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IỂM SOÁT TRANG WEB KHÔNG SỬ DỤNG MÃ Chúng tôi đã hoàn toàn sử dụng Công cụ tùy chỉnh WordPress cho tất cả các cài đặt theme của chúng tôi. Điều này cho phép bạn xem trước trực tiếp bất kỳ thay đổi cài đặt theme nào của bạn. THÂN THIỆN VỚI NHÀ PHÁT TRIỂN theme Beaver Builder được thiết kế để có thể thao tác và mở rộng! KHUNG BOOTSTRAP theme Beaver Builder sử dụng khung Bootstrap phổ biến làm cơ sở CSS của nó. Với các phương pháp hay nhất được áp dụng và một cộng đồng đang phát triển mạnh, Bootstrap giúp bạn có được lợi ích tốt. SỬ DỤNG TRÊN CÁC TRANG KHÔNG GIỚI HẠN Cho dù bạn đang xây dựng một trang web hay một trăm trang web, bạn sẽ muốn chọn một theme nhẹ, linh hoạt mà bạn sẽ thích làm việc cùng.

Beaver Builder Theme

Nhóm hỗ trợ xuất sắc ✓Sử dụng Phông chữ của Google ✓Tối ưu hóa SEO ✓Thay đổi đầu trang và chân trang ✓Hỗ trợ WooCommerce ✓Hỗ trợ cộng đồng tích cực

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Mua Theme wordpress

Free Download Beaver Builder Theme v1.7.3 NULLED nulled changelog
1.7.3 06/06/2019

New filter fl_theme_disable_schema added to disable all schema added by the theme.
New filter fl_theme_breakpoint_opts added to configure theme breakpoints in JS.
Theme breakpoints for mobile and tablet are now configurable via WP custo fmizer.
Added separate submenu icon to toggle on mobile nav.
Added noopener and noreferrer to social links.
New Vietnamese translation added.
Bug Fixes

Fixed menu disappears at 992px issue.
Fixed menu nav alignment in medium devices.
Fixed issue with logo and wp-rocket lazyload.
Fixed logo and menu alignment in BS4 layout.
Fixed scrollbar on BS4 with full-width layout.
Fixed mobile nav issue when using BS4 layout.
Fixed input slider field where number value should not below the minimum in customizer.
Update responsive text sizes ONLY if the original value is not the default.
1.7.2 03/26/2019

Responsive Menu label is now configurable.
Add NAV and Schema markup to topbar navigation.
New options for Social Icons. Size, shape and color all configurable.
Responsive options added to all text/heading size options.
Removed dependency for Font Awesome 4.
Bug Fixes

Fix for border default color throwing invalid CSS if transparent is default.
Fix button font size style set to auto which is invalid CSS.
Fixed Bootstrap 4 header/footer menu alignment.
Fixed button styles on Audio shortcode/module.
Fixed scrolling issue on mobiles with off canvas menu.
Changed the browser scroll history to manual to prevent issues with shrink header logo.
Fixed the position of top bar submenu on iOS mobile devices. 02/21/2019
Hot Fix

Update Bootstrap to versions 3.4.1 and 4.3.1
Fixed menu items layout in the footer when using BS4 layout.
Fixed mobile nav in BS4 layout. 01/21/2019
Hot Fix

Updated Less library to include fixes for PHP 7.2
Fixed responsive dropdown menus when minimal Bootstrap 4 is enabled.
Hot Fix

Various Bootstrap 4 issues fixed:
Removed sourcemap url.
Fixed header coloumn sizes.
Fixed search icon alignment.
Fixed WooCommerce checkout inputs.
Fixed featured image alignment in archive and single.
Added clearfix mixin to Bootstrap build config. 12/20/2018
Hot Fix

Updated Bootstrap3 to 3.4.0
Fixed Google italic fonts in Safari.
Added text and visibilty utility classes to minimal Bootstrap4.
Fixed horizontal scrollbar on mobile devices when using flyout push nav. 12/10/2018
Hot Fix

Added navigation CSS to minimal Bootstrap 4 and updated Full Bootstrap 4 to 4.1.3
Fixed sub-menu on mobile where it’s not showing when hide-heading is applied.
1.7.1 12/05/2018

