Coins MarketCap v4.5 NULLED – WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Coins MarketCap giúp tạo trang web niêm yết giá tiền điện tử hoàn toàn tự động . Plugin tiền điện tử này sử dụng api dữ liệu tiền điện tử để hiển thị giá tiền điện tử trực tiếp, vốn hóa thị trường, biểu đồ và các dữ liệu khác liên quan đến tiền điện tử.

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Tạo danh sách tiền điện tử Tương tự như

  • Hiển thị danh sách hơn 4500 đồng tiền điện tử hàng đầu bên trong trang web của bạn.
  • Bạn có thể dễ dàng sắp xếp danh sách crypto này dựa trên cryptocurrency cấp bậc, giá cả, marketcap, khối lượng và những thứ khác.
  • Bạn có thể chọn cột / dữ liệu nào để hiển thị bên trong danh sách tiền điện tử của mình – Giá, Thay đổi% trong 24h, Thay đổi 7D%, Vốn hóa thị trường, Biểu đồ, Volumne và nhiều tùy chọn dữ liệu tiền điện tử khác.
  • Mỗi đồng tiền sẽ được liên kết với một trang duy nhất của tiền điện tử đó – Trang này sẽ được tạo tự động bởi plugin tiền điện tử này bằng cách sử dụng tất cả dữ liệu thị trường của đồng tiền điện tử đó.

Coins MarketCap - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Trang đơn cụ thể về tiền xu – Được tạo tự động

Mỗi trang đơn cụ thể về tiền điện tử sẽ được tạo tự động bởi plugin coinmarketcap này . Ngoài ra, bạn có thể chọn dữ liệu nào để hiển thị trên trang đồng xu duy nhất – Biểu đồ, Giá, Vốn thị trường, Thay đổi% hàng giờ / 24h, Nguồn cung, Khối lượng và nhiều hơn nữa.

Coins MarketCap - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Cũng kiểm tra “Danh sách trao đổi tiền điện tử Pro”

Hiển thị danh sách hơn 200 sàn giao dịch tiền điện tử cùng với khối lượng giao dịch 24 giờ của họ. Đồng thời tự động tạo hơn 200 trang trao đổi sẵn sàng cho SEO.

Coins MarketCap - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Coins MarketCap - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Free Download Coins MarketCap v4.5 NULLED – WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin nulled changelog
Version 4.5 | 8 Sept 2021

Added:- CMB2 settings panel
Removed:- Titan Settings panel
Fixed:- Coin Description from API
Fixed:- Category ajax notice
Fixed:– Issue with Rank math SEO plugin

Version 4.4 | 23 July 2021

Added:- chart current date data
Fixed:- Multiple shortcode same page not working
Fixed:- Live changes color in mobile view
Fixed:- In table searching in mobile view
Fixed:- Twitter load more issue in advance design
Improvements:- chart date formatting

Version 4.3 || 03 June 2021
Added:- New version of amchart
Added:- All translation file and pot file
Improved:- Optimized Single page loading speed
Improved: Managed coin historical data in standalone table
Fixed: Removed coins tweets transients.Conditionaly loaded coins tweets
Improved: Assets folder structure and minified css/js
Improved: added JS defer loaded on coin single page
Improved: Loaded Single page content using ajax.
Improvements:- Single page loading Speed
Improvements:- improved category code/disable coin list code after activation and update.
Improvements:- Twitter feed, cmc calculator code
Fixed:- Disable coins issue in search result
Fixed:- Design issue on single page, zero value issue in single page chart
Fixed:- Disable/enable coin from top gainer/losers list (edited)

Version 4.2.1 || 14/April/2021

Fixed:- Table not exist bug

Version 4.2 || 14/April/2021
Integrated:- Category settings
Improvements:- Live changes code improved
Updated:- New column in the database

Version 4.1.1 | 04/03/2021
Fixed: Top loser data loading issue.
Improved: Database query.

