Gravity Forms Image Choices Add-on v1.3.42

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Gravity Forms Image Choices giúp dễ dàng thêm hình ảnh làm lựa chọn cho các trường Nút radio hoặc Hộp kiểm trong Gravity Forms. Hỗ trợ các trường Khảo sát, Thăm dò ý kiến, Câu đố, Sản phẩm và Tùy chọn.

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Gravity Forms Image Choices Add-on – Các tính năng :

Thêm hình ảnh vào hộp kiểm hoặc các trường radio của bạn

Thay vì một nghìn từ trong nhãn nút radio hoặc hộp kiểm của bạn, chỉ cần chèn một hình ảnh.

Thật đơn giản với Gravity Forms Image Choices – cho phép hình ảnh trong trường, duyệt thư viện phương tiện và chèn lựa chọn của bạn.

Không còn HTML trong các nhãn Gravity Forms của bạn

Cho đến nay, cách duy nhất để thực sự đưa hình ảnh vào các nút radio và các tùy chọn hộp kiểm là thêm đánh dấu HTML vào nhãn. Quá trình này ít lý tưởng hơn – tìm hình ảnh bạn muốn, sao chép URL đầy đủ, chỉnh sửa trường biểu mẫu, thêm đánh dấu phần tử hình ảnh của bạn và dán vào giá trị src.

Với Lựa chọn hình ảnh Gravity Forms, bạn có được giao diện người dùng WordPress quen thuộc và duyệt qua thư viện phương tiện để chọn và chèn hình ảnh của mình. Và nó được giữ riêng biệt với văn bản nhãn của bạn.

Gravity Forms Image Choices Add-on

Tùy chọn Hộp đèn Hình ảnh

Bạn hỏi cho nó và chúng tôi cung cấp. Giờ đây, chúng tôi đã triển khai khả năng cho người dùng hộp đèn các hình ảnh lựa chọn hình ảnh của họ để có trải nghiệm xem tốt hơn. Chỉ cần nhấp vào biểu tượng thu phóng để xem hình ảnh trong hộp đèn.

Các trường thăm dò ý kiến, khảo sát và câu đố

Gravity Forms Image Choices hoạt động với trường Thăm dò ý kiến, trường Khảo sát và trường Trắc nghiệm khi được đặt thành Nút radio hoặc Hộp kiểm. Dễ dàng trình bày các tùy chọn như bỏ phiếu cho hình ảnh hoặc tác phẩm nghệ thuật.