Minimal version of Bootstrap 4 added!
Removed old IE8 javascript shims from header.
New filter fl_theme_compile_less_overide to pass css to alternate compiler.
Use try/catch while compiling less and print to errorlog if compile fails.
Tagline added to all header layouts if using text based logo.
Bug Fixes

Fixed italic Google Fonts on mobile devices.
Fixed image stretching if post is edited using Gutenberg.
Fixed parallax footer links when using IE11.
Pingback urls should only be on posts with comments and only if enabled. 10/01/2018
Hot Fix

Fixed Fade In header issue. 09/27/2018
Hot Fix

Fixed background and border issue for fixed header > fade in.
Fixed retina logo not displaying in Firefox if the logo is SVG.
Fixed 15px sub-menu gap. 09/17/2018
Hot Fix

Google fonts now use their proper fallbacks instead of being hard coded to sans-serif.
Fixed nav-right search icon alignment when bootstrap 4 enabled.
Fixed styling issue with flyout menus when bootstrap 4 enabled.
Fixed sidebar sizes, only custom sizes were working.
Removed unneeded 94% width on nav-left and nav-right.
Fixed indentation for submenu items on responsive nav.
1.7 09/06/2018

Italic fonts now supported, including Google Fonts.
Added Customizer settings for off canvas menus.
Added Customizer settings for global button styles.
Added additional Customizer settings for heading styles.
Added header logo Customizer setting for mobile devices.
Added initial frontend support for Gutenberg blocks. Custom typography displays in the Gutenberg editor.
Added new Framework Customizer setting for choosing between Bootstrap 3 and 4 or no framework at all.
Added Customizer setting for collapsing mobile menu dropdowns when another is opened.
Updated to Font Awesome 5. Only loading Font Awesome if needed or explicitly set to load using the new Customizer setting.
Enabled the featured image size setting in the Customizer for all image positions.
Enabled the theme’s lightbox for images in the builder’s text editor module.
Updated Font Awesome url to use latest 5.3.1
Added support for system-ui font stack to system font choices.
Added indentation when submenu indicator is enabled.
Use core WP ImagesLoaded script if available.
Support for Font Awesome Pro if using fl_enable_fa5_pro filter.
W3C Validation fixes.
New filter added fl_theme_get_setting_$key.
Update theme to use latest `add_theme_support` format for wide images.
Use Less.php compiler FL_THEME_DEPRECATED_LESSC to use old deprecated lessc.
Update editor styles with content background color and text colors.
More Gutenberg support.
Button style fixes, fonts are now properly enqueued.
Bug Fixes

Fixed WooCommerce column styling overriding WooCommerce module settings.
Fixed Themer parts set to show before the header showing after the sticky or fixed headers.
Various off canvas menu tweaks.
Changed to default FA Facebook icon to facebook-f.
Font-family is now wrapped in quotes in outputted css.
Google Fonts are now properly enqueued when using custom H1 styles.
Logo is now visible when using fade in header.
Fixed the hide-heading for mega-menu.
Removed border and margin when hide-heading is applied to the menu item.
Fixed the facebook branded color.
Fixed search form for nav left layout on RTL sites.
Fixed alignment when search is enabled and menu has too many items.
Applied indentation always when submenu indicator is enabled.
Fixed retina logo transition for shrink header.
Added check to see if the customizer controls exist to prevent JS error - 05/29/2018
Hot Fix

Added support for privacy checkbox on comment form added in WordPress 4.9.6.
1.6.5 - 04/18/2018

New shortcode [fl_year] added, full details in the kb:
Use WP_Filesystem class to write cache files.
Add rel nofollow to default footer link.
Bug Fixes

Fix PHP error if uploads folder is not writeable.
Register local copy of imagesloaded in case builder is not installed.
Fix undefined function get_header message in logs when bots try to scan theme files.
Fixed header now uses retina image if available in customizer settings.
Fixed JS error when Cube Portfolio shortcode is used.
Fixed issue where archive add to cart setting was affecting the main shop page. - 01/15/2018
Hot Fix

