props @mgratch)
Improved: freeze fSelect choices during a refresh
Fix: fSelect choices incorrect when in “AND” mode
Fix: slider rendered incorrectly when using back/forward buttons
Fix: hide the “Soft limit” setting for hierarchical checkboxes
Updated to flatpickr v4
Updated translations
December 11, 2017
New: the “Re-index” button will glow when re-indexing is needed
New: added “Copy shortcode” button
Improved: minified main front scripts
Improved: fSelect styling (wrap long choice labels)
Tweak: switched SWP_Query argument from “load_posts” to “fields”
November 20, 2017
New: support for ACF5 Group fields
Fix: issue with commas within search / autocomplete facets
Fix: PHP notice for hierarchy facets
Fix: output the “fwp-loop” tag only if wp_head() has run (props Justin @ Beaver Builder)
Fix: ignore queries with “suppress_filters” = true
Updated translations
November 1, 2017
Fix: SQL issue caused by WP 4.8.3
Fix: Unable to open fSelects on mobile
October 30, 2017
New: added `facetwp_api_output` hook
New: added `facetwp/set_options/fselect` JS hook
Improved: one less query for slider facets
Improved: Query Builder styling tweaks
Fix: fSelect iPhone fix
Fix: ignore feeds when doing query auto-detection
Fix: PHP notice for the `facetwp/v1/fetch` API endpoint
October 4, 2017
Improved: cache duplicate queries for even faster loading
Fix: `FWP.settings.debug` was undefined in some scenarios
Fix: issue with browser bfcache (back/forward cache)
Fix: incorrect counts for some preloaded facets
September 28, 2017
New: facets now load instantly on pageload (because magic)
New: facet choices can now be sorted by `Term Order`
New: `facetwp_preload_url_vars` hook for better facet pre-select
New: WooCommerce “Product Type” data source
New: facet base class (`FacetWP_Facet`) with a get_orderby() method
Improved: fail gracefully if an invalid post ID is passed to the indexer
Improved: fSelect counts are now within a `.facetwp-counter` span
Improved: extra javascript error handling
Changed: `FacetWP_Facet` class renamed to `FacetWP_Renderer`
September 12, 2017
Improved: reset individual facets using `FWP.reset(‘facet_name’)`
Improved: `FWP.reset()` also clears the sort box
Improved: support `FACETWP_LICENSE_KEY` constant
Improved: logic tweak for date range facets with 2 sources + “Exact” mode
August 23, 2017
Fix: revert facet auto-detect on taxonomy archives (due to some edge cases)
Fix: `is_main_query` detection should ignore /wp-admin/ queries
Fix: permalink issue with “_” URL prefix
August 18, 2017
New: rebuilt admin UI
New: support for custom URL prefixes
New: added fSelect “Hierarchical” setting
Improved: hookable admin settings screen
Improved: fSelect auto-refresh on each selection (when multi-select)
Improved: cache update checks (transients stink)
Improved: on taxonomy archive pages, taxonomy facets should show only children of the current term
Improved: support for “Other data source” setting with ACF date_picker fields
Improved: support more date range scenarios (e.g. 2 data sources using “Exact” display)
Improved: proximity “Clear location” setting is now translatable
Improved: “No results found” text is now translatable
Fix: proximity issue preventing exact matches from showing
Fix: incorrect argument order with `facetwp/save/{facet_type}` JS hook
Fix: fSelect IE11 selection issue
Updated noUiSlider
Updated flatpickr
Updated translations

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