Version 4.1 | 01/02/2021
Added: New coin’s logo for newly added coins.
Added: Vietnamese dong (VND) added in fiat currency list.
Added: Translation text added (1D,7D etc) for the chart in single coin page.
Fixed: Favourite coins get removed on page reload.
Fixed: Link on coin search does not show data on currency fiat currency selection.
Improved: Updated logos for coins.
Improved: Automatic License deactivation on plugin deactivation.
Improved: Single coin page works with fiat currency selector on the main coin table.

Version 4.0.2 | 18/11/2020
Added: Translation for `loading` text in top looser/gainer table.
Fixed: Chart not working in coin’s single details page (simple design).
Fixed: Missing ad-banner images in admin settings.
Fixed: Sorting issue for market_cap column in main coin’s list.
Fixed: Missing CSS animation in coin’s enable/disable list.

Version 4.0.1 | 05/11/2020
Fixed: Main coin’s table search functionality.
Fixed: Minor js/php issues.
Improved: Single coin page (advanced) rendering.

Version 4.0.0 | 27/10/2020
Optimize Main coin’s list search.
Removed: Coin’s icon removed from coin’s search.
Added: New Crypto Addon Menu
Fixed: Coin disables settings reset after plugin’s update.
Optimize: PHP code for WordPress 5.5.1

Version 3.9.2 | 29/09/2020
Improved: API with frequent new coins.
Improved: Remove coins with.
Fixed: [coin-name] shortcode for custom description.
Fixed: Historical table mismatch data issues.
Fixed: Missing banner images.
Fixed: Missing zoom-in/zoom-our bar for charts.
Fixed: Database conflict with widget pro.

Version 3.9.1 | 17/08/2020
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Elementor’s front-end editor.
Fixed: Responsive design issue with coin’s main table.
Fixed: Various JS Conflicts with WordPress 5.5.
Fixed: Infinite next button issue in exchanges coin pair table
Improved: Plugin’s registration process and code integrity.
Improved: Merged Buy and Sell button in coin’s single details page.
Removed: ‘Read More’ text from coin’s description due to compatibility issues.
Removed: All external links of CSS / JS and hosted files inside plugins.

Version 3.9| 04/08/2020
Added: Total 5000 crypto coins are available ( data from CoinGecko API V3 ).
Added: Logos for missing coins.
Added: Settings for adding/updating new coins data.
Added: Two seprate shortcode, [coin-name] & [coin-symbol] for single coin details page.
Added: 7Days percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Added: 30Days percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Added: 1Year percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Removed: Coin’s symbol from [coin-name] shortcode for single coin details page.
Removed: PHP Session due to performance issues.
Removed: CDN links of CSS & JS files.
Removed: Supported currencies, global rank etc due to API data unavialibility.
Fixed: Russian translation bug.
Fixed: ‘display coins per page‘ settings not working in enable/disable coin list.
Fixed: wrong permission for ‘Registration’ page (submenu).
Fixed: database table not created issues.
Fixed: custom 404 page not working in Divi theme.
Fixed: Compatibility issues with Cryptocurrency Widgets Free.
Improved: Database scheme for better performance.
Improved: CSS for firefox & mobile chrome.
Improved: Exchange coin/pairs table (Available only when Exchange Pro plguin is active).
Improved: various translation languages.
Improved: Compatibility with Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro plugin.
Improved: More accurate price data for 7days chart.

Note: Make sure you read and follow the majour update guidelines.

Version 3.8| 15/05/2020
Added: Coin disable functionality for all coins via Coin Market Cap > Coins List
Added: Compatibility with MathRank SEO Plugin.
Fixed: Coin Single page CSS design issues in firefox.
Fixed: Multiple custom coin description for same coin.
Improved: CSS & JS optimization for perfomance boost.