Fixed Font Weight dropdown in theme customizer.
1.6.4 - 01/10/2018

Changed and links to https.
Added indentation to product categories widget.
Added fl_theme_add_panel_data filter to allow users to change the customizer panels just before render.
Add role and aria-label to
Clear theme cache when theme is updated.
GoogleFonts array is now updated on every release automatically.
Bug Fixes

Hamburger menu now uses header layout padding to determine its position.
Removed WooCommerce styles from less compile if the plugin is not active.
Fixed hamburger menu position when fixed, shrink and sticky header options are used.
Fixed the submenu link color on the responsive nav. Uses header style for link color instead of the nav style.
Fixed a possible customizer js error when fonts are added then removed via php filters.
Fixed header background color on nav background for fixed header.
Removed bottom margin wrongfully added to widgets module by the theme.
Fixed a spacing issue when hovering mega menu item. - 12/07/2017
Bug Fixes

Fixed theme branding issue in translation files.
Fixed issue with responsive submenu items not opening if parent link is #.
1.6.3 - 11/08/2017

New filter fl_theme_compile_less. Accepts array of files to be passed to lessc.
Added screen reader accessibility for social icons.
Added toggle logic for sub-menu on mobile devices.
Added Events Calendar support; CSS for archives.
Bug Fixes

Removed duplicate class attribute from nav search.
Fixed multiple current menu items. Made sure there is only one current menu item specified in the nav.
Fixed the Themer footer layout for vertical nav.
Changed width for post header and comments. It should now use the Content Width from customizer setting.
Fixed various WooCommerce styling issues.
Fixed various MegaMenu issues.
Fixed issue with WooCommerce remove from cart being hidden on mobile.
Fixed sidebar issue on pages using custom template files.
Deprecated fl-logo-text filter, use fl_logo_text instead.
1.6.2 - 08/17/2017

You can now toggle sidebars for all custom post types.
New filters fl_theme_viewport and fl_theme_xua_compatible added.
Updated language files.
Bug Fixes

Fixed padding issue on nav last menu item.
Fixed HTML5 markup in searchform.php.
Mobile Nav uses Header settings instead of Nav, as per the docs.
Fixed IOS issue with back button and sub menus staying on the page.
Fixed Font filters added in 1.6.1
1.6.1 - 06/01/2017

Update translations. New translation en_GB added.
New filters fl_theme_system_fonts, fl_theme_google_fonts and fl_body_font_family
Bug Fixes

Fixed missing color options in Header > Nav Style.
Fixed an issue where Posted In: and Tags: were being displayed even when empty.
Fixed a js error caused by ImagesLoaded not being enqueued.
Fixed nav style colors for current ancestor/parent menu item.
1.6 - 05/23/2017

Updated translation files, added Mexican and Colombian translation sets.
Add filter fl-logo-text to change logo image alt text.
WP 4.7 introduced custom CSS for themes. Migrate custom CSS to use WP Core feature.
New option for mobile navigation breakpoints including the option to have mobile menu always.
Add support for new WooCommerce 3 product gallerys. Option added in customizer to switch gallery type.
Sidebars are now an option on woocommerce category archives.
Submenu indicator added to top bar nav.
Added a customizer option to enable/disable sidebar on WooCommerce shop & single product page.
Updated Google Fonts.
Move Social settings to General tab in customizer.
Added image size option for archive and single post image.
FLCustomizer::remove_preset() can now accept an array of presets.
Added optional Author box to post pages.
New hooks added: fl_before_post, fl_after_post, fl_before_post_content and fl_after_post_content
Sticky navigation can now use a different logo to the main navigation.
Updated translation files. A POT file is now included for new translators.
Bundled Font Awesome updated.
Logo text element changed from span to div to fix markup vaidation when HTML is added.
Added submenu indicators to main navigation.
Use minified version of theme.js unless WP_DEBUG is enabled.
Convert social icons to Font Awesome where used by the theme.
WooCommerce product archive columns are now configurable in the customizer.
Added WPCLI support wp beaver theme clearcache will clear theme css cache.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with media library not being closable when selecting photos.
Fixed a spacing issue in right aligned nav and the search icon.
Fixed an issue with center nav inline logo not being vertically aligned.
Fixed WooCommerce related products position when tabs do not exist.
Fixed WooCommerce checkbox alignment on checkout forms.
Fixed nav items position rendering on RTL sites.
Fixed W3C validation. Removed role navigation attribute.
Fixed a bug in customizer code editor.
Fixed a javascript error if there are no presets registered.
Fixed default backgrounds being blank in presets.
Fixed JS error when clicking on menu item link that contains hash string.
Fixed a navigation overflow issue.
Fixed styling in navigation when ancestor or submenu is active page.
Fixed RTL issues with vertical nav.
Fixed small styling issue with mobile megamenus.
Fixed form preview conflict with Toolset CRED.
Fixed an issue where extra padding was being added when fixed nav was enabled on full-width layouts.
Fixed full-width posts template which was wrongly adding space for a non existant sidebar.
Fixed a spacing issue on Safari when fixed header is enabled with a logo.
1.5.4 - 12/06/2016

