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The Best Table Plugins for WordPress to Keep Data Organized
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Tables are a thing of beauty, especially for those with a type-A personality who have a penchant for organizing and decluttering. Perfectly aligned columns and rows make data easy to read and interpret.

Plus they can serve a variety of purposes when used in posts or pages. A table can be use to display inventories, schedules, test scores, addresses, sports statistics, shipping costs, office birthdays and so much more. Wouldn’t it be great to add tables with WordPress?

We agree. But since tables aren’t built into WordPress using a plugin is your best bet. Luckily there are a ton of awesome free and premium options so we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you.

There are thousands of options avaialbe when you use a search engine to find the “best table WordPress plugins.” You don’t have time to sort through those. Here’s a concise list of 15+ of our favorites (in no particular order) from the hundreds we checked out.

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1. TablePress (Free)

TablePress Free WordPress Plugin

TablePress is a great free options for creating tables for your posts and pages. The plugin includes an easy to use interface built much like a standard spreadsheet, as well as a simple shortcode that can be used to insert your tables anywhere. Posts, pages, widgets – any where you can paste it.

Get TablePress

2. Visualizer

Visualizer Pro

With Visualizer by ThemeIsle you can easily build advanced tables  for your WordPress site (as well as charts, graphs, timelines and other data displays). With the plugin installed you can import your data, setup syncing, edit on page and even make your tables and charts private. Plus for tables, there are added features for pagination, search, filters, column ordering, and more.


3. wpDataTables

wpDataTables Premium WordPress Plugin

wpDataTables is one of the best selling premium WordPress table plugins available. Why? Because it’s a powerful plugin with the ability to aggregate and display data as tables, charts and graphs. Plus it supports large data sets, offers easy front or back end editing of tables or charts, includes built-in formula support, is compatible with the popular WPBakery Visual Composer plugin and more.

wpDataTables is fully responsive, ensuring your data tables can be viewed in all their glory from any device. Your data tables can be built and managed entirely from within the WordPress dashboard, and the plugin supports four data sources: Excel (including CSV files), MySQL query, XML, or JSON.

With the plugin supporting sophisticated data tables — they can run for thousands of rows — it can get a little complicated to use, but wpDataTables includes comprehensive documentation to help you get the most from the plugin’s features. You can also customize your tables by selecting fonts and colors. A great plugin for an underserved function.

Get wpDataTables

4. wpDataTables Lite (Free)

wpdatatables Lite Plugin

Want to try wpDataTables for free? Try wpDataTables Lite! While it don’t include all the awesome features as the premium version is does offer easy to use table building, page builder compatibility, import from document (CSV, JSON, XML, Excel or PHP array) and export to document options. It’s a great way to try wpDataTables!

Get wpDataTables Lite

5. Ninja Tables (Free)

Ninja Tables Free Responsive Table Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Tables is a handy free plugin that makes adding tables to you site easy. The plugin supports 100+ table styles, ajaxed features, mobile responsive support, configuration options (for columns or data type), plus import and export options.

Get Ninja Tables

6. League Table

League Table Premium WordPress Plugin

League Table makes it possible to add responsive, customizable tables to your WordPress powered website. The plugin can be used for a variety of purposes including sports statistics, top ranking universities or businesses, healthcare cost comparison, video game specs and more. The plugin comes with tons of options for custom colors, fonts, borders, sortable columns, responsive layout and and easy to use shortcode for inserting tables.

Get League Table

7. Ultimate Tables (Free)

Ultimate Tables Free WordPress Plugin

Another free option, Ultimate Tables, makes managing data with tables in WordPress super easy. Use the “Ultimate Tables” settings option to create custom tables, choose from 3 predesigned styles (or customize your own), configure widths and heights plus more. Then add tables with the related shortcode and table id.

Get Ultimate Tables

8. Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables Premium WordPress Plugin

For more options try the Advanced Tables WordPress plugin. This plugin adds a Tables custom post type to makes creating and managing your tables easier. The spreadsheet-style editor offers an easy and familiar interface for adding data, and additional options for responsive tabs, custom styling, material design elements, and more.

Get Advanced Tables

9. Table Maker (Free)

Table Maker Free WordPress Plugin

Table Maker is a free plugin that offers easy options for creating data comparison tables. From the Table Maker panel in the WordPress dashboard you can create new tables, add columns and rows, include heading and subheadings, select a custom header color, and of course add your actual data (images included).

Get Table Maker

10. Tables for Layers

Tables for Layers Premium WordPress Plugin

Love the Layers site builder but want to add tables? Easy – get Tables for Layers. This premium plugin makes it possible for you to create tables using an Excel-like interface and easy styling options via the Layers Design Bar. Once you’re done creating, insert your tables like you would any other Layers page element and save.

Get Tables for Layers

11. Table Generator (Free)

Table Generator Free WordPress Plugin

The Table Generator is another free table creator plugin that makes tables for WordPress easy with a simple little shortcode. A neat feature of this plugin in particular is that there are a variety of built-in font icons you can use plugin easy options for swapping and resizing rows or columns.

Get Table Generator

12. Dynamic Data Tables

Dynamic Data Tables Premium WordPress Plugin

WP Dynamic Data Tables is a quick table plugin that makes importing from Excel, CSV, XML, ODT and even MySQL queries possible. Just import the data table file to be able to add sorting options, create charts, set widths and more. Plus it’s fully compatible with the Layers plugin for you can easily insert your plugins into any custom create page layout.

Get WP Dynamic Tables

13. WPTables (Free)

WPTables Free WordPress Plugin

The free WPTables plugin is a quick and easy way to create unlimited tables on your WordPress installation. With options to create a table from CSV, JSON or MySQL you can quickly create your table. There are also options for number formatting, pagination, 6 color themes, sorting options and more. Plus there is an easy to use shortcode to insert your tables anywhere!

Get WPTables

14. Easy Tables – Table Manager

The easy tables plugin is specifically developed for the WPBakery Page Builder Plugin (formerly known as Visual Composer) and allows you to add tables to your posts and pages via the page builder without having to access a separate admin dashboard which can make things a lot easier when managing tables on the site.

Get Easy Tables

15. Data Tables Generator (Free)

Data Tables Generator Free WordPress Plugin

The Data Tables Generator is a way to create tables from your admin panel. Supporting both backend and frontend editing you can create ables to manage or collect data. Other features include export options, various style settings, color options, diagrams, Google Sheets integrations and more.

Get Data Tables Generator

16. Accordion Tables & Columns

Accordion Tables & Columns Premium Table Plugin

Create fancy accordion, responsive style tables with the Accordion Tables plugin. Create tables with expanding cells to add extra information for users, include FontAwesome Icons, choose from 12 different presets, use live front-end editing to make changes on the fly and more.

Get Accordion Tables

Now Go Make the Table (or Tables)

Now that you’ve seen 15+ of our favorite table plugins for WordPress, get one and start organizing your data sets. All of the plugins listed will make your job of adding and organizing content easier.

Have you tried any of these plugins? Or do you have on to add that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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