Version 3.7 | 24/02/2020
Added:- Integrated security nonce in ajax request
Added:- Integrated Ajax based Top Gainer/Lossers
Added:- Integrated New review Notice
Fixed:- Column undefined index issues
Fixed:- Missing default logo issue
Fixed:- Missing coins in search bar result
Removed:- Removed download logo notice
Improved:- Managed Posttypes in class file
Improved:- Managed Download in seprate class
Improved:- main file overall code
Improved:- added admin based checks
Improved:- File structure
Version 3.6.4 | 02 November 2019
Improved: Changed sitemap files path from plugin directory to WP uploads directory
Fixed: Chart Loading Bug
Fixed: Twitter Hashtag issue
Version 3.6.3 | 26 August 2019
Fixed: Minor php issue in single coin detail page.
Version 3.6.2 | 19 August 2019
Fixed: Rank issue in coins with similar names (coin id).
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS issues.
Version 3.6 | 26 July 2019
Fixed: Minor bugs.
Added: Coin’s logo update option in settings.
Added: 300+ new coins.
Version 3.5.3 | 20 July 2019
Fixed: Minor ‘Canonical‘ URL bug.
Fixed: Fixed missing data for some coins.
Fixed: Chart data & historical data mising.
Updated: API changed from to

Version 3.5.2 | 19 July 2019
Improved: CSS and JS optimized.

Version 3.5.1 | 18 July 2019
Fixed: Minor JavScript conflicts.

Version 3.5 | 17 July 2019
Added: ‘Advanced Tab Design’ for coin details page.

Added: Settings to switch between ‘Basic Design’ & ‘Advanced Tab Design’.

Added: ‘Technical Analysis’ widget with shortcode for Crypto coins.

Added: ‘Watch List’ feature to mark favourite coin(s).

Added: ‘Jamaican Dollars’ in Currency list.

Fixed: Crytpo Calculator’s JS issue.

Fixed: Crytpo Calculator’s design issue inside tab

Improved: Responsive design.

Optimized: JavaScript & CSS.

Updated: Translation

Version 3.4 | 24 May 2019
Improved: Performance improved in the main coin table and single coin page.

Improved: Page speed by reducing server requests.

Fixed: MySQL query bug.

Version 3.3.1 | 15 May 2019
Fixed: TitanFramework class not found

Fixed: crypto calculator not working when only calculator shortcode is added on page

Version 3.3 | 9 MAY 2019
Added: Integrated New Live Price API

Fixed: Wrong Live Price Bug

Improvement: Minor code improvements

Removed: 24 Hour live price changes

Version 3.2.1 | 9 APRIL 2019
Fixed: Plugin registration page does not load.
Fixed: Verification issues with valid purchase code.
Fixed: Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4‘, issues with the older version of MySQL.

Version 3.2 | 28 MARCH 2019
Added: Verification System for Genuine product purchase.
Added: Total Coin load settings for Coin List.
Fixed: Color picker issue with Avada Theme.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.4 | 27 FEB 2019
Added:Added new shortcodes in coin details page and updated page name.
Fixed:Wrong color in live changes in other Fiat currency bug

Version 3.1.3 | 22 NOV 2018
Added:-Integrated coins social link settings in control panel.
Fixed:-Coin list Wrong coins rank bug.
Fixed:-Top loser/gainer price formatting issue.

Version 3.1.2 | 20 October 2018
Fixed:- Major coins table wrong sorting bug.

Version 3.1.1 | 18 October 2018
Added:-Integrated new coin name and coin symbol shortcode.
Added:-Integrated direct API call on coin page if crons don’t work.
Fixed:-Crons in queue bug fixed.
Fixed:-coins table missing data bug
Fixed:-historical table missing data bug
Fixed:-IE 9,IE 10 Compatibility
Fixed:-CSS improvements
Fixed:- updated missing coins links in new tab settings.

Version 3.0 | 11 October 2018
Added:-Integrated Brand New API .
Added:-Managed API data using custom database tables.
Added:-Advanced cache system for handeling huge data. .
Added:-Sitemap index to increase site indexation.
Improved:-Boosted Overall performance and speed .
Improved:-Complete code rewrite and optimized.
Improved:-More user-friendly design for mobile/tablet devices.
Improvements:Improved loading speed.
Fixed:Minor JS fixes.