Added Full Width and No Header/Footer templates for posts in WordPress 4.7.
1.5.3 - 11/01/2016

Added styling for the tabbed WooCommerce My Account page.
The theme skin file is now enqueued using wp_enqueue_style instead of being statically rendered.
Google Fonts are now enqueued using wp_enqueue_style instead of being statically rendered.
Added the fl_theme_google_fonts_domain filter for changing the Google Fonts domain.
Anchor links are now highlighted in the nav when clicked.
The mobile menu now closes when an anchor on the same page is clicked.
Switching child themes now refreshes the CSS cache.
Search form now uses HTML placeholder value.
Updated translations.
Bug Fixes

Fixed PHP 7 compatibility with the LESS parsing library.
Fixed empty home_url links.
Fixed W3C validator issues with nav elements.
Fixed incorrect display of nested submenus in the Custom Menu widget.
Fixed the no header/footer template still showing a margin when using the vertical nav header.
Fixed header resizing incorrectly when using the boxed layout.
Fixed spacing issues with the WooCommerce cart totals section.
Fixed missing styling for URL inputs.
1.5.2 - 07/12/2016

Theme CSS cache is now cleared when clearing builder CSS cache under Settings > Page Builder > Cache.
Reworked comments.php to add support for JetPack comments.
Added social-icons.php for overriding social icons markup in a child theme.
Added Skype to the social icons settings.
Added FitVids responsive video support for videos in the WordPress editor when the builder is not active.
Bootstrap's CSS is now loaded using wp_enqueue_style instead of in header.php.
Add the fl_nav_menu_fallback_url filter.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with content padding when using vertical header layouts.
Fixed a bug with the scroll to top button freezing scrolling on iOS.
Fixed a bug with builder UI elements going on top of fixed headers.
Fixed a bug with screen reader text showing.
Fixed a bug with double class attributes in nav-search.php.
Fixed a bug with mega menu headings not showing on mobile.
Fixed a bug with WooCommerce product category layouts.
Fixed a bug with the fl_default_theme_mods filter not working.
Fixed a bug with long mega menus going off the page. Long mega menus now revert to standard dropdowns when there is not enough room.
Fixed a bug with the logo resizing from 0 to 100% on load when the shrink header option is selected.
Fixed a bug with cache files not being created with the correct file permissions.
Fixed a bug with the mobile menu's transition when submenus are present.
1.5.1 - 05/02/2016

Added a setting for choosing which side of an uneven menu the centered inline logo will appear.
Added the fl_theme_mods filter.
Added the fl_default_theme_mods filter.
Added Xing as a social icon option.
The scroll to top button is now available on all screen sizes.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with submenu toggles not working on Android devices.
Fixed a bug with custom sidebar sizes only working on posts, not on standard pages.
Fixed a bug with the logo not appearing when the fixed header is set to shrink.
Fixed a bug with the fixed header when set to shrink on Safari.
Fixed a bug with the fixed header when switching between landscape and portrait on mobile devices.
Fixed a bug with the line-height in comments.
Fixed a bug with the browser focusing on the search widget instead of the header search bar.
Fixed a bug with Customizer slider controls.
Fixed a bug causing horizontal scrollbars with custom content widths.
Fixed a bug causing logo text to appear even when empty.
Fixed a bug with WooCommerce variable products styling.
1.5 - 03/16/2016
This is a major update that adds a number of new features. Please see this blog post for more details.