Free Download Gravity Forms Image Choices Add-on v1.3.42 nulled changelog
1.3.42 02/09/2021
Minor fix to option labels
1.3.41 31/08/2021
Fix to better handle HTML in field labels for image choices
1.3.40 02/07/2021
Minor fix for legacy markup detection
1.3.39 13/06/2021
Fixes for image choices entry display, and styles on entry detail in Gravity Forms 2.5
1.3.38 12/06/2021
Update to fix Option field choice labels display when used with Gravity Wiz\'s Populate Anything add-on
1.3.37 10/06/2021
Update enqueue conditions for jetsloth javascript filters
1.3.36 10/06/2021
Update Gravity Forms markup version detection
Update gform_format_option_label javascript to better handle when no index is passed
1.3.35 10/06/2021
Fix issue with how IC updates labels using gform_format_option_label
Update gfic_choice_html filter, add all gform_format_option_label parameters
Add new gfic_choice_text and gfic_choice_price filters
1.3.34 25/05/2021
Minor CSS fix
1.3.33 18/05/2021
Updates to fix display issues with Gravity Forms 2.5 when used in WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons
1.3.32 15/05/2021
Fix page jump in WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-ons
1.3.31 14/05/2021
Minor bug fix with page jump when choice is selected
1.3.30 05/05/2021
Add new display option that includes price with the label for product or option fields
Add new display option that includes just price for product or option fields
1.3.29 03/05/2021
Fix issue with choices UI in Gravity Forms 2.5 form editor for Quiz, Poll and Survey fields
1.3.28 03/05/2021
Minor bug fix for Gravity Forms 2.5 form editor
1.3.27 30/03/2021
Dedicated functions for simpler integration with Gravity PDF filters
1.3.26 19/03/2021
Fix for missing styles in form editor preview when gfic_enqueue_core_css filter is set to false
1.3.25 24/02/2021
Fix issue with form editor choices UI
1.3.24 22/02/2021
Minor bug fix
1.3.23 02/02/2021
Use new toggle setting field type for lazy loading option in Gravity Forms 2.5+
1.3.22 02/02/2021
Fix images preview issue in the form editor
1.3.21 01/02/2021
Added lazy loading option. With lazy load enabled, the images in choices will be loaded only as they enter (or about to enter) the viewport. This reduces initial page load time, initial page weight, and system resource usage, all of which have positive impacts on performance!
1.3.20 30/01/2021
Form editor field preview update
1.3.19 28/01/2021
Fixed issue where images couldn\'t be added from the media library when No Conflict Mode was on
1.3.18 27/01/2021
Fix option display issue in Gravity Forms 2.5+
1.3.17 23/01/2021
Update choices wrapper selector to work better across GF2.5+, legacy and also with 3rd party carousel libraries
1.3.16 17/01/2021
Fix string encoding in quiz results
1.3.15 13/01/2021
Move wp_enqueue_media call into admin_enqueue_scripts handler
Check for imageChoices_image property before using
Update entries display to handle checkbox values that default to unordered lists
Fix issue with single checkbox choice entry display when set to Image
1.3.14 20/12/2020
Added better compatibility with Elementor, preventing a clash / double-up with lightboxes. With Elementor installed and active, the Image Choices settings page has an additional setting to control which lightbox is used. By default this will be the JetSloth lightbox, but you can change it to use Elementor instead.
1.3.13 10/11/2020
Add new filter \"gfic_responsive_list_css\" for controlling whether responsive styles for list classes are output. Useful if you want to easily override these styles on smaller screens.
1.3.12 06/11/2020
Some updates for Gravity Forms 2.5 compatibility
1.3.11 30/10/2020
Minor script updates to help make image choices more compatible with some 3rd party carousel / slider libraries
1.3.10 28/10/2020
Add new filter \"gfic_enqueue_core_css\" for controlling whether default css is loaded. Useful if you want to do all the css yourself without needing to override default image choices styles.
1.3.9 11/10/2020
Updated text domain from constant to string, and updated tested to Wordpress version
1.3.8 01/10/2020
Fix form and global CSS output order
1.3.7 25/09/2020
Fix issue with lightbox alert
1.3.6 28/08/2020
Fix issue with HTML captions in lightbox content
1.3.5 24/08/2020
Javascript update to maintain WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons compatibility
1.3.4 23/08/2020
Admin CSS fix for Image Choices toggle
1.3.3 22/08/2020
Update for image choice label width being overridden by Gravity Forms CSS
1.3.2 21/08/2020
Update to use HTML from choice label in lightbox content
1.3.1 20/08/2020
Force latest priority on inline CSS
1.3.0 18/08/2020
Compatibility updates for the upcoming Gravity Forms 2.5
1.2.23 18/08/2020
Fix for product option label override JS function
1.2.22 08/05/2020
Fixes to field merge tag output when requesting a single checkbox choice (eg {:1.1})
1.2.21 05/05/2020
Updates to include new merge tag modifier \'src\' for getting just the image URL
1.2.20 02/04/2020
Fix for the price display on product fields
1.2.19 14/03/2020
Updated the lightbox to allow display of caption from the option label
1.2.18 12/03/2020
Fixed some issues with images showing in confirmations and notifications, including via our custom merge tag modifiers
1.2.17 08/03/2020
Added a custom class of `gf-image-choices-styles-loaded` to the html element when custom styles are loaded. Now you can use CSS to hide image choices until the styles have loaded and prevent users seeing the visual change that can occur