Version 2.9.1 | 27 August 2018
Added:-Integrated brand new clean charts in coin lists.
Fixed-:Minor JS fixes.
Improvements:Improved styles.
Improvements:Minor Code Improvements.
Improvements:Improved loading speed.
Version 2.9 | 23 July 2018
Added -: Added 100 new coins.
Fixed -: fixed coins redirect issue
Improvements -:Improved coin detail page chart loading speed and styles.
Improvements -: Improved coins cache.
Improvement-:improved Styles.

Version 2.8.3 | 19 July 2018
Fixed :-:coin details page chart wrong data bug fixed/li>
minor changes in chart layout
Fixed :-: minor changes in chart layout.
Improvements:-: updated chart text translation

Version 2.8.2 | 10 July 2018
Fixed::-7 days, 24 hours column wrong sorting bug .
Fixed :-canonical URL missing slash issue .
Improvements:-Optimized coin chart loading speed.
Improvements :- used cache data in chart.

Version 2.8.1 | 4 July 2018
Fixed :-Live changes not working bug fixed .
Fixed :-Top gainer/ Top losers links bug with other currencies .
Improvements :-Updated main list small charts colors based upon 7-day changes.
Updated:-Datatable integration on top gainer/ top losers table

Version 2.8 | 1 July 2018
Added :-Integrated coin sitemap generation functionality .After generating sitemap users can submit sitemap URL to google for SEO optimization.
Improvements :- Optimize all coin content and fixed missing information.
Improvements :-Optimized coin single page loading speed.
Updated:-Updated Ripple logo and content. And added XRP new logo.
Fixed :-Coin historical table responsive issues.
Improvements:-chart text translation.
Improvements:-single page supply formatting.

Version 2.7.1 | 20 June 2018
Added :-Integrated formatting settings for all prices and values.User can easily enable/disable formatting like:- Million/Billion etc.
Added :-Translation support for coin single page chart text like:- zoom, from/to etc.
Fixed :-Compatibility issue with PHP Version 5.2.
Removed :-Single story page. We are now using WordPress default single page to show stories.
Improvements :- Adding facebook scripts if the user has added Facebook comment shortcode in the single page.

Version 2.7 | 18 June 2018
Added:-Integrated Bitcoin Price settings in select currency dropdown.And also added price in bitcoin in currency conversion dropdown.
Added :-Added compatibility for CryptoCurrency Exchange List plugin.
Fixed:-Fixed Major custom slug bug..
Improvements:-Improved Turkish and Czech translations.
Improvements:- Optimized all assets(JS/CSS).
Improvements:-CSS improvements.
Improvements:-Code Improvements.

Version 2.6.2 | 7 June 18
Added:-Integrated Affiliate settings for other exchanges.
Added :-Added translation for static text.
Added :-Integrated settings for disabling API description on coin detail page.
Fixed :-Top gainer/ losers other currency not working.
Fixed :-price calculator with other currency not working properly.
Improvements:-Removed Space from M/B text and added translation for Million and billion.
Improvements:-Optimized Single page images.
Improvements:-Improved Traslation.

Version 2.6.1 | 26 May 18
Fixed :-coin market cap main table small chart blank bug fixing.
Improvements:-Minor Improvements.

Version 2.6 | 21 May 18
Added :-Integrated brand new coin SVG charts in the main list .
Added :-Added Live Price for all currencies .
Added :-Added alt attribute coin logos and price graph on main coin table.
Added :-Integrated Cryptocurrency ID based search.
Added :-Introduced filter hook for customization of the alt attribute.
Improvements:-Minor style improvements.
Improvements:-Improved page loading speed..
Improvements:-Minor code improvements.

Version 2.5.1 | 11 May 18
Fixed:-Fixed Top Losers/Gainers missing logos issue.
Improvements:-Improved API request.
Added:-Added ‘currency selector’ based on selected currency.
Fixed:-Removed target=_blank from single page links in Top Losers/ Gainers.