Added left and right vertical header layouts.
Added centered nav + inline logo header layout.
Added left nav header layout.
Added "shrink" and "fixed" options for the fixed header.
Added the option to hide the header until the page is scrolled.
Added the option to show a "Scroll to Top" button.
Added the ability to create a mega menu.
Added slider controls in place of many of the text fields for entering number values.
Added the following customizer settings...
Body Line Height
Heading Line Height
Heading Letter Spacing
Custom Content Width
Custom Sidebar Width
Featured Image Above Content/Title
Hide Comment Count
Top Bar/Content/Footer Opacity
Footer Parallax
Disable Beaver Builder's WooCommerce CSS
The search input now focuses when the search icon is clicked.
Added and updated translations.
Updated Google fonts.
The FLTheme JavaScript object is now global. Added event namespaces.
Added a custom classname to the logo's Bootstrap column.
Added the fl_less_vars filter.
Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with schema structured data.
Fixed a LESS parsing bug.
Fixed a bug with empty opacity values causing LESS parse errors.
Fixed a CSS issue with WooCommerce columns not aligning properly on mobile.
1.4 - 12/09/2015

Improved the code editing experience in the Customizer.
Added body font weight setting to the Customizer.
Added header background opacity setting to the Customizer.
Added the core WordPress post_class function to post article tags.
Added new actions for inserting content within various parts of the theme.
Top bar column markup can now be overridden in child themes.
Footer column markup can now be overridden in child themes.
Archive header and post meta markup can now be overridden in child themes.
Added Hebrew translation.
Added Danish translation.
Added Thai translation.
Updated Font Awesome.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with links that start with an image extension opening in the lightbox.
1.3.2 - 10/18/2015

Updated Font Awesome.
Updated translations.
Added fl_font_subset filter.
Bug Fixes

Fixed CSS issues with lightbox button styling.
Fixed WooCommerce layout issues. - 08/25/2015
Added Dutch translation.
Added support for core title tag rendering.
Removed favicon settings in favor of WordPress' new Site Icon settings. - 08/11/2015

Tested WordPress 4.3 compatibility.
Updated translation files.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with dropdown menus on Windows. - 07/21/2015
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with the Customizer accent hover color setting.
Fixed a bug with the Customizer when no pages exist.
Fixed a bug with Customizer font weight settings.
Fixed a bug with subnav links not picking up the Customizer font weight setting.
Fixed a bug with retina logos in the fixed header.
1.3.1 - 07/08/2015
This is our biggest theme update since settings were moved to the Customizer! PLEASE NOTE: None of your customizations will immediately change as a result of this update. However, you may notice slight differences to text/link colors in the header/footer sections the next time you enter the Customizer that you are now able to adjust. Please see this blog post for more details.

Added 25 new settings to the Customizer.
Added a Customizer setting for showing a hamburger icon for the mobile nav button.
Added Customizer settings for better text color control.
Added Customizer settings for adding a background image to each page section.
Added 14 new actions.
Added 2 new filters. - 06/20/2015
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with retina logos and the fixed header.
Fixed a bug with the fixed header when the main header is disabled.
Fixed the setting to only show footer widgets on the homepage.
1.3.0 - 06/01/2015

Core presets can now be removed. Custom presets can be added. Please see this knowledge base entry for more information.
The includes/copyright.php file can now be overridden in child themes.
A body class is now added for the current preset.
Bug Fixes

JavaScript tweak to fix a retina logo issue.
CSS tweak to fix a FireFox bug with large logos.
1.2.9 - 04/26/2015

Updated FontAwesome.
Top nav dropdowns are now enabled on mobile.
1.2.8 - 03/31/2015