1.2.16 25/01/2020
Remove debug message logging
1.2.15 04/01/2020
Updated license / plugin updater class
Updated merge tag filter for image output
1.2.14 26/11/2019
Fix for custom image merge tag to render regardless of Notification / Entry display setting
1.2.13 16/11/2019
Fix for the broken link in lightbox feature
1.2.12 16/11/2019
Update to option label format
Add image choices to quiz results merge tag
1.2.11 22/08/2019
Fix issue with Select All option on checkboxes fields
1.2.10 13/08/2019
Update license functions to remove PHP warning
1.2.9 06/07/2019
Added support for \'Other\' option on radio buttons fields
1.2.8 23/06/2019
Fix for correctly rendering Image Choices when field labels contain HTML
1.2.7 18/05/2019
Minor bug fix
1.2.6 06/05/2019
Minor update for further compatibility with upcoming Color Picker addon
1.2.5 08/04/2019
Added a check for empty image id if lightbox is enabled on a field where image choices were added prior to the release of lightbox functionality (1.2.0), and display a prompt for the user to re-add images on the selected field
1.2.4 04/04/2019
Fix issue with price display setting not always showing
1.2.3 23/03/2019
Fix issue with incorrect CSS class on choices (oops!)
1.2.2 23/03/2019
Updates to fix compatibility with the \'Select all\' option on checkbox fields
1.2.1 23/03/2019
Added the ability to display the price on Product field below the image choices (when set to Radio Buttons), similar to the default display of prices for Option fields. You\'ll find the new option in the Appearance tab.
Other minor updates for compatibility with our upcoming Color Picker field
1.2.0 25/01/2019
New image lightbox functionality. You can now turn on lightbox for image choices enabled fields. This will add a zoom/enlarge icon button on image choices in that field, opening a larger version of the image in a lightbox gallery. Select the image size to use for the lightbox in the Image Choices form settings. Note: if you\'re enabling lightbox on an image choices field created before this update, you will need to remove and re-add the images.
1.1.14 22/01/2019
Images now display in email notifications. When using the {all_fields} merge tag, the display is controlled by the Default Entry Display setting. When using specific field merge tags, add the :image modifier to display the image (eg {Field:1:image}. Default display size is 80px wide. You can also specify a different size by appending an underscore and pixel value. For example {Field:1:image_100px}
1.1.13 25/08/2018
Simplified the JS surrounding checking/unchecking checkboxes and radio buttons (thanks GravityWiz!)
1.1.12 15/04/2018
Minor bug fix
1.1.11 19/12/2017
Minor bug fix for toggling checkbox choices
1.1.10 27/11/2017
Field calculation bug fix
1.1.9 16/11/2017
Fix to prevent PHP warning on Entries page columns that aren\'t field values (eg Entry Date)
1.1.8 21/07/2017
Fix to prevent fatal error when Gravity Forms is deactivated while Image Choices is still active
1.1.7 20/07/2017
Added tab navigation support (use the .image-choices-choice-focus to style)
1.1.6 19/07/2017
Fix issue with separate custom styling of multiple forms on the same page
1.1.5 18/07/2017
Fix potential override of custom styles
1.1.4 18/07/2017
Minor update fix to default styles
1.1.3 18/07/2017
Fix potential conflict with Collapsible Sections minifier class
1.1.2 17/07/2017
Fix jQuery error in form editor script
1.1.1 14/07/2017
Fix issue with missing default argument in gform_order_summary filter
1.1.0 13/07/2017
Updated media library UI to include image size selection
Added settings for how image choices entries should display. Settings available at form level as well as within each field (in the Appearance tab)
Added a button to clear all choices in the field (in form editor)
1.0.24 06/06/2017
Tested to Gravity Forms 2.2.3 and Wordpress 4.7.5
Update plugin row styling for license messages
1.0.23 08/05/2017
Bug fix with global css setting value
1.0.22 28/04/2017
Fix issue with styles for default selections after conditional logic
1.0.20 14/04/2017
Fix to display of plugin row message for license activation
1.0.19 14/04/2017
Add support for the Post Field - Custom Field when set to Radio Buttons or Checkboxes
1.0.18 22/03/2017
Minor bug fix with product option field label initialisation
1.0.17 19/03/2017
JS fix to only initialise image fields once on \'gform_post_render\'
1.0.16 19/03/2017
Fix issue with image being overriden or duplicated on product options fields
1.0.15 16/03/2017
Fix minor bug with product options field labels
1.0.14 15/03/2017
JS updates to support conditional logic
1.0.13 15/03/2017
Remove the \"Enable other choice\" setting when images enabled
1.0.12 15/03/2017
Fixed minifier php functions bug
1.0.11 15/03/2017
Fixed javascript bug with form editor choices init
1.0.10 15/03/2017
Fixed javascript bug with duplicate listeners being added and fired on choices
1.0.9 14/03/2017
Bug fix with custom css injection
1.0.8 13/03/2017
Added custom css option to form settings for contextual styling
1.0.7 12/03/2017
Add custom css option to plugin settings
1.0.6 11/03/2017
Update some selectors in default css
1.0.5 09/03/2017
Fix to display of product option labels
1.0.4 07/03/2017
Update entry styling in admin
1.0.3 05/03/2017
Update to licensing class
1.0.2 02/03/2017
Update plugin site url
1.0.1 02/03/2017
Fix issue on some fields with choices layout setting duplicated
1.0.0 01/03/2017
First release!

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