Version 2.5 | 10 May 18
Added:-Integrated ‘Change Coin Detail Page Slug’ setting to change the single page URL.
Added:-Integrated Clear Cache setting to delete API’s cache.
Added:-Integrated ten more fiat currencies(CNY,KRW,RUB,SGD,CLP,IDR,PKR,ZAR,MXN,NZD).
Added:-Added more SVG coin logos.
Added:-Integrated more currencies in the calculator.
Added:-Added preloader screen in price chart on a single page.
Added:-Translated in Spanish, Dutch.
Fixed:-Fixed coin single page wrong URL bug.
Improvements:Improved coin description settings. Now you can add ‘Shortcode’ in coin description.
Improvements:Added all 1500 coins in coin description setting. Now you can add a description of your own in a single page for all the coins..
Improvements:Improved Design of social links on a single page.
Improvements:Improved calculator design.
Improvements:-Minor code improvements

Version 2.4.1 | 17 April 18
Added:-Integrated Changlly Affiliate Buy/Sell links on coin single page .
Added:-Integrated settings for Referral id.
Improvements:-Improved coin chart on coin single page.

Version 2.4 | 09 April 18
Added :-Introduced Top Gainer/ Top losers shortcodes with 2 layouts (basic, Advance).[cmc-top type=”gainers” layout=”basic” show-coins=”10″] , [cmc-top type=”losers” layout=”advance” show-coins=”10″].
Added :-Integrated currency Conversion filter on main coin table.
Added :-Introduced CryptoCurrency Price Calculator shortcode.User can easily embed in coin single page or anywhere in the website[cmc-calculator].
Added :-Integrated coin volume in coin single page chart.
Fixed :-Fixed Breadcrumb currency icon bug.
Improvements:-Fixed Breadcrumb currency icon bug.
Improvements:-Minor code improvements.

Version 2.3.1 | 21 March 18
Added:-Integrated Automatic Update Feature.After this update users can easily update plugin with one click.
Fixed:-Fixed Minor CSS Bug on single page.

Version 2.3 | 20 March 18
Added :Integrated Coin History section in coin single page.
Added :Integrated coin twitter feed in coin single page.
Added :Integrated coin information custom API’s for coin details like(Coin website/Social Links)etc.
Added :Added Canonical URL settings for coin single page for better SEO.
Added :Added coin link target settings (_blank/Self) in a settings panel.
Fixed:Fixed Static down text problem from coin dynamic description section.
Added :Added Custom API’s for coin logos and chart images.
Improvements: Improved coin single page.
Improvements: Minified CSS and JS files.

Version 2.2 | 14 March 18
Added:-Added different-2 shortcodes for Charts,Coin Details,Facebook Comment etc.
Added:Introduced new shortcode for coin single page.
Added:Integrated Dynamic Title settings and feature.
Added:Integrated dynamic description settings..
Added:Introduced Dedicated section for coin description.
Improvements:Optimized API’s calls.Fetching all coins data in single API’s.
Updated:Added Currency attribute in global coin info shortcode.
Fixed:Extra space with Full HTML option.
Improvements:Improved coin single page .
Improvements:Code Optimizations. .
Improvements:Minor CSS improvements .

Version 2.1 | 10 March 18
Updates:-Coin Market Cap updated coins logo and chart API’s.
Fixed:-Fixed Major currencies logo missing problem.
Fixed:-Fixed chart missing problem.

Version 2.0 | 08 March 18
Added:-Introduced Live Price change feature.
Added:-Create Coin market Cap in currencies(USD/EUR/GBP)etc.
Added:-Integrated global market cap info section shortcode.
Added:-Integrated new settings panel for details page and shortcode generator.
Added:-Integrated multilingual compatibility and translated in (German, Italian, French, Turkish).
Improvements:-Improved search added auto-suggestion and coin logos.
Fixed:-Data table rows visibility issue fixed.
Improvements:Upper Scroll Added.
Added:-Integrated Coin description settings.
Improvements:Created different-different shortcode for description and chart etc.
Improvements:Improved Chart visibility

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