Added Russian translation.
Bug Fixes

CSS fix for WooCommerce shipping radio buttons.
CSS fix for WooCommerce three columns category layouts.
1.2.7 - 03/24/2015
Bug Fixes

Fixed a WooCommerce CSS bug.
Fixed a bug with retina logos not showing in the fixed header.
1.2.6 - 03/22/2015

Added German translation.
Shortcodes in logo text are now parsed.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with retina logos being incorrectly sized.
Fixed a WooCommerce CSS bug with 3 column layouts.
1.2.5 - 03/01/2015

Added Arabic translation.
Pages now use H1 instead of H2 for titles.
1.2.4 - 02/22/2015

Added 'No Header/Footer' page template.
Single posts now use H1 instead of H2 for titles.
Bug Fixes

Tweaked the CSS for responsive blog post images so it doesn't override images resized using the WordPress editor.
Footer widgets now show on mobile.
1.2.3 - 02/15/2015

HTML for default page headings is no longer rendered if the builder is active and they are disabled in the global settings.
Added French translation.
Added Italian translation.
Enhanced SSL check for servers behind load balancers.
1.2.2 - 01/25/2015

Major improvements to how translations are handled. A huge thanks to Oliver Juhas of WebMan Design for making that happen.
Added Slovak translation.
Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2.
Added fl-page-header-primary class to the primary header to differentiate it from the fixed header.
HTML attributes for the logo now use the site title settings instead of the logo text setting if an image logo is being used.
Added favicon to wp-admin.
1.2.1 - 01/12/2015
Bug Fixes

Fixed a small bug with migrations to the new Customizer interface.
1.2.0 - 01/11/2015

Theme settings have been moved to the WordPress Customizer!
Added 20 new theme settings. See our blog for complete details.
Added the ability to completely hide the header or footer.
Added the ability to override files in the includes folder such as nav-bottom.php and fixed-header.php.
Added dropdown support to the top bar's menus.
Added new layouts for the top bar to combine icons, menus or text.
Added post navigation on single post pages.
Shortcodes are now parsed in the header and footer sections.
Added support for right-to-left languages.
Updated Google fonts.
Bug Fixes

Fixed HTML validation issues.
Resolved a conflict with plugins like the Events Calendar that use the same Less CSS processor.
Video iframe embeds are now responsive.

Added styling for a number of additional HTML5 input fields.
Added an email option to the social settings.

The theme logo now defaults to the site title instead of the Beaver Builder logo.

Added Swedish translation.

Added fl_head_open open action.
Bug Fixes

Fixed a JavaScript theme settings bug.
Fixed an IE gradient bug.

Relaunching as Beaver Builder! Check out the new site at

Added Italian translation.
Bug Fixes

Moved loading of settings into the theme setup method and after translations have been loaded.

Updated Font Awesome.
Added .fl-post-more classname to read more links.

Added two new skins.
Added the WordPress customizer link back in.
Bug Fixes

Post dates are now displayed using the date format set in wp-admin.
CSS tweaks for WooCommerce widgets.

Fixed woocommerce css issues.

Minor bug fixes.

The Automator theme is now licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0.

Added markup to Automator's HTML.
The fixed header is no longer hidden by the WordPress admin bar when logged in.
Fixed a bug that was caused by not having a site title.
Google fonts are now loaded via SSL if enabled.
Fixed header layout issue with FireFox.
Changed theme settings capability check to edit_theme_options instead of administrator.
Minor core code enhancements.
Updated Font Awesome to include new icons in 4.0.3.
Fixed a bug that was causing double separators in the title on some pages.
Version 1.0 is here!


Added additional actions and filters.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an overflow issue with the responsive menu.
Fixed double title issue when using the WordPress SEO plugin.

Added lightbox option in the theme settings that defaults to enabled.
Bug Fixes

Fixed preview bug that was breaking the builder.
WooCommerce LESS fixes.
Blog images are now responsive.
Mobile submenus are now collapsed by default.
Misc core bug fixes.
Added aria-haspopup to submenus for touch support.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an Android bug with Automator fixed header.

Adjusted color of mobile submenus so they are easier to read on a light background.
Initial beta